8 Signs of a Melancholic Personality and Why It Can Be Hard to Understand

Published by
Margaret Banford, M.A.

There are many different types of personality out there, but one of the most misunderstood is the melancholic personality.

A melancholic personality is hard to understand because the person who has it will naturally be one that keeps to themselves. This makes it difficult to truly understand them.

There is nothing wrong with having a melancholic personality. You are the way you are, and unless that hurts people, there is no need to change.

If you think you might have a melancholic personality, but you aren’t sure, then read on.

1. You are proud of yourself

People with a melancholic personality are quite very proud of themselves and their accomplishments. If you are like this, then you will likely display items that show your accomplishments. This can include normal trophies and certificates. It can also include items that show where you have travelled, or what organisations you work for (if well-known).

A melancholic personality likes to have things done properly. This means that you will choose a likely path, and then do what is necessary accomplishment-wise to get there.

2. You are very precise and detail-oriented

If you have a melancholic personality, you will do well in some form of managerial role. You follow the rules, only use facts when working, and you are reliable. All of these qualities are valuable and necessary when it comes to administration and being a manager.

Do you find yourself being given extra responsibilities at home or work? You might be a melancholic personality. This springs from your need to belong to whatever group is around you at the time.

Someone who is reliable and trustworthy is going to have a position of power. That person will likely have a melancholic personality.

3. You have simple tastes

A melancholic personality is one that has simple tastes. More than that, they know what they like. You might be a melancholic personality if you find yourself drawn to simple shapes and colours.

People who have this temperament type are drawn to regular and predictable patterns. This is part of their overall liking for things that are regular and predictable in all walks of life.

This does not mean that you are doomed to simple stripes for the rest of your life, remember! Most people are not simply melancholic personalities, but a mix.

4. You have a lot of patience

One of the key virtues of a melancholic personality is patience. The patience to do what is right and needed. The patience to do your job to the best of your ability no matter what. The patience to be your best self at all times.

If you find that you can control your emotional reactions, then you might have a melancholic personality. People develop patience over time, but not everyone has the same level of patience.

Your level of patience will help you throughout your life. Use it to be your best self, and to bring your best work to the table.

5. You are sensitive

Being sensitive can be a mark of a melancholic personality. Sensitivity is not often valued in modern society. It can be very helpful, however, particularly if you have chosen a profession which is customer-facing, or which involves caring for people.

If you have a melancholic personality, you might find yourself crying at movies. Some people even report finding adverts that make them cry!

This can have its good and bad points. However, it does make you very good at relating to people. This can mean that you make friends more easily, and it can also make working in a job less stressful too.

6. You will prefer to work alone

Many people with melancholic personalities find that they work best alone. If you experience difficulty working with others, consider it. If you try and work alone, you may find that you work better.

Working alone can mean that you have the full control over the work. If you have a melancholic personality, you will be attentive to small details and want perfection. Working with other people can make it difficult to achieve this, which is why this personality type prefers to work alone.

7. You are comfortable with your own company

Nowadays we expect people to be extroverts. All of our social lives are based around being out, normally drinking, and normally being loud.

If you have a melancholic personality, then you don’t need other people. You can be quite content with your own company. In fact, you might prefer to be alone, rather than with other people.

8. You find it difficult to make decisions

Many people with a melancholic personality find it difficult to make decisions. This is due to the fact that they need to weigh up every option. If you find yourself paralysed when trying to figure out what to do, this might be your problem.

If you find yourself struggling to decide on basic things, you might have a melancholic personality. Do you need to look at every variable? Do you need to consider every little thing? Consider this as a sign.


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Published by
Margaret Banford, M.A.