5 Excellent Communication Skills Introverts Didn’t Know They Had

Published by
Francesca Forsythe, LL.M., M.Phil.

Extroverts may be known for being gifted communicators, but introverts have some excellent communication skills they may not even know about.

Communication is key in most workplaces and excellent communication skills are a powerful tool in personal relationships.

Many people see introverts as lacking in social skills, but this is not necessarily the case. Introverts may be quieter than extroverts, but that is not to say they have bad communication skills.

In fact, the time they take to think through problems and listen to others can strengthen their skills and make the words they do speak all the more meaningful.

There is a huge number of excellent communication skills that an introvert can have which may be more subtle than those of an extrovert.  This is why many people don’t realise the communication skills of introverts actually have, including the introverts themselves.

Introverts are a special kind, and these are a few communication skills introverts have, which they may not even notice or know they have.


Although quiet, introverts are almost always listening. This means they can hear things that others might not.  Introverts can also pick up on social cues and body language that others might miss.

This gives introverts a secret weapon in any number of social situations. It is believed that 55% of communication is non-verbal, so by picking up on body language and tone of voice, the introvert can be at a certain advantage.

In work, introverts may notice social hierarchies or tensions better than others and make sure to play into these situations. In personal relationships, this communication can reveal tensions and sensitivities which others may not notice.


With listening comes empathy. This can be essential in personal communications because it makes introverts much more sensitive to the feelings of others and attuned to the intricacies of different situations.

With these in mind, introverts can navigate different situations a little bit more gracefully than others. In the workplace, this allows them to play to certain strengths, and in personal relationships, introverts are able to be more respectful of the feelings of others.

Empathy makes the introvert easy to talk to and they may find themselves privy to information that others are unaware of, which can serve them well in social situations.

Selective speaking

Introverts are much more careful with their words than extroverts, and this can be a powerful personality trait.  Introverts tend to take a moment to find the right words before they speak; this is a key factor in influential communication.

Careful consideration helps you to find the right words and remember the proper information to evidence your claims. It is this reflective approach which serves the introvert well in many work and personal situations. This can advance the introvert in many situations, even though they may not realize they are doing it.

Ego Suspension

Introverts don’t need to be the centre of attention and this allows them to remove themselves slightly from the conversation. Their ego isn’t a part of the conversation and this makes them much more flexible in their communication.

This can allow others to shine in the conversation this is an excellent communication skill. Ego suspension can be incredibly influential in communication because it makes others feel good. This, in turn, builds team morale and creates a supportive and encouraging work environment.

In personal relationships, ego suspension helps introverts become close to their loved ones and create strong and loving personal bonds.


An excellent communication skill that introverts enjoy is self-knowledge. This can come in a number of forms and differs from person to person. Introverts tend to spend a little bit more time alone. This gives them to reflect on who they are and what they enjoy.

With this reflection, the introvert becomes much more confident and stable in who they are and what they enjoy. This subtle confidence makes communication slightly easier.

They are less keen to please those around them in order to succeed. This garners respect in both the workplace and in personal lives, and others will be more likely to listen to your thoughts and opinions.

Communication can be a difficult thing to master. It is of vital importance in all areas of life and can be a daunting thing to address. Introverts have long been told that they are less apt in communication. This is a myth which needs to be debunked.

The communication skills of an introvert are much more subtle than that of the extrovert, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Introverts listen to the communication that others may miss and are able to tune into the intricacies of different situations. The most excellent communication skills of the introvert are lesser known to most, but they are some of the most impressive.

If you are an introvert who doesn’t think they are as skilled at communication than extroverts, you may just not notice the excellent communication skills you do have. Just because you don’t feel the need to talk all the time doesn’t mean you don’t know how to communicate effectively when you do.


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Published by
Francesca Forsythe, LL.M., M.Phil.