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Piano Players Have Unique and Beautiful Brains – Here Is Why

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Piano players are aliens. They are set apart with brains which operate in a whole other way. I’m not saying they’re geniuses or freaks. They're just unique. I guess I’m getting a little egotistical writing this because I play the piano. I’ve practiced this instrument from childhood, and I hated it then. Instead of seeing [...]

The Power of Music: How Playing Piano and Other Musical Instruments Boosts Your Brain

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The power of music can transform our cognitive and emotional functions in amazing ways. On a quiet night, I can hear melodies in my head as if my brain refuses to accept the idea that there is no music. I feel the ivory keys beneath my fingers, even though I am miles away from my [...]

What You See in This Salvador Dali Painting Could Reveal How Your Brain Works

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The optical illusion in this Salvador Dali painting could say a lot about how your brain works. Art isn’t always about painting a “pretty” picture. Sometimes art can be horrifying and speak with loud accusations. Art can also be riveting in emotion and cause the viewer to stop and stare in awe at the work [...]

How the Two Brain Hemispheres Determine Who You Are

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One of the striking facts of nature is the duality of all things in it that are often manifested as one balanced whole. This “whole” consists of opposite characteristics that, in all cases, form a perfect unity. The driver of our natural function, the source of our thoughts, our brain is made of two very [...]

How to Train Your Brain Hemispheres to Boost Your Mental Capacity

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Throughout the history of neurological research, it’s been proven that one’s involvement in exercise expands one’s brain functioning; in turn, I think “exercise” is a paradigm where several different fitness modalities can fall under. In this piece, I will discuss the notion of unilateral loading on one’s body, as well as the mind. You will [...]

Why Humanities Students Just Can’t Study Science, and Vice Versa

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There is an age-old rivalry on every university campus in the world — and it isn’t among fraternities and sororities. Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has been divided into two competing factions, each believing it is better than the other, neither understanding exactly how the other thinks, and both working hard to demonstrate their [...]

Surprising Facts You Didn‘t Know About Left-Handed People

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New research published in Live Science [1] claimed that the humans have been predominantly right-handed for over 500,000 years, however, left-handed people make up 10 percent of the population, undoubtedly making them the odd ones out. There has been lots of research into why some people prefer to use their left hand rather than their [...]

Psychology’s Most Influential Studies Into Life and Your Brain

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If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place ~Lao Tzu Psychology has catapulted the human race forward, allowing us to shed a light on the grand mystery that is the mind and our thoughts. Because of our great strides in the science of the mind, we are now capable [...]

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