New Software Lets You See Your Three-Year-Old Child As an Adult!

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U.S. researchers developed a software program, which is claimed to be able to automatically generate sequential images of the future, predicting how the face of a child will change from decade to decade, as he will be growing from three years old to… 83. The research, funded by the Google company and the biggest processor manufacturer Intel, was conducted by scientists at the University of Washington, led by computer science professor Steven Seitz. The software can be run on a single PC and takes just a minute to produce a series of portraits of the future look of a three-year child. The algorithms are based on […]

Future Control: New Mobile App That Can Predict the Future!

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Designer Dor Tal from Israel developed a concept gadget Future Control, which can analyze the information taken from the internet in order to make “predictions” about the actions of its owner. The Future Control Project focuses primarily on a new mobile application that requires access to the personal data of social networks, bank accounts, e-mail, calendar, messages, calls, etc. The algorithm of the app will analyze the information and provide predictions for the future. Future Control is going to be a kind of reminder-assistant, something similar to what is offered by […]

Couple Invents iPhone Application for Communicating with Spirits

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A couple of ghost hunters from Indiana, U.S.A., claim to have created an application that allows people to communicate with ghosts with the help of their iPhone. Passion for the paranormal has united two people Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz. According to the couple, they always try to visit the places where strange events happen, indicating the presence of the creatures of the underworld. Usually, those who witness the appearance of ghosts or poltergeists experience a panic fear, but as for Pingleton and Beitz, they try to understand the message of the spirits. The desire of these two people to communicate with ghosts caused the creation of the iPhone application named “Spirit Story Box”. […]

Avatar-like Experiment: Human-Rat Interaction via Virtual Reality and Robotics

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British and Spanish scientists designed a simulation device that allows rats to experience “Avatar” and establish interactive communication with humans. In the sci-fi film “Avatar”, the human body, through genetic modification, can easily become substituted for a person of an alien race. Currently, a team of computer scientists are to transform science fiction into reality using rats as experimental objects. The University College London and the University Of Barcelona (Spain) organized teams to use mobile tracking software systems, cameras and laptops, as well as virtual reality helmets, while the rats were placed in a fenced area. In order to realize the interaction with rats, a person is wearing the virtual reality helmet, enabling one to see a virtual room. […]

British students “travelled” to the Hereafter

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A group of British students from a local technical university developed a computer program that allows human consciousness to visit the hereafter. In an interview, one of the creators of such unusual software shared fundamental mechanisms of its work. It turned out that for a few months the students have been conducting research in a British hospice. People condemned to death were implanted with a special detector sensitive to the brain activity impulses, which, in their turn, were transmitted to a computer, and a specially developed program analyzed the received information. In the most tragic moment when a person died, the computer received the main signal. On the basis of a number of such signals, the program created an entire virtual image of how the brain behaves in the first minutes after the biological death of the human body. […]

New iPhone app can influence your dreams!

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British psychologist carries out a mass participation experiment in order to verify whether an application for smartphones with the name Dream:On can positively influence human dreams. The application is developed by a scientific team led by Richard Wiseman, professor at the University of Hertfordshire. It is considered to monitor and record sleep patterns, eventually producing a particular sound when a sleeping person sees a dream. […]


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Version:1.6.3 LanguageTool is an Open Source language checker for English and German language.   This is a rule-based language checker that will find errors for which a rule is defined in its XML configuration […]


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Version: 1.7.250 Genius is a small application that helps you memorize things Genius helps you memorize things. It organizes your information using the Leitner “learning card file” system, and it quizzes you using a spaced repetition method. For each quiz, Genius carefully […]

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