How to Recognize If You Have a Karmic Connection with Someone

///How to Recognize If You Have a Karmic Connection with Someone

Have you ever heard of the term karmic connection?

Whether we think about friendships or love relationships, there are only a few people we connect with on a deeper level. While we can have many things and thoughts in common with our closest friends, there are only a few or only one person in our life who makes us feel like we talk with our twin flame.

Spiritualists call that type of connection a karmic connection. Karmic connections or relationships are formed with people who have played an important role in our past life and we reconnect with them on Earth.

The easiest way to recognize your soul mate or your karmic connection is through the vibrational energy she/he transmits to you.

Sense of peace

Friends, family, or coworkers can make you feel at ease and relaxed, but a soul mate will give you the sense of peace. The soulful connection that is instantly created through your gazes, words, sounds or similar thinking will make you feel like you have just met an old friend who knows you better than anyone.

Similarities and differences

You will be amazed about how many things you both see/understand the same and how many similarities you share. Moreover, your differences will complete the gaps of the other one, therefore even your differences will complete you rather than distance you.


A conversation with your soulmate will naturally flow without you being worried about how you act, when and how you express your feelings. You can both complete each other’s sentences and it will be easy to understand what the other person feels without many explanations. It does not mean that karmic relationships do not face challenges or issues.

However, because of the profound understanding and the strong bond between the individuals, they patiently search for solutions that help them overcome the obstacles in harmony.

A karmic soul can be anyone in your life starting from family and friends to strangers and neighbors. In most of the cases, karmic souls appear in our life when we least expect and they tend to be an unknown person who we may randomly meet anywhere.

The role of a karmic connection is to help us through our self-development. They teach us lessons, they motivate or shape us. Some of the karmic relationships appear in adolescence, others in adulthood.

Some of the karmic relationships can last for the rest of our lives, while others can be for a short period of time when we need to change ourselves.

If you currently have or you had a karmic connection, share your story with us!


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  1. Kate September 24, 2016 at 6:15 pm - Reply

    I met someone 4 years ago at a friend’s party. And it was like I instantly knew everything about him, even though I’d only talked to him for less than 10 minutes. I’ve never ever felt, with anyone else, such a sense of peace around a guy (usually I’m nervous, and worried about what I’ll say — not with this person at all!). And, on our second meeting, he snuck up behind me, and I knew it was him before I even turned to see. I felt it in my gut… and it was the strangest thing, but also the most comforting feeling. We have a TON of things in common. And it turns out we’ve attended the same school — without ever knowing each other then! A friend has even commented how this guy and I look like brother & sister — even though we aren’t related in any way. I truly believe he is my soulmate.

  2. Jeremy September 26, 2016 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    I met a guy several yrs ago thru FB. He contacted me and lived in a coastal town in another country. I was amazed at my strong attraction to him & even considered if it was a fake profile. He was an airline steward and amazingly at the last min was being sent to an international hub within a couple hrs of where I lived. We met up, hung out, and spent the night together yet nothing sexual, not even kissing, but I held him all night and it felt like he was my long lost love from like 200 yrs ago or something and it felt like we were finally reunited. He had to work the return flight te next morning but promised he’d return. He disappeared after that and his FB account gone. It was the weirdest yet one of the most intense encounters I’ve ever had with someone. He also had a particular, peculiar yet familiar, smell about him, like the ocean almost. I still can’t shake the strong feeling that I not only knew him from another lifetime but that there was a deep love we had shared before. Sounds so weird I know.

