6 Suspense Thriller Movies That Will Mess with Your Head

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Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

Sometimes movies do a bit more than provide entertainment. Sometimes suspense thriller movies leave us changed and with even more questions.

I love watching movies, all sorts of them. In fact, I kind of have a small addiction to films. The interesting part about myself is that I watch different types of movies while in certain moods. Some of my favorite types of movies are suspense thriller movies.

Excitement, suspense, and fear

Watching suspense thriller movies leave us with a certain lingering emotion. I can’t quite explain this emotion, but it messes with your thoughts for a while. Although most suspense thriller movies are great, there are those which stand out.

Here are a few of the best suspense thriller movies that will surely be hard to forget.

1. Black Swan (2010)

One of the most riveting suspense thriller movies is the Black Swan. Natalie Portman portrays a 28 yr-old dancer in the New York City Ballet. She is set to perform in Swan Lake as both the innocent white swan and the sensual black swan. As pressures rise because of her lack of passion and intensity as the black swan, Portman begins to hallucinate.

She becomes obsessed with trying to reach the perfect performance as the dark alter ego. Her hallucinations become so bad that she almost loses the dual part in Swan Lake. She pushes herself again, having vivid recollections of violence and sex, only to finally succeed in her portrayal of the alter ego. But, could it be too late?

This movie is one that you will love and hate in the same instance.

2. Seven (1995)

This is truly one of the most disturbing thrillers of the 90s. The story focuses on a serial killer obsessed with the 7 deadly sins: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. All his murders or crimes are completed with these themes.

As a retired detective, Somerset, and his young partner, Mills, search for the killer, Mill’s wife tries to find the courage to tell her husband that she is pregnant.

The detectives find all the victims except two, and they even catch the killer. He tells them that he can take them to the location of his last two victims. They load him in the car and drive out into the desert where they discover the last two unfortunate pieces to his twisted game – envy and wrath. You will have to watch to find out the ending of this amazing thriller.

3. Misery (1990)

While Stephen King may be the master of horror, he’s also written quite a few tales which fall into the suspense thriller movies category. Misery is just one of the best.

Anne Wilkes is the author, Paul Sheldon’s biggest fan. She just loves the Misery series and will do anything to keep it going. After a freak automobile accident, Sheldon is left for dead right down the road from Anne Wilkes home. She takes him in and nurses him to health.

Unfortunately, Sheldon has already killed off Anne Wilkes favorite Misery character, Misery Chastain. This infuriates her. Leading to her downward spiral as she commands him to write another book resurrecting the character. Sheldon quickly realizes that Wilkes is not just his “biggest fan”, but a psychopath. After a few violent altercations with Sheldon, Wilkes resorts to hurting others as well.

Watch this film and learn how to ends.

4. Snowpiercer (2013)

If you love futuristic apocalyptic movies, then this one is for you. After a failed attempt to stop global warming, the earth is turned into a frozen landscape, uninhabitable for the human race. On a train that travels around the world, the last few of the human race struggles to survive. The back of the train holds the low income and less savory of the human race, while the rich and privileged live in the front compartments.

One man, Curtis Everett decides to move from the back of the train into the front despite authorities and warnings. He is tired of being fed sub-par foods and enduring horrible treatments.

As he and a group of others make their way through the compartments, they fight and struggle through impossible odds. Many are killed fighting for their rights. This movie will thrill and inspire you, leaving an imprint on your mind.

5. Machinist (2004)

From the beginning, this movie will have you wondering what the crap is going on. Yes, it is confusing and tragic, but there is a method behind this madness. Unfortunately, the reason for Trevor Reznik’s madness is even more tragic.

Trevor Reznik cannot eat and he cannot sleep, but he works every night as a machinist. He is so emaciated that his coworkers rarely come near him. He has strange habits which revolved around visiting a sex worker and frequenting airport diners. He starts to have hallucinations as his life continues to decay.

Only at the end of the movie do you find out what has caused Trevor’s strange looks and condition.

6. Hard Candy (2005)

This movie is hard to watch for many people as it tells the tale of a girl getting revenge on a pedophile. In the story, Hayley Stark, 14, meets a 32 yr-old man online. She has explicit and sexual conversations with him, meanwhile planning an act of dark revenge. She agrees to meet with him, giving him the idea that she is interested.

You see, Hayley is convinced that this 32 yr-old man, Jeff Kohlver, is responsible for the rape and murder of a young girl. She goes to this home and after drugging him, she ties him up. She continues to interrogate him for the rape and murder, while he continually denies the allegations. Did he do these things? Watch the movie and find out the truth.

Thrillers, chillers, and movies you cannot forget

Suspense thriller movies are some of the best and most entertaining shows to watch. Not only do they keep you interested, but they also keep you baffled for hours and even days afterward.

If you like this sort of entertainment, check out these selections. Also, feel free to share a few gems you love as well.


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Sherrie Hurd, A.A.