10 Warning Signs You Have Lost Touch with Your Intuition

Published by
Christina Lawson, B.A.

Being aligned with your intuition can reap benefits and guide you through life’s challenges.

The ability to follow our intuition – to understand something instinctively without any reasoning – is something we are all naturally equipped with. Einstein himself defined it as ‘the only real valuable thing’. It can guide us in ways that can only be described as magical. After all, it never lies.

However, through time, we can be prone to shutting out that inner voice for any number of reasons. It could be a general lack of trust, the fear of it sounding ‘illogical’, or maybe it’s through surrounding pressures from friends or family.

Thankfully, there are remedial steps that can easily be taken to reconnect with our inner guide. Read ahead for the top ten signs that you could be blocking out your sixth sense. If any apply to you, make a conscious effort to do the opposite. It’s that simple. Remember, a small step can go a long way here – your intuition seeks you as just as you seek it.

1. You pass your gut feelings as irrational

If you doubt your gut, you doubt intuition altogether. It is through your gut feelings and hunches that your intuition communicates with you, trying to guide you towards where you need to be. And so by ignoring your inner voice you are effectively cutting off your intuition and guiding yourself away from the path of well-being and spiritual awareness.

2. You do not believe in yourself

Those who are in tune with their intuition have unwavering confidence in their decision-making abilities. They know that when they listen to it, things can go effortlessly well – even more so than if one tried to control circumstances themselves. Because of this trust, they can rest easy knowing that indeed everything will be alright.

3. You are not flexible

Intuition quite often works on impulse. At any given time it could give you a strong urge to do something on the spot or unexpectedly. When this happens it is a sure sign of you being guided towards something of benefit to you. If you are too rigid in your ways, you can miss the signs and pass by the experience.

4. You hand over your power to others

This is a result of not believing in your own judgement. If you feel your parents, your spouse, your doctor or boss, etc. know better simply because they are in a position of authority, it’s a sure sign that you are in the comfort zone of not having to think for yourself.

They are human at the end of the day, and if your hunch is strong, it is definitely trying to tell you to make decisions for yourself.

5. You often feel confused

Your intuition never fails you. When you ask it a question or need its help with a decision, it will without a doubt provide you with the answer you need. It may take some time, but the right decision will always come.

6. You don’t see the writing on the wall

If you find yourself overly trusting others or not judging someone’s negative actions correctly, it means that you are not realising the alarm bells your intuition is ringing. Our hunches about people are especially strong; when someone just doesn’t ‘feel’ right to be around, it turns out their intentions are not right.

7. Regret is an emotion you are all too familiar with

This one is simple. When you follow your intuition, you never regret decisions because the outcome is always positive. However, the opposite is in effect when you haven’t been following your hunches – you find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder and asking yourself ‘Should I have? Shouldn’t I have?’

8. You change according to your company

When you follow your intuition, you are comfortable in your own skin. You don’t feel any need to conform to those around you – everything feels natural. Out of tune means you stick out like a sore thumb. In tune and your difference is celebrated.

9. You find yourself missing opportunities

Spending too much time making decisions is, of course, the best way to miss opportunities. But this is exactly what can happen without the help of your intuition. The longer you take weighing the pros and cons, the harder the decision becomes.

This uncertainty causes you to constantly hop between two minds – should I or shouldn’t I? It is human nature to stay in our comfort zones and so most decisions that require excess thought, lead to either declining the opportunity or missing it altogether.

10. Your work is suffering

This one can come as a surprise, but amazingly our intuition helps us incredibly with our work or studies. When you request its help, it always provides. Often at the last minute, it provides us with the Eureka moment in that last hour of the project deadline or those last few minutes of an exam.

Do you think you may have lost touch with your intuition? Can you relate to any of these signs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Well, some of these things happen to me often and these things need to be improved and I might be facing difficulties ahead.

  • Comment...There was a moment when I was so confident in myself; I could defend my views, my beliefs and was not afraid to stand up for who I am. But after experiencing organized criticism from an authoritative figure I looked up to, who tried his level best to show how worthless I was, I started losing my inner man. sometimes I quarrel with him, sometimes he seems not to be there, I can no longer rely on him... yet he once made me feel so great...how can I get in touch with this inner teacher


Published by
Christina Lawson, B.A.