    • Chasta September 29, 2016 at 10:53 pm - Reply

      Sounds pretty cool actually

    • daph September 30, 2016 at 3:42 pm - Reply

      That’s so fascinating! ~

  3. David September 29, 2016 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    I am new to the town i live in and about 5 months into living here i met this girl alex, who instantly felt comfortable around. She was not only beautiful but put me at ease and calmed my nerves. I never felt i had to fake who i was or try at being a friend i was able to be myself. I ended up dating her best friend and our friendship grew along the way, after her best friend and i broke up our friendship grew alot more. We were hanging out more and talking more going out to things only the two of us and it was from very little effort on my part. Which if you know me is usually what i do is create moments and try to make things work. With her i didnt have to do that it just happened. Now the confusing part for me is that we have this deep connection yet she says she sees us as just best friends getting peace from eachother. Now i am totally ok with that but i her actions speak more of she wants and feels a relationship is forming yet her words say differently. I am falling in love with her and yet i havent confronted that in fear of losing what we have. But she is the most important woman in my life at this moment in time and cannot imagine my life without her. So is what this article states true, absolutely im feeling it and seeing it now i just hope God has a plan for us that will result in many years of happiness.

  4. Pushpaa Iyer September 30, 2016 at 7:19 am - Reply

    I had a similar experience. Had met a man who sent request through FB. Did not know him.But the way he convinced me that he also did not know why he sent me the request. It was a beautiful friendship over a period of 3 months. Then suddenly I found that he had stopped using the whatsapp number he had given me as also deleted his FB Profile. Later saw that same profile with a different name, leaving many questions unanswered .. Weird are some people and their ways.

  5. Klaudia September 30, 2016 at 11:56 am - Reply

    I met someone 20 years ago and I felt that I know him for long time…. We get on well that we got married 5 years ago… Before our marrige we looked for an astrologer to match our horoscopes. And surprisingly for him(the astrologer) our horoscope matched so well that he never ever seen like this before. He said its like you put the two horoscopes on top of each other and you don’t see any difference hence we were born 5 years and 7 days apart. Astrologer said our relationship began long ago previous lifes ago and we have a really strong bond. We have a kind of intuitive relation, always know what the other think or did previously, I sometomes “send messages”(just visualize things) to my husband and he gets the message. Our marriage is great and together we are really strong. We are soulmates with a proof.(Horoscope)

  6. Karma jo jo December 2, 2016 at 12:31 pm - Reply

    I just wish we had a matching birthmark or tattoo………but nothings easy……..when I met my current karmic connection………I was a runner…….its like when we got to close I could feel this electrical sensation, and it scared the hell out of me…..our group of friends went out fishing…..I thought I don’t like you at all stay away……but sometimes in a group you have to work together……my fish swallowed my hook so deep that I could not move it……so one yell hey help her your closer……when he reach for it and we got about 6-12 inches apart …..I threw the fish hook line and sinker at him…….I could not let him touch me because whatever was going on was very strong and deep and charged… he looked up surprised, but also happy, and kinda laughed…his face lit up, I make some excuse to go back to my box and other pole…….he kept coming around for months off and on with our group of friends….and one day I was sad and hurting and I told him and he said I will give you a hug…..I laughed….sat there for a minute or two and then I put the armrest up and crawled onto his lap laid back and got my hug….nest thing we knew we had been talking in the dark me on his lap… was getting light outside and I thought omg I have been having this exchange of words stories for hours…….and not once did either of us try to get up or move ….we just where comfortable like we had been like that forever……other things happened to like he got a job in the town I lived in and we didn’t know each other yet……….but we quickly figured out that we knew what each other wanted or thought about… was like reading an open book, I just knew what he was thinking and he also knows what I am thinking…….I know I sound crazy…..but this wasn’t the way any other relationship has felt in my life…….whatever you want to call it…….its almost explainable ………buts also full of life…..its beautiful….he’s my home and my happiness……or I am his…..or its both…………

  7. Doug February 21, 2017 at 1:16 pm - Reply

    Took me years of of being with the wife to understand why the hell I love her as deep as time itself. But we have that bond.

