Does New Discovery Confirm Doomsday Prophecy?

///Does New Discovery Confirm Doomsday Prophecy?

romania end of the worldUnusual finding in an ancient Romanian church of the XV century confirms the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

Local news agency reports that frescoes with scenes from the end of the world were discovered in the chapel of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, which was built in 1495 and is located in Brasov, Romania.

In total, 14 frescoes depicting scenes of the apocalypse were found. Particular attention of the Romanian scientists was drawn to paintings that have a striking resemblance to modern documentaries about the prophecies of 2012, describing powerful solar flashes and a reversal of the Earth’s polarity.

According to local priest Basil Olteanu, the exact time of creation of these frescoes is unknown, but, in his opinion, they could not be created later than 1737, because on some frescoes there is information about the authors.

The most unusual fresco is called “Wheel of the World” and depicts the Earth rotating around the Sun. In particular, there is an equilateral triangle with the “all-seeing eye” sending death rays towards the Earth, which is so similar to the well-known Masonic symbol. At the same time, several saints are trying to turn the Earth upside down, which resembles the concept of reversal of the magnetic poles of our planet.

The uniqueness of the new found frescoes is that at the moment of their creation, the concept of the rotation of the planets around the Sun had not been yet recognized by the church, and of course no one knew anything about solar flashes or a reversal of the Earth’s polarity.

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Does New Discovery Confirm Doomsday Prophecy?