Are there really healing frequencies that can affect our minds and bodies or is it just a bunch of hippy mumbo jumbo?

Actually, the way that healing frequencies work is very much based on science and it has to do with how the brain operates. So what do we mean when we say ‘frequencies’ and how can they possibly affect the human mind and body? Let’s first examine what goes on inside our brains.

5 types of brainwaves and how each affects the human mind and body

Our brains contain billions of cells called neurons which send messages to each other using electricity. This electrical activity can be measured to produce a brainwave pattern which is connected to a different state of consciousness.

Alpha Waves: 8 Hz – 12 Hz

  • The alpha wave state is an awake but relaxed state of mind. This is the state you feel just before you go to bed and when you wake in the morning. The brain produces more alpha waves as soon as you close your eyes. A deep alpha state can help to reduce anxiety.

Beta Waves: 12 Hz – 27 Hz

  • This is our normal conscious waking state. We spend most of our lives in the beta state, going about our daily routines. We are wide awake and ready for action. A lack of beta activity is associated with certain mental and emotional disorders such as depression and ADHD.

Delta Waves: 0.2 Hz – 3 Hz

  • This is our deepest sleep pattern. We release hormones during the delta stage. These hormones are essential for healing and boosting the immune system. Delta waves are rooted deeply in our subconscious.

Gamma Waves: 27 Hz and up

  • Gamma waves are the fastest of all the brainwaves and were once dismissed as ‘spare brain noise’, but now opinion has changed. Gamma waves are related to open-mindedness, empathy, a heightened state of being, universal love, altruism, peace and joy, spirituality, expanded awareness and creativity.

Theta Waves: 3 Hz – 8 Hz

  • Theta brainwaves occur in meditative states and sleep, including dream sleep. It is that light semi-conscious state we experience just before we fall asleep, which makes the theta state so useful for hypnotherapy. Theta brain waves are associated with day-dreaming, inspirational thoughts and intuition.

How sound affects brainwaves

Scientists know that electrical activity in the brain doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Certain things affect it, including sound. Exposure to sound changes brainwaves. This is ‘entrainment’.

Think of it like a radio tuning itself to the frequencies sent out by radio stations. The brain adapts and aligns itself when exposed to a particular frequency. Therefore, brainwaves can be manipulated.

What Are the Healing Frequencies?

Healing Frequencies on the Human Mind using Theta Waves

Imagine that you are in a hypnotist’s chair and they ask you to relax and close your eyes. They tell you that you are on a beach, the sun is warm on your face, and you can hear the waves softly brushing against the shore’s edge. You smell the salt in the air as you sink slowly into the sand, feeling absolutely tranquil and safe.

Somehow you managed to conjure up all these images and smells and feelings out of nowhere. You’ve never been to this magical place but you felt it, experienced it, and all in your mind. It is in this semi-conscious state that the brain produces theta waves.

So why is this important? Because during the theta state we can experience a kind of ‘alternative reality’ where anything is possible.

Now consider this scenario. If I asked the average human being to lift a car off a plank of wood, it is likely they would not be able to do it. However, there are many documented cases in which a parent has managed to lift such a weight off their child in times of great emergencies. During these incredible feats, the brain is in a theta state.

Theta waves are associated with our subconscious. Deep-rooted beliefs about our identity that we find so hard to shift are stored here. However, with practise, we can use this alternative reality where anything is possible. We can enter this realm of opportunities and change things.

As we know, theta brainwaves are related to inspiration and intuition. Why not train our own brains to tap into this amazing resource? We can harness this incredible hypnotic power and use it to pass into a more enlightened state of mind.

The theta state allows us to escape from the confines of our five senses and explore further than our conscious mind will let us.

Healing Frequencies on the Human Body using Delta Waves

Delta waves are produced in deep sleep. As a result, research has shown they help with those suffering from insomnia. If you have trouble getting to sleep, it is likely that your brain is not producing enough delta waves.

Binaural beats are a relatively new therapy where the patient listens to two slightly different sounds or tones in the left and right ear. The brain, however, perceives them as one tone. You can set binaural beats in any of the brainwave frequencies as they will have a healing effect in all of them:

  • Alpha patterns encourage relaxation.
  • Beta patterns promote concentration and alertness.
  • Delta patterns boost dreamless sleep.
  • Theta patterns are associated with REM sleep, creativity, meditation.

There are few studies regarding binaural beats but they do show positive results on the human body. In one study, using binaural beats showed a difference in the levels of three hormones:

  • Lower levels of cortisol
  • Higher levels of DHEA
  • Higher levels of melatonin

Cortisol is a stress hormone. High levels can indicate a range of health problems from anxiety and depression to menstrual problems. Higher levels of DHEA are related to better health. DHEA is the hormone associated with ageing and how a person is able to combat disease. Melatonin is essential for restful sleep. On average, using binaural beats participants saw an increase of around 98% in melatonin.

At first glance, healing frequencies might seem like some New Age mumbo jumbo. But there is a definite scientific basis for how it works and how it can help to transform the human mind and body.



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