My name is Anna, and I created Learning Mind as an education blog back in 2012 when I worked as a language teacher. In the process, I turned to the topics that truly interested me, such as psychology, self-improvement, spirituality, and science. Later on, other like-minded writers joined in, and together, we evolved our website into a source for deep thinkers, lifelong learners, and truth seekers.

This is when I realized how many people struggled with similar issues to mine and were looking for answers regarding introversion, social anxiety, and a sense of belonging. Today, Learning Mind provides guidance to numerous introverts, loners, and socially anxious people all over the world, helping them find their place in our busy, extroverted world and feel that they are not alone.

Learning Mind features thought-provoking and informative content aimed to give you food for thought, practical solutions, and new ideas on how to uncover your inner potential. Our purpose is to help you better understand yourself and others and guide you to living a more meaningful life. Today, Learning Mind has more than 50,000 email subscribers and over 1,5 million followers on social media.

Anna LeMind
Anna LeMindFounder & Lead Editor
Anna is the founder and lead editor of the website She is a psychology enthusiast and holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences.

Our Team

Janey Davies
Janey DaviesSub-Editor & Writer
Janey Davies is a sub-editor of the website and a professional writer who has been published online for over 10 years.
Panos Karam
Panos KaramDeveloper & Content Manager
Panos is a web developer and an SEO & social media expert. He is a movie and music geek who has a wide range of interests.
Sherrie Hurd
Sherrie HurdWriter & Content Editor
Sherrie is a professional writer and artist with over 20 years of experience. She studied Psychology, Journalism, and Fine Arts, receiving an Associates in Marketing.
Valerie Soleil
Valerie SoleilWriter & Content Editor
Valerie Soleil is a writer with over 5 years of experience and holds a bachelor degree in law and a B.A. in Psychology. She is a physical & mental health enthusiast.
Francesca Forsythe
Francesca ForsytheWriter
Francesca Forsythe is a professional writer who holds a dual award Master’s degree in European Law and Philosophy of Law from Leiden University.
Caroline Hindle
Caroline HindleWriter
Caroline Hindle is a professional writer, editor, and translator who has an M.A. in Ancient World Studies from the University of Manchester and has earned the Senior Johnson Prize for Best Finalist in Classical Subjects.
Michelle Liew
Michelle LiewWriter
Michelle Liew is a professional writer who holds a degree in English Language & Literature and has worked as a school teacher for over 12 years.
Jamie Logie
Jamie LogieWriter
Jamie Logie is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and health & wellness specialist. He also studied sociology and psychology at Western University and has a counseling diploma from Heritage Baptist College.
Kirstie Pursey
Kirstie PurseyWriter
Kirstie Pursey works as a writer, blogger, and storyteller who lives in London with her family of people, dogs, and cats. She is a lover of reading, writing, being in nature, fairy lights, candles, fireside, and afternoon tea.

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