  8. Lina February 21, 2017 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    I’ve met such a person recently … this feeling is unbelievable. I feel connected, even if we do not really know each other right now … it feels like we are familiar with each other…it’s fascinating…

  9. Paige June 22, 2017 at 3:37 pm - Reply

    I had what I believed was a very deep connection with a childhood friend. We were always friends. But I also always had a slight crush on him in high school. I actually remember one day, passing him in the hallway and he was glowing. Like had this white silverish ora around his whole body. This has proven to happen with other people in my life who also became significant people in my life. But anyways. I was always drawn to him. He was very laid back and also a quiet person until you got to know him. And he was one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. We became much closer the years that followed high school. and both of us commented many times to one another, how the hours just go by with our conversations and jokes. We also were both encompassed in addiction though. Which is rough. But we spent a lot of time together then. Through the good and the bad. The highs and lows. We helped each other very much. And I feel he helped me so much And he taught me so many things about life And just being a good person. He was my best friend. Although he had never liked me back. in a girlfriend way. Things sort of changed once he too saw the beautiful connection we had. And he changed his tune towards me to more like that of a girlfriend. And they were some of the happiest times I have ever had. Even a hug from him was such a treat:) we ended up seeking help for our opiate addiction together, and we went to detox together. Then I left and relapsed pretty quickly as I always do. And he went to further treatment. I had been so lonely being separated from him. That I jumped into a relationship with somebody. Since Ben was staying clean and away from me cause I was using. He messaged me on Facebook saying how he missed me and wanted to know how I was doing. I responded. Then sadly days after this. I got news that he had overdosed and passed away. I blame myself feeling I should’ve been there for him when he was saying he wanted to hang out. And I miss him every single day of my life. He was only 24 years old when he died.

  10. Ted October 20, 2017 at 1:26 pm - Reply

    I met a woman 3 years ago that will forever be etched into the fiber of my very being. I connected with her like no one else. I fell very hard and fast in love with her. She ran. I tried to chase her at first but I understood why she ran.i gave her space and tried again get about a year later only to have her back in my life briefly then she ran again. And I tried again another year later. The connection was still there. And soon my feelings for her got in the way. And once again I was left destroyed. This incounter / relationship or whatever it was changed me at my core. I was cracked open into a new being and forever changed by it. I’ve let her go. And I learned a priceless lesson. But I remain grateful that I got the chance to experience that deep connection.

  11. Beachrunner May 18, 2018 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    I met a karmic connection. The intensity & passion was intoxicating. I never had someone so in to me, so intense, it felt amazing. I ran 3 times and after months of pursuit from him, I went back for a fourth. He decided he needed to move forward & is dating an ex,& suggested we let time pass and be friends. I’ve opted out of that. I can’t say I don’t want another go, it’s just that intense, but am trying to move past it and the emotional grip is excruciating. It feels as though I’ll bever recover. I’ve been dead for years so though it’s painful, I’m grateful to have felt it all.

  12. Robyn June 7, 2018 at 6:30 am - Reply

    I had someone who was my best friend for about 16 years. I cannot explain how but I know that when I was a Roman soldier with Julius Caesar he had been Egyptian. When I was an American soldier in WWII he was a Nazi. I have always known that we knew each other in both of those lives. In this life he had a very dark and sadistic side, loving to play hurtful jokes that would piss people off. He often tried to make me feel less than I really was. I forgave him far more times than most people would have. About five years ago he did something awful to a friend of mine. I realized that he would never change. I had reached a point where I knew my self worth and broke from him. On our last day together, I told him that although he had not hurt me personally, I could no longer be around him while he continued to behave like that. I said that I only wished him the best and I went on my way. All of my bad luck totally dissipated. I finally risked everything accomplishing a dream that I had wished for for years. I have no doubt that there was a karmic contract between us but I can finally say that I am rid of that tie once and for all.

  13. Arpit Dhaugoda June 18, 2018 at 6:26 pm - Reply

    Yes…l ve experienced that too but it’s really painful because it may not leave you easily as you want.

  14. Kami June 24, 2018 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    Hello guys,
    It has been more less one year I had met a man on the street. Since thst time he is in my life , we know each other morr than anybody else… we feel mind of eavh other, feelings, fears…even with 5000 km distance. Sometimes I can hear he is speaking to me.. i can hesr his thoughts… but when we are personally tlgether I cannot stand him. When we are not in touch I miss him a bit. I feel like our souls are connected very much but our egos cannot find the way. It is crazy but it is sad.. does anybody has any advice?

