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10 Traits of a Mean Person: Are You Dealing with One?

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Some people have occasional bad moods and some deal with something much deeper. Is it possible that you’re in the presence of a mean person? I hesitate to call anyone mean because I know there is generally a reason for their anger and frustration. Most people are also good at heart, just covered in scars. [...]

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What Is Narcissistic Rage, How to Recognize It and Deal with It

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Narcissistic rage is one of the most toxic emotional outbursts you could imagine. It seems to come from out of nowhere, filled with anger and nonsense. Narcissism and narcissistic rage are different. We all have a few narcissistic tendencies but generally try and work to make ourselves better. However, rage is an action that people [...]

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Inside the Psychopath’s Mind: What Is Like to Be One?

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If I told you that I was a psychopath, would you be worried about your life or assume I’m the CEO of a successful company? Most of us associate psychopaths with serial killers, but what if we could get into the psychopath’s mind? What could we find out? Inside the Psychopath's Mind Most studies into [...]

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7 Signs of Approval-Seeking Behavior That Is Unhealthy

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Do you always place a high value on the opinions of others or please others before yourself? You might be showing signs of approval-seeking behavior. Why Do We Seek the Approval of Others? Of course, we all like approval. It reinforces that what we’re doing is right. It builds our self-esteem. We feel confident when [...]

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10 Powerful Traits of People with Integrity: Are You One?

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People with integrity are hard to find. To possess this rare trait, it takes more than just being a good-natured person and having friends. It’s deeper than that. I’ve struggled my whole life to remain one person, inside and out. It’s never been an easy task. In fact, I’ve failed, lied, and pretended many times [...]

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Selfish Behavior: 6 Examples of Good and Toxic Selfishness

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Nobody wants to be thought of as selfish – but can selfish behavior sometimes be a good thing? What Is Selfish Behavior? Being selfish is nearly always seen as criticism. It means putting yourself first, not prioritizing other people, and generally being unkind and uncaring. Traits of Selfish People: Manipulating situations to your advantage Always [...]

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What Causes Social Anxiety in Children and How to Help Them

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No one can separate school and children. School is an indispensable part of every child's life, so parents feel immense pressure to help their children succeed academically. They are so engaged in helping their children cope with the education rat race that they neglect their social development. Children can be socially anxious. But what causes [...]

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‘Is My Child a Psychopath?’ 5 Signs to Watch Out For

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Are you worried about your child? Have you noticed a disturbing mean streak in them? Are they not fazed by punishment? Have you ever been so frightened of your child’s behaviour that you start to ask yourself, ‘Is my child a psychopath?’ 'Is My Child a Psychopath?' - How to Recognize the Signs Adult psychopaths [...]