Many theories about black holes that exist in space were developed over time. These space objects are certainly among the most intriguing ones. But could they be the portals to other universes? It seems that black holes might be even more fascinating than we expected!

The prevailing opinion says that whatever falls into a black hole disappears forever and breaks apart into the component parts.

However, a new theory states that black holes do not destroy the matter but rather are a kind of exit gates which lead to various parts of our universe or in other universes.

The new theory was developed by Jorge Pullin of the State University of Louisiana and Rodolfo Gambino of the University of the Republic of Uruguay. The two scientists decided to study the predictions of the theory of quantum gravity in black holes. More specifically, they applied the equations of quantum gravity in a non-rotating black hole with spherical symmetry.

As described in other theories, as the matter approaches the core of the black hole, the gravitational field becomes more and more powerful, but it does not disappear into a spacetime singularity as the prevailing theory states.

According to the study results of the two researchers, the matter does not disappear in the middle of the black hole but continues its way up the other end and gets from there in another universe or another location in our universe.

The idea that black holes are portals to other universes rather than a place of absolute destruction is not new. But they all stumbled on the spacetime singularity. This is the first time when this barrier is bypassed with the help of scientific tools.

The conclusions associated with this intriguing theory and the results of the study were published in the journal «Physical Review Letters».

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  1. Farrukh

    Well, still they don’t know if other Universes even exists or not, how they claim such thing…

  2. Louis Morelli

    Mathematicians are doing a corrosive job to the field of Math, the same way that the Bible’s writers did a corrosive job to their religion when their minds extrapolated beyond what the field reveals or can explain, for instance, with the affirmation that Earth is 6.000 years old.

    The nucleus of galaxies never could be observed, so, black wholes is a mathematical theory, which are extrapolating the limits that math translates natural phenomena. See at other theory, called “The Universal Matrix for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”, which is not a mathematical approach but a biological one, and what this theory is suggesting that has hidden inside those nucleus.

    The idea that the galactic nucleus produces building blocks for astronomical systems ( and not for universes- which weird idea!) was announced by this theory 30 years ago. Mathematicians should understanding that The world is too much complex for human mind to know it, that the human mind can not grasp the language of the world, that the world is built upon a hierarchy of different dimensions ( String Theory suggests there are 11 dimensions!) which means different ways for organizing matter and different levels of natural laws, mechanisms and processes, into systems, so, Math will not translate more than the physical foundations with its mechanical movements.

    The human body, for instance, can have only its bone skeleton translated by Math, but, the most complexes next levels, the soft level of meat and organs, the mysterious level of consciousness, can not be worked with Math. If you insist, you will see ghosts where there is none, like black holes are imaginated ghosts of space. The limit of Math for calculation what is hidden inside the galactic nucleus is when the forces and elements arrives to the limit of extreme singularity: never Nature goes beyond this limit, never reaches again the point of singularity. Before that, systems are transformed into other shapes of systems. Then, the absurdity of this theory about black holes.

    If mathematicians wants to research what is going there, leave out from Math and take in Biology now. Math already did a good job describing most of the Universe physical skeleton, now is time for beginning to learn about its soft level.

  3. Marcus

    Man, Louis, were you born that full of shit or do you practice a lot?

  4. murali krishna

    If there is way to another universe through black holes, i think there is another way to go out side.

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