  15. Elle November 28, 2018 at 12:29 am - Reply

    There was a boy i met when i was 15 and he was only a couple years older. The first time we met i had seen him from down the block and i looked at his face and instantly recognized him from somewhere but we had never met before. I kept staring thinking that it was probably all in my head but then he finally looks back at me and says the same thing “i know you from somewhere” then we both laughed but went opposite ways. I’m usually never that goofy with strangers but he felt like an old friend. If that wasn’t odd enough after that first encounter we kept running into each other around my neighborhood. It was like one minute this person didn’t exist then all of a sudden they are everywhere i am, every time we would run into each other we would laugh and joke about it then go our own ways. On my 16th birthday soon after that he tried to get my number but i told him no and he politely took that answer.Then i thought that was all but he transferred to my school sometime right after that and i know you might not believe me but i kinda knew that i was going to see him again because i had a dream about it and it played out just like the dream. He approached me after school once and thats when i got a little drawn into him but for some strange reason soon after that he disappeared. Im 19 turning 20 now and to this day i still don’t know where we know each other from , i sometimes think that none of this really happened and i just dreamt it all because it was just so strange. I do have the slightest feeling that we are going to run into each other again.

  16. MyLovelyAuntie November 28, 2018 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    I’m currently at La Guardia airport, going back to the Midwest. This is trip that I take 1-2 times a year, and I usually dread it. I come to NYC yo visit my mother, and other family, but this visit was very different. I deeply connected with my aunt. I used to avoid her because she’s very enthusiastically loud, and it’s very difficult to get a word in. I didn’t expect to see her this trip, since I often don’t, because she spends most of her time in the Caribbean. After sitting next to her at the Thanksgiving table, I really can’t seem to get enough of my aunt. I have done so much soul searching and spiritual growth in the last year, and she’s validating all of the things I feel and ask from the universe. I am missing my aunt, and the connection that I now understand we have. I believe there are some of us that are givers of light, and it took me many years to realize she is a light giver. I am forever connected to her, and I know she feels the same. I don’t want to leave NYC…

  17. Patty December 10, 2018 at 10:32 pm - Reply

    I met a friend and we’ve been friends for 7 years now. We don’t feel any connection at first. But recently, we feel strong connecting to each other not just like we can complete each other sentences or know what the other think just by looking in the eyes. It’s way deeper. For example, when one of us feels sick later that day the other will feel sick too or if I feel uncommnly hungry my friend will barely eat. We found it funny and weird since we mostly text rather than hanging out together. Hmm

  18. Liz December 12, 2018 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    I am too afraid of men. But I got along well with him and for the first time when I saw him I felt “for sure he is not going to be more than a friend” Because he looked at me the whole time starring into my eyes.(later he told me because it looked so beautiful when I laughed so he kept staring) hehe.
    And I keep talking to to him random things as he watched me. And somehow I made him to talk with me! Note that I’m someone who is afraid of talking with a guy. Lol.
    After that we shared food on the same plate without any hesitation (since we don’t have money) and then after many days, of meeting. He held my hand while walking on the streets, cared for me very much. He went somewhere in his relatives home. I really missed him
    and told him I think I have a crush on him. And eventually I told him I love him. And it did not feel very right for me for some months. But then even though I proposed him he kept the relationship going. Which I never got from any guy ever..He really wants to work on our relationship. AND I FOUND THAT WE BOTH HAVE THE SAME BIRTHMARK. it made us think for a while what must have happened in the past life.. He then told me he wants to tell me something. I got really nervous and thought. Omg that is it. And got very sad and said -it is ok if u don’t like me.. But then he told me he is younger than me. It is what he was about to say. I bursted out laughing! He is 7 months older than me. And I have no problem with that. Phew. Now it’s been 3 years since our love anniversary. We are much closer and much understanding now.

  19. Elizabeth December 23, 2018 at 11:57 am - Reply

    I met this girl at the most unusual time and place. We met at a religious was the church district campaign.everynight at 7oclk for two weeks Buses from each church would transport their members each night to unite under a tent for religious ceremony.

