5 Simple Pleasures Every Old Soul Will Enjoy

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Christina Lawson, B.A.

If you feel that you are an old soul, you will certainly relate to the simple pleasures on this list.

Being an old soul can mean so many things to different people. To me, it means a person who feels older than their bodily presence, wise beyond their years, and takes pleasure in the long-term emotional goals they strive to achieve.

Old souls are often introverts and they enjoy solitude, life’s simple pleasures, and the things that cannot simply be taken away from them. Old souls are often the children who don’t have many friendships with their peers. They choose to spend time with older people and are seen as social outcasts to others their age.

There are certain simple pleasures that all old souls seem to enjoy and can connect with, read on to see if you are an old soul yourself…

1. You like solitary time

Time spent alone is required to recharge an old soul’s batteries. They don’t just enjoy being alone but need it in order to survive.

Most old souls aren’t interested in goals that revolve around material objects or small-term goals, which is the opposite of the way we are conditioned to live in today’s society, meaning old souls prefer to spend time alone to focus on their own goals and the things that make them truly happy.

2. You constantly want to learn

Old souls seek knowledge and truth throughout their lives. Often being wiser than their years, they soak up knowledge like a sponge. They naturally gravitate towards the intellectual aspects of life, taking pleasure in knowing things.

Because they are always looking to expand their own knowledge, they are often very accurate in their outlook on the world and maintain an educated perspective of life.

3. You prefer real books and notebooks over technology

Old souls like to connect with the things they’re working on without the use of technology. Technological advances may make things a lot easier, but for old souls, there is nothing better than the weight of a physical book in your hands over an awkward kindle.

4. You prefer quality over quantity

Whether it comes to meaningful relationships, busy nights out, or old classics, old souls prefer good quality over mass quantity. They’d happily spend time doing something that broadens their horizons over going out for the sake of going out.

5. You love to meet new people

Sure, old souls love to spend time alone, but they also love connecting with others on a deeper level. Sharing stories with one another about life experiences is something an old soul thrives on. Being so fascinated with knowledge, old souls like to learn about other people and other cultures so they can soak up as much as possible.

Old souls can be defined in many ways and whilst every human being is different, there are certain groups of people who take pleasure in the same activities, such as this list all old souls can identify with. Most people don’t even realise there can often be a massive gap between physical age and emotional environment.

Are you an old soul? Do you feel as though this list of simple pleasures correctly describes you? What else would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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Published by
Christina Lawson, B.A.