board of imaginationAmerican company unveiled the prototype of a skateboard that reads the user’s brain waves and understands in what direction and at what speed to move.

The Chaotic Moon Labs has originally developed a skateboard equipped with the sensing device Kinect by Microsoft, which allows the driver to turn by gestures.

The skateboard was presented at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but later broke down. Rather than reconstruct it, the creators decided to go one step further.

The new electric skateboard, called the Board of Imagination is built in front of a Samsung tablet running Windows operating system.

The computer analyzes the signals of a helmet Emotiv EPOC (by the Australian company Emotiv) which allows users to play video games with mental commands, instead of joystick.

After several rounds of training, in which the computer learns to assign the user’s intentions to brain signals received by the electrodes of the helmet, the driver climbs on the skateboard, looks at the point where he wants to go and starts moving there at the desired speed of 50 km per hour.

The video posted by Chaotic Moon Labs in the YouTube looks fun, but probably not enough to convince stakeholders that they will avoid flips.

Anyway, at present there are no plans to produce the mind-controlled skateboard on a commercial scale.

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    Ashley Ellenberg

    Wow….!!! A mind blowing article. Good philosophical concept about skateboard rider. I agree with you, when a rider rides skateboard then the direction and speed of a skateboard is controlled by his mental confidence and thinking.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

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