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Are You an Introvert or Extrovert? Take a Free Test to Find Out!

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Anna LeMind, B.A.

If you are still unsure whether you are an introvert or extrovert, we’ve got you covered with our free personality test.

(Spoiler: this ‘introvert or extrovert’ test also contains a third option!)

Read the following questions and pick one answer that better describes your typical behavior in a given situation.

Let’s get started!


The results of the ‘introvert or extrovert’ test in more detail

If you are an introvert, it means that:

  • You gain energy from spending time on your own and engaging in solitary activities
  • You are more focused on your inner world than the surrounding environment
  • Your writing skills are stronger than your speaking skills
  • You have a tendency to hesitate and overthink things, which often prevents you from acting
  • You prefer planning to spontaneity
  • When it comes to a job choice, you prefer slow-paced work in a controlled environment to a job that requires handling much stress and tension
  • You are creative and imaginative
  • You are a good listener and a loyal friend
  • Your productivity increases when you work on your own
  • You don’t like being in the spotlight

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If you are an extrovert, it means that:

  • You gain energy from socializing and engaging in intense activities (including risk-taking)
  • Spending time in your own company quickly drains you and makes you feel isolated
  • You enjoy being in the spotlight
  • You love taking the initiative
  • Your productivity increases when working with others
  • You have many different interests and hobbies
  • Your social circle is big and consists of many different connections
  • You can easily find common ground even with a stranger
  • You prefer expressing yourself by talking, not writing
  • You are quick to act

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If you are an ambivert, it means that:

  • You are a ‘mix’ of an introvert and an extrovert, which means that you are able to gain energy both from socializing and alone time
  • You are very flexible and can easily adapt to new environments and relate to other people
  • Your communication skills are strong
  • You are naturally empathetic and understanding
  • Sometimes you feel the need to withdraw, just like introverts do
  • Your activity/productivity levels constantly change

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Is being an introvert or extrovert an innate trait?

This is a question that is asked very often on forums and in comment threads. Do you become an introvert or extrovert, shaped by the environment and upbringing, or are you born this way?

It turns out that the nature of this personality trait is innate. Moreover, introverts and extroverts have distinct features of brain activity (you can learn more about it in this article).

In other words, your brain is wired into specific thought patterns and behaviors that are typical of either introversion or extroversion.

For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to change your personality.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s perfectly fine to try to enhance your communication skills as an introvert if you still give yourself the chance to relax and stay on your own after social activities.

But if you overload your schedule with all kinds of social events and set the goal of meeting as many new people as you can, you will quickly feel emotionally drained.

The same is true for extroverts – you can improve qualities such as calmness and thoughtfulness, but if you suddenly decide to become a recluse and cut off all your social contacts, you will soon feel empty and isolated.

As with everything, balance is the key, and the best approach is to shape your life around your personality while constantly improving your character traits and skills.

What was your result? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Published by
Anna LeMind, B.A.