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Shadow Work: 5 Ways to Use Carl Jung’s Technique to Heal

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Shadow work is recognizing and understanding the dark side of our personality. It was coined by Carl Jung and is essential to leading a fulfilling life. Many years ago, a couple I knew well and loved dearly had a baby. It goes without saying that I was really happy for them. I went to see [...]

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False Awakening in Regular and Lucid Dreams: Causes & Symptoms

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Have you ever been convinced that you’d woken up from sleep, but in fact, you were still dreaming? If so you might have experienced a false awakening. A false awakening happens when the dreamer wakes up during their dream only to realise they are still dreaming and wake up later on. While the dreamer believes they [...]

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What Do Dreams about Tornadoes Mean? 15 Interpretations

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Tornadoes are one of nature’s most frightening and dramatic phenomena. They twist and turn and cause horrendous devastation wherever they go. So what exactly do dreams about tornadoes mean? What Do Dreams about Tornadoes Mean? As with all dream interpretation, the context of the dream is as important as the details. However, you can make [...]

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What Do Dreams about Stairs Mean? 5 Different Scenarios

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Dreams about stairs are generally an indication of how you are proceeding through life. As with most dreams, going up is a sign of success, whereas going down signifies setbacks or failures. Interpreting Dreams about Stairs Of course, as with any attempt to interpret a dream, the dreamer must take into account the circumstances surrounding [...]

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What Does an Earthquake Dream Mean? 9 Possible Interpretations

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Have you been dreaming of earthquakes recently? Normally this is a very rare dream, but several people I’ve spoken to recently reported having this dream. So what does an earthquake dream mean? Let’s find out. How to Interpret Your Earthquake Dream 9 General Meanings of Earthquake Dreams If you live in an area that is [...]

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Dreams about the Ocean: Interpretations and Meanings

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Dreaming about the ocean can be relaxing, exhilarating or downright terrifying. To understand dreams about the ocean, you have to look at the condition and the context of the ocean. However, as a rule of thumb, oceans represent our emotions, often hidden deep within our subconscious. So whenever you are analysing oceans in dreams, take [...]

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4 Examples of Sublimation That Demonstrate How It Works in Daily Life

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We all have thoughts and feelings which we know are 'not okay' by society's standards. It's a natural element of the human condition. What sets humans apart from animals is not a lack of animal impulses, but rather how we manage our animal impulses. One of the techniques we subconsciously use is sublimation. Following is [...]

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6 Mentalism Tricks That Will Allow You to Read People’s Minds

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Mentalism is everywhere in our lives. Fictional characters such as Sherlock Holmes use mentalism tricks to solve clues. Not to mention the highly successful US TV show – The Mentalist is based around this phenomenon. In addition, UK performer Derren Brown has made a career from using mentalism and performing tricks in his shows. So, [...]