In the following article you will find some of the best optical illusions and visual paradoxes.

1. Magic stairs

Focus on the stairs and you will see that in a while it will turn upside down.


2. Opening/closing door

Focus on the door and answer the question: is it closing or opening?


3. Disappearing dots

If you focus on the orange dot in the center of the rotating square for a few seconds, you will see the 3 black dots disappear!


4. Moving ornament

Despite the picture below is static, it seems to be moving!


5. Moving circles

Similar to the previous illusion. The picture is static but we see it moving. If you cover with your hand all the circles except one, you will see that it does not move at all.


6. Hearts

Initially the hearts around the king seem to rotate clockwise. But after looking at them for a few seconds they start rotating in the reverse direction!

Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine the hearts turning clockwise/counterclockwise. When you open your eyes, you will see them turning in the direction you imagined!

The actual direction of the movement of the hearts is clockwise and is the one we see when we look at the picture for the first time.


7. Magic box

Could such a box exist in reality and not only in the picture?


8. Weird building

Similar to the previous visual paradox. Probably, your mind will not manage to find the answer to how this can be possible.


9. Color illusion

Do you think that the green and the blue lines are of different color? In fact, they are not! If you do not believe, download the image below and zoom in.


10. Distorted reality

In my opinion, this is the most impressive illusion for today. Look at the picture below for 30-40 seconds. However, make sure not to look at it for more than one minute!

Then look at your palm or at the objects around you. Don’t worry, it will last only for a few seconds 🙂


Anna LeMind, B.A.

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