What Is Energy Reading and 6 Signs You Might Have This Rare Ability

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Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

Energy surrounds us and basically makes up everything we are. Some of us even have the ability of energy reading.

Reading energies

While some people are oblivious to the energy which surrounds them and which is also within them, some are not. Some are highly intuitive about this vibrational energy and can sense many things from just being near another person. Feeling a certain positive or negative vibe from others is not an imaginary sensation. There really are good and bad energies which flow through us all.

Obvious energies

There are some obvious energies which almost everyone can read. Emotional energies are pretty easy to determine if you can read facial expressions. With this knowledge, you can determine which people you choose to be around.

Keep in mind, those with negative energies can be highly draining. Those with positive energies can uplift. As far as deeper energy reading goes, or aura readings, there are indicators which show if you have these abilities. Here are the signs that you might have this rare ability to read the energy of auras.

Energy reading indicators

1. Crowded places are uncomfortable

Personally, I don’t like crowded places anyway, but when you can read energies, these places can be even more overwhelming. Just think, if you can read energies and there are dozens or more people around you, it can be severe.

You can absorb any negative energies floating around which could be detrimental to your emotional, mental and physical health. Sometimes being around lots of people is unavoidable, but when you do, make sure you’re strong enough to large energy flow that will come your way.

2. Your intuition is off the charts

Sometimes, I hate this one. I can sense negative human energies, and when I do, I tend to tell a friend or loved one as a warning. If they like the person, it causes conflict and they call me judgemental. I have learned to keep more of this to myself now.

When you are energy reading, sometimes you will pick up on bad feelings that you cannot identify. You just know there’s something off about someone. This makes you protective of the ones you love. Unfortunately, it causes friction at times too, as I mentioned above. Intuition is just one of the things that come with being able to read energies.

3. You are a human lie detector

Another gift of energy reading that’s hard to accept is being able to tell when someone is lying. When someone lies to you, their energy changes rapidly.

I have actually watched this happened many times. I can be carrying on a normal conversation with a loved one and they will suddenly change their tone, body language, and expressions. That’s when the lie comes out. Funny thing is, they expect you to believe it.

Whether or not you call them on this lie, it’s a sign that you are highly intuned to their energy levels. As they fluctuate, so does your intuition …thus detecting anything false or true.

4. Violence is hard to view

Now, this one isn’t so bad for me. I don’t really know why. But for some people who can read energies, they cannot stand watching any sort of violence on television. It can be violence on news reports, documentaries, or even a movie. The violence carries negative energy which can even be felt through the screen of the television.

Now, think about how hard it would be to view violence in real life. This one does bother me. I once witnessed a violent death and felt a surge of painful negative energy engulf me. It was a time in my life I will always remember.

5. You are often labeled as too sensitive

I cry all the time. I cry at sad movies, I cry when I miss someone, and I cry just thinking about memories of times long gone. When you are reading energies, sometimes the energies are sad ones, so deep and hurting that you start to develop a sensitivity like most people do not possess.

You feel deeper in all thing. This includes deeper love, deeper heartache, and deeper happiness. But it’s okay, let them say what they want. There’s nothing wrong with feeling deeply as you’re surrounded by everyone’s energies and auras.

6. You feel what others feel

There are times when you can actually feel the pain of others when they are far away. If a friend loses someone to death, you can feel the sadness as if it’s yours to feel. This may not happen all the time, but in some cases, it can be overwhelming to the point of shutting down for a bit to process where the feelings are coming from and what they are.

Have you ever just felt horrible for no reason at all? You could be picking up from someone else’s pain.

Energy reading ability is a gift and a curse all in one

Reading energies can be good and it can be bad. I guess it just depends on how you look at it and how you deal with it. Some people have tried to handle the constant influx of energy, and unfortunately, have ended their own lives to stop feeling.  I would never advocate such a tragedy. That’s just how deep these energies are, and this is, of course, the worst-case scenario.

Instead of suffering from energy overload, try channeling your energies into creative activities and helping others. If you don’t know where the energies are coming from, get into a meditative state to clear the mind so a different perspective can handle the energies for a while.

Energy reading is definitely a rare ability, but it can be helpful when people aren’t willing to share their feelings, lies are being told, or someone is hurting badly. When you’re able to read energies, you can provide comfort without questions. Sometimes your presence is all that’s needed to make a positive connection and unite energies in synchronicity. Yes, it can be done.

Can you read energies? Let us know about your experiences.


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  • Your not alone but you should keep it to your self as theres no way they understand they would think you are made unless the person you were talking to was very open minded , i know ive been through

  • Well don't tell them then just observe them you can also learn a lot by doing just this if they can see its affecting you they do it all the more but you have to halt what your thinking and go into a passive neutral non thinking mode they cannot get at you this way or you just could walk away

    • I've tried many times to keep it to myself, but it just makes me sick to see negative energy from someone who lies about it. I think walking away is something you do have to do eventually if they never come to terms with their negative energies.

  • Remember the day you stop telling your self your not crazy is the day they can no longer hurt your feeling because people torture there's self's every day it's only when they examine there own thought patterns eg why am I thinking like this do I need to think like this the answer is No. Everybody has a different rules and mindsets and values. I used to worry about what they thought but I don't care anymore like the the great English mystic Stuart Wilde used to say. I am what I am and I accept that

    • Yep! In my twenties, I would let my ex-husband convince me that I was crazy. I would go to psychiatrists to pretty much get pills to help me ignore the fact that he was a cheat, drunk, and a liar. I would apologize to him when he would hurt me. Oh, there were all sorts of insane tactics he must have learned over his teens and young adulthood. I wasn't perfect, but now, I know that I'm not any crazier than anyone else. I'm actually mentally healthier than a certain person who pretends they are normal. I think it's kind of funny. I have mental disorders, yes, but I still stand up and tell the truth, accept responsibilities for my actions, and try my hardest to not pretend I am something else. I try.

  • Don't stop FEELING!

    It's not always easy to have this "gift"....Believe me. It might take a while but just try to receive and be proud of your wonderful feelings. Try looking and working on 'grounding techniques" to help you along this journey. Let people have their opinion. They probably won't understand. That's okay. Keep praying and meditating to stay strong, loving and wise.


    • Is it really a gift, Melody, or a curse?

      I do ask myself this sometimes, and I secretly wish I wasn't as intuitive. I feel like it would be easier to find peace.

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Published by
Sherrie Hurd, A.A.