If You’re Getting Negative Vibes from Someone, Here Is What It May Mean

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Anna LeMind, B.A.

We all have met a person who instantly gave us negative vibes. We may not have even realized the reason why – we just felt it.

That tense, uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to think up an excuse and get out of there. If you are sensitive to the energies around you, you know what I’m talking about. In situations like this, it’s easy tothat person as negative or ill-wishing and suspect them to have some kind of dark intentions on you. But there may be some less obvious things that could result in someone emitting negative vibes.

As an energy sensitive person, I always pay attention to my gut reactions to the different people I meet. It has happened many times in my life that I instinctively disliked someone for no evident reason. As it turned out later, my intuition was right and these individuals proved themselves as fake or devious.

At the same time, observation and analysis of numerous social situations have also given me the understanding that negative vibes are not always what they seem. And they don’t come only from people who want to get you into their toxic game.

So today, we won’t talk about hypocrites, narcissists and all kinds of sneaky manipulators. We are going to discuss some non-obvious reasons behind the negative vibes.

1. They may simply be having a bad day

Everyone is prone to negative emotions, and it’s completely normal to experience them from time to time. After all, is it really possible to be happy 365 days a year?

What many people don’t realize is what these emotions really do to us and what great power they hold. When we are governed by intense feelings of sadness, anger or anxiety, our whole state of being is affected. As a result, we inevitably project this bad energy on the surrounding world and people.

Have you ever felt the tension in the air when you are around a very angry or sad person? It’s as if the very atmosphere in the room becomes heavy and uneasy. This is a clear demonstration that negative emotions are, in essence, powerful low-frequency vibration energy.

So when you are getting negative vibes from someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a mean person. Maybe they are just mad at someone or are having a bad day.

2. Mental or physical illness

Illness, both mental and physical, affects our body on different levels. Among others, it may block the function of our energy centers, making them emit at lower frequencies. That’s why people who suffer from some kind of chronic illness will be very likely to project negative vibes.

It is particularly true in cases of mood disorders such as bipolar and emotion-related disorders like depression. Considering that these mental health issues get the person to experience intense negative emotions, sometimes at their extremes, it makes sense why low-frequency energies may be present.

In fact, there is an alternative viewpoint on the energy nature of mental disorders, which gives a lot of food for thought. Dr. Malidoma Patrice Some, a shaman of the Dagara people, believes that mental illness affects natural healers who haven’t learned to control the conflicting energies running through their bodies, which results in those devastating symptoms.

Interesting, isn’t it? According to this point of view, mental illness is nothing but a product of energy imbalance and is regarded as an unleashed gift.

3. Deep introversion or social awkwardness

I was once told that I make very confusing first impressions. When meeting someone for the first time, I tend to avoid eye contact, forget to smile and look somehow puzzled. All this results in the other person feeling like I’m not glad to see them or that I’m hiding something.

But the truth is that it’s just my social anxiety that makes me behave this way and send this kind of vibe. All I feel when introducing myself and talking to someone I don’t know is the overwhelming uneasiness and awkwardness.

So when you receive this kind of negative vibe from a person you just met, they may, in fact, have social phobia or self-esteem issues. They may be feeling awkward interacting with someone new and give off negative energy as a result. Anxiety resonates at low frequencies.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that this individual is hiding some creepy secret or is a hypocrite. They could just be an introvert with a highly reserved personality who prefers to keep their distance before getting to know you better. Who knows, once you get closer, they may turn out to be the greatest person you will ever meet!

4. Trauma, loss or any other kind of suffering

I remember that reunion with a friend I hadn’t seen for years. He had gone through the loss of a parent, financial difficulties and tons of everyday stress of working in two jobs to make ends meet. On the energy level, it was a completely broken person. I could not find a better word to describe the vibe I was getting than ‘broken’.

Traumatic events that cause a lot of suffering, such as the loss of a loved one or a heartbreak, make our vibration literally fall apart. So a person will struggle to maintain the integrity of their energy shell. That’s why someone who has undergone any kind of trauma or intense suffering in life may be emitting negative vibes.

5. You don’t like them and they know it

If you are an energy sensitive empath, then you can probably easily understand when someone doesn’t like you, whether they show it or not. Their energy speaks for itself.

So what do you do when it happens? You may feel you’ve been wronged and start wondering why they dislike you. Or you may focus on their negative personality traits and decide that you don’t like them either. Finally, if you don’t really care about that person’s feelings towards you, you may just keep your distance and avoid them.

In any case, you will project negative vibes on this person just like they did in the first place. As you see, it’s a vicious circle of negative energy.

Don’t be quick to judge when you are getting negative vibes

As you have seen from the above, negative vibes don’t always come from mean and fake people. When you meet someone for the first time, you never know what person is in front of you and what they may be going through.

So don’t be quick to judge. It is always wiser to give people a chance and get to know them better before drawing any conclusions.

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  • Amazing article!!!!! It seems the term “bad vibes” is thrown around in a narcissistic manner and this article breaks it down in a more mindful, socially conscious way. Thank you

  • Dear Anna,
    My name is Amber and I love your website. I often go here to read your articles. I have been in the mental health field for over 17 years and I enjoy the mind and understanding how it works. I just wanted to compliment you on your website, Thank you for your interesting articles.

  • Hii, Anna
    My name is Triparna Dey.
    I want to say you that, several times even from my younger days many times i met with a person and felt negative vibe and after someday i found out that really that guy was at fault. Is this really an disease or an ability? Sometimes i feel uneasy that why i feel this,, its not that i dislike them but when i feel that it really becomes true.

  • When I pick up negative vibes I useally know what it is about as well im still so new to this but it sure has helped me understand my life and it woke something in me & I fell in love with it and myself,,I love learning and I found your article a wonderful read,,

Published by
Anna LeMind, B.A.