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  • manipulative elderly parents

6 Signs Your Manipulative Elderly Parents Are Controlling Your Life

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Our parents are an important part of our lives. However, sooner or later, the tables are turned. When your parent or parents reach a certain age, you become the caregiver rather than the child. So what do you do when this relationship turns toxic and your manipulative elderly parents are controlling your life? What is [...]

  • INFP-T Personality

What Is the INFP-T Personality and 6 Signs You Could Have It

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If you think the mediator personality is rare, then think again. The INFP-T personality may even be more unique than that. Today, we are learning about the INFP-T personality type of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. But before we can do that, we have to understand this mediator’s basic definition. Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perception – [...]

  • mean person traits

10 Traits of a Mean Person: Are You Dealing with One?

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Some people have occasional bad moods and some deal with something much deeper. Is it possible that you’re in the presence of a mean person? I hesitate to call anyone mean because I know there is generally a reason for their anger and frustration. Most people are also good at heart, just covered in scars. [...]

  • infp male

INFP Male: A Rare Type of Man and His 5 Unique Traits

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The INFP male is so unique that they make up only about 1-1.5% of the population. Their character traits are mostly unappreciated. Men, when young, are usually taught a certain way, according to the world’s standards. This is also true for women as well. But, of course, most of you know that already. Unfortunately, the [...]

  • narcissistic rage

What Is Narcissistic Rage, How to Recognize It and Deal with It

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Narcissistic rage is one of the most toxic emotional outbursts you could imagine. It seems to come from out of nowhere, filled with anger and nonsense. Narcissism and narcissistic rage are different. We all have a few narcissistic tendencies but generally try and work to make ourselves better. However, rage is an action that people [...]

  • private person meaning

What It Means to Be a Private Person in an Overconnected World

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In today’s world, privacy seems to be a thing of the past. We stay connected with each other 24/7 and showcase our whole lives on social media. What does it mean to be a private person in a world of constant connection? Let’s give a definition of a private person first of all. It is [...]