    She was sitting across the other side of the room from where I was. I could have felt her gaze upon me. Our eyes met, her focus was right upon me while she played her fingers blissfully through her hair. We continued stealing glances of one another as the preacher proceeded with his sermon. It was time for the alter call and I accompanied my uncle up to the front of the pulpit just as I saw others did. And now, Standing just before me in the small crowd of us that stood before the alter Was the girl from across the room. She was standing no less than 10ft from Infront of me,we were both mesmerized by the look we held for each was like no other encounter. Inexplicable. words alone can not explain the sentiments of affection and intimacy that was shared that night. It all seemed so surreal.The lingering intense eye contact we shared felt more like we were looking into each other’s soul with a knowledge of all there is to know of each other. The energy that radiates between us both created a nurturing,nonjudgmental,peaceful, happy and loving environment. I was the happiest girl that night. I say that night because although the night had ended and I was already seated in my bus to depart for home. I looked through my window and right across me was the girl from across the room staring right back at me through her window. We both kept the gaze as my bus departed first and I felt my heart very heavy as I couldn’t see her no longer. I missed her already and I could tell she felt the same. I didn’t get her name.and I didn’t beat myself up for it until the following night. You see it was baptism night. The alter call that was made the night before was a call to baptism. The washing away of sins. And I was going to be baptized for the 3rd time. I Approached baptism with a confused mind for my heart would not let me think straight. They grouped together all who were to be baptized. And sent us to change into gowns. There was only one dressing room and to my surprise it was already occupied by the girl I met from across the room the other night. so I stood right where I was an proceeded to change. I placed my gown on my shoulders as I was taking of my skirt I felt her stare on my body. I looked at her and she looked me in the eyes smiled and bit down on her lips. We went back to sit down and we ended up sitting together. She was baptized before I was and it was an honored to have witnessed her baptism. She was dipped into the water with ease and she came out glowing radiant with a warm smile that gave me meaning to love and peace. I fell in love that very moment. After I was baptized I found myself standing next to this amazing girl who was shivering in the cold . I gave her a hug and she said congratulations. I felt embarrassed it’s like words couldn’t find my mouth I just caught my self trying to mumble congrats.the hug we shared was surreal but I know she felt it too. I felt shock waves flowing throughout my entire body more so my neck.our bodies were so intertwined our necks hung on the side of each other’s shoulder. I didn’t want to let go. I don’t think she wanted to either. We were both left speechless as we remain standing beside each other just before we took seats together. I wanted her name but I was so over flooded with emotions it all felt like it was all going too fast and I feared losing her,even if it seemed something so petty to worry about considering I only wanted to ask her I was over joyed that night until I had to depart for home. My heart sank heavy and my mind was dismayed. I was baptized while sinning. because in my religion it’s a sin for homosexuality to be practiced.let alone me fancying another woman. i felt awful. I had just been baptized.which meant the I was free of my sins and I had to take into consideration that I was then made into a new creature in Christ. I did what I think was right I suppressed my feeling for the girl.the following night of the campaign I took with me a self prepared Dorcas bag filled with some of my belongings that I wanted to gift her and I scribbled a note that ,stated my name address and a note that read, welcome to the Christian family sister, I’m super happy we share the same baptismal date. I couldn’t afford to leave my contact info because I had no phone at the time. The morning we had church service under the campaign tent and as soon as I arrived under the tent my eyes began a frantic search shifting through the crowd to find the familiar face that I’ve grown to love in just a brief 3day encounter. I was dismayed when I couldn’t find her. Not even the lively song service could have cheered me up.that is until before we sang the greeting song in which I felt a small soft hand tap my shoulder offering me a hand shake followed by a bright smile that linger as a soft thank you escaped from between her fine pink plush printed lips.Sadly that was the end of the campaign and the last time we ever saw each other. We never even got the chance to say goodbye. It’s been 9months since our last encounter and I still miss her and I would think of her out of the blue and sometimes I could even feel her very near presence around me. I sense a reunion coming and I’m super nervous. Help? Can twin flame/soulmate be of the same sex?

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