Can Human Consciousness Be Described as a Quantum Effect?

human consciousness

Our brain has enormous capabilities. Conciseness is a unique property of the human brain and is attributed only to that of humans and not animals as there has not been any clue of its existence for animals. There are many definitions for the human consciousness. Consciousness is … READ MORE

4 World-Changing Inventions That Never Saw the Light of Day

world-changing inventions

This world in which we live has seen a lot of genius. Some found in people throughout history who were regarded as raving lunatics for their different way of thinking or those who never got any credibility. Other significant world-changing inventions have been buried for various political and … READ MORE

Collision of Binary Black Holes May Unravel the Mysteries of Gravitational Radiation

gravitational radiation black holes

One of the most fantastic predictions of Einstein’s general theory of relativity has been the existence of gravitational radiation. Should gravitational waves be real, it means that the empty space as a medium for propagation of gravitational waves can itself oscillate and move. Since its prediction in … READ MORE

The 9 Types of Intelligence: Which Do You Have?

types of intelligence

We’ve all heard the term “intelligence”, but few people actually know that there are several types of intelligence that describe personalities and the ways in which our brains work. Psychologist Howard Gardner of Harvard University created the Multiple Intelligences Theory which explains the nine ways in which … READ MORE