7 Most Interesting Theories to Explain the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

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bermuda triangleEveryone has heard about the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious area in the Atlantic Ocean where vessels and aircrafts disappear under unknown circumstances. Here are 7 possible explanations of this phenomenon:

1. Secret military testing

Officially, the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) is a company engaged in testing of submarines and weapons. But there is a theory according to which this company is a means of the government to contact extraterrestrial civilizations and experience various alien technologies.

2. Compass points to geographic, not magnetic north

Bermuda Triangle is one of two places on Earth where the magnetic compass points to true (geographic), not magnetic north. Usually, when plotting the ship sailors take this difference into account. So in those areas where the compass works in a different way it is easier to get lost and crash into a reef.

3. Comet

According to this version, 11,000 years ago, a comet fell on the bottom of the ocean, exactly at the point of the famous Bermuda Triangle. The celestial body could have unusual electromagnetic properties, capable of disabling aircraft engines and navigation devices.

4. UFOs

According to this theory, an alien ship is hiding in the deep sea in order to study us and our technology. Or there is a kind of “gateway” to another dimension, unknown to humans. At some moment the ”door” opens and pulls ships and airplanes into it.

5. Methane Hydrate

Deep underneath the surface of the Bermuda Triangle, huge bubbles filled with methane hydrate are formed. When such a bubble gets big enough, it rises to the surface and forms a giant hill, and a ship slips off. Then, the bubble bursts and forms a funnel, which pulls everything into it. In the case of an aircraft, a gas bubble rises in the air, comes in contact with a hot engine and provokes an explosion.

6. Human factor

Bermuda Triangle is a quite busy place. The tropical climate and crystal clear blue waters attract tourists. Given the fast flow, the changeable weather and a big number of twin islands, scattered throughout the region, it is really easy to go astray, run aground or get lost.

7. Difficult weather conditions

The truth is that the sky over the Bermuda Triangle is quite frantic: cold and warm air masses collide constantly, leading to storms and hurricanes. Together with the fast flowing Gulf Stream, this creates risky conditions for all kinds of transport.

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7 Most Interesting Theories to Explain the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle