ufoIt is not difficult for most of people to believe that an object high in the sky is a UFO. For example, a cloud of unusual shape, or a very bright flash… In general, any object that is not automatically identified by our brain turns into an “unidentified flying object”. But in most cases, it is just a consequence of some kind of rare atmospheric phenomena or an aircraft. So what is most often referred to the category of UFOs?

1. Fireball

Ball lightning is quite a unique phenomenon, so it is often taken for a UFO. But in fact, it is only an atmospheric phenomenon that often accompanies conventional lightning

during a thunderstorm. However, sometimes fireballs are

recorded in sunny weather. It should be noted that, according to some scientists, ball lightning is a more complex in nature object, although most often it occurs during thunderstorms, when the formation of an electric field has the necessary strength.

2. Missile tests

In December 2009 in the northern region of Norway a bright flash with a long glowing trail behind it was recorded in the middle of the night. It looked so impressive, that it really resembled a weird object from the depths of space. But the reason for this phenomenon was much more prosaic – it was the result of a failed launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles from a Russian submarine, floating in the waters of the Arctic Ocean.

3. Mysterious cloud formation

It is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds as a result of formation of cooled water droplets that have a temperature lower than necessary for the formation of ice, but are still in a liquid state. Such clouds have very variable physical properties. For example, if the wind blows, or a plane flies, or the so-called cloud-seeding occurs, these droplets can instantly freeze, or vice versa turn into steam.

4. Balloons

It may sound unbelievable, but it is no more incredible than the news about the aliens. Do you remember the case of October 13, 2010 in Manhattan, New York? Thousands of people in the street were able to watch a unique concentration of unidentified flying objects of silver color that shone brightly in the sun and reflected from each other. Later it turned out that the mysterious UFOs were 12 balloons with helium, prepared for a holiday in one of the schools in the neighboring district of Mount Vernon.

5. Venus

Venus is the third brightest object after the Sun and the Moon, so it is often mistaken for UFO. To observers on Earth, it may seem like an anomalously bright spot on the background of sunset sky. It may also seem that this spot is slowly moving across the twilight sky.

6. Aircrafts

Perhaps, planes and aircrafts are among the objects that are most often taken for UFOs. For example, in November 2010 residents of the California coast were woken by an awful roar of an overflying weird shaped object, which quickly disappeared into the clouds. At first glance, it was a regular jet aircraft, but people were confused by an unusual vapor trail of the object, and no one could say with certainty what was it, since no missile tests had been planned for that day from the Ministry of Defence. However, later it was found that it was a vapor trail of an aircraft, which was a bit longer than usual and seemed a bit weird in the rays of the rising sun.

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