10 Weird Introvert Traits Other People Just Don’t Understand

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Francesca Forsythe, LL.M., M.Phil.

People have certain ideas about what an introvert is, our quirky traits and habits and what that says about us as a person. The typical introvert is depicted as someone who is shy, unsure and doesn’t like to be around other people. This, however, is completely untrue.

Any introvert out there can tell you that the stereotype doesn’t fit and that there are just a few weird traits that we have that no one else can understand.

1. Our inner monologue is strong-willed and big-mouthed

That little voice in our head is our best pal, and when our mouths can’t express our distaste, you can be sure that our inner monologue is going strong. This is what is happening when you say we look bored, tired, or generally anti-social. In reality, we are having a heated debate on its own. This is probably one of the quirkiest introverts’ traits people don’t understand.

2. We really are okay when you cancel plans

We’re sure you feel horribly guilty and we appreciate that, but you can be sure that we introverts do not mind at all when our plans are cancelled. Nine times out of ten we aren’t ready yet, and are always happy to have another pajama day, anyway.

3. We have days at home planned and prepared

You can keep your extensive plans for days out and activities, we have the plans best laid for other things. If you have ever hung out with an introvert on a relaxed day, you’ll know that it is one of the most over planned events ever. We have all the movies picked, several different snacks, and a plan of what times we eat them.

We enjoy quality me-time, so if you’re lucky enough to be included in the plans, you should feel blessed.

4. We don’t like surprise social situations

This is a big one. Introverts can easily get overwhelmed and kind of tired, when it comes to large social gatherings and loud parties. So surprise parties are our worst nightmare. Make plans with us so that we know what to expect and we can prepare ourselves to be in top form.

5. We’ll make friends with all of your animals

If we feel overwhelmed, we usually just take ourselves away for a moment to cool off, and this serves as great bonding time with your pets, our pets, or even just the neighborhood pets. We will aim to be your cat’s new best friend, and even talk to your hamster if we find it. Never underestimate an introvert’s affinity with furry friends.

6. We may not get dressed today, or tomorrow… or the next day

If we don’t have plans for the next few days, then we may not see a reason to get dressed in the day. This doesn’t mean we don’t shower or we are unproductive. We simply do everything in our PJ’s and put clean ones on after a shower. Comfort is everything to an introvert, and we value it greatly.

7. Headphones double as a defense mechanism

Whilst their main purpose is to play music, headphones are also our universal symbol to refrain from approaching us. Sometimes introverts want to be able to sit in the library or at a bus stop and not be afraid that we’re going to get spoken to.

Surprise social interactions can make us uneasy, and we do what we can to avoid looking nervous to others.

8. We’re open about our lack of enthusiasm

If you know us well enough and we know you accept our introverted nature, we will begin to be a lot more open about our lack of excitement for big social occasions.

Although this may seem like we are whining, years of practice have developed a great sense of humor around such a lack of interest. No need to say that this is one of the weirdest traits introverts have, as seen by other people.

9. We’re actually great listeners

Although we seem like we don’t like people, if you have a problem, then we are here for you. We will listen and absorb everything that you need to talk about and do our utmost to help and advise in best way we can. Introverts are the greatest of friends, and we will make the effort to cheer you up and help you with anything.

10. And, if you know us well enough, you could mistake us for an extrovert

Once we really know you, we will completely loosen up, and that is when our full personality shines through. Although we are famous for being shy and unsure, introverts are actually very passionate people. If you get us talking about the right subject, we can promise you we will talk until we are blue in the face.

An introvert is a massively misunderstood personality type, and there are a few things that we do and a few introverted traits that we have which other people just don’t get. Hopefully, this article will help you understand us a little better so that you can see the real person behind the introverted stereotype.

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Published by
Francesca Forsythe, LL.M., M.Phil.