If I asked you to talk about the states of consciousness, how would you answer?

Would you say that being awake and asleep are states of consciousness or would you have a more spiritual answer such as astral travel? Is déjà vu a form of consciousness and what about meditation?

Well, you can make a case for all of these, but there are some that believe we live in three different states of consciousness and these are 3D, 4D, and 5D. We can live in any one of these states or a combination of all three, with the majority of people doing just that.

So what are these three states of consciousness?

The 3D State of Consciousness

As it would suggest, living in a 3D state means that you see the world in a physical way. You use your five senses, and your thoughts are not important when it comes to living in the real world. People will know your character through physical things such as your house, your car, your clothes and you worry about money and not having enough material things.

You see life as a competition where there are winners and losers and you want to be at the top of the pile. You worry about missing out on things but have trouble when it comes to deep emotions and empathising.

Those that live in a 3D state have no desire to understand any deeper meanings to life or achieve a higher level of spirituality. They are happy staying with the material world.

The 4D State of Consciousness

This is described as a ‘gateway’ to the next level of consciousness – the 5D state. Those who live in this state are far more aware that there is something ‘out there’ and that we should all connect with each other. They rely more on their thoughts and dreams than their five senses and believe that there is more to life than we can physically see.

People who live in this state know that what they put into their bodies is important and tend to lead a healthier lifestyle. They are compassionate and find it easy to show empathy to others.

They believe they are born with a purpose, are often associated with the environment, and use their sixth sense to full advantage. They want to know what the universe has to offer and believe that we are all here for a reason.

The 5D State of Consciousness

Those who have attained the 5D state know that we are all connected and there is no such thing as good or bad, just experiences that we should learn and grow from. Everyone has a higher purpose and these people can easily see the bigger picture, which is that the universe is all about love and connectedness.

We are all equal, and personal wealth is immaterial. Your job is to live your true life as authentically as you can and you feel a deep connection with Mother Nature and the Universe.

You have a very strong sense of intuition and believe in things that are beyond the physical realm.

The Higher States of Consciousness

Some people believe that there are even higher levels of consciousness, such as 6D and 7D.

It is believed that these levels can only be attained after we leave our physical bodies. But some are said to move into these states through lucid dreaming, meditation, or by taking certain plants and herbs that alter our consciousness.

According to this perspective, because these higher states of consciousness are accessed outside of our bodies, we are free to travel wherever we want and in a matter of seconds. Time is also immaterial and no longer linear which makes it feel as if we are living in a timeless world.

It is said that in these states, there is no fear but unconditional love for everyone.

Finally, moving on to the next levels of 8D, 9D and 10D, here we have the ability to return ourselves back to the universe and travel onto other galaxies and stars, spiritual practitioners claim. This is in order to achieve the next levels of spirituality and continue on our journey of self-enlightenment.


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  1. Nima Javan

    i’d rather not to think of extra dimensions. what’s there to seek for more than a piece of bread and a glass of wine?
    getting deep and deeper about how people observe the life will lead us exactly to the same trouble happened for Stephen Hawking, saying there’s Black Holes and later rejectin’ the theory!)
    Emm, after all a single person can simultaneously be living in different dimensions too.
    have a nice time.

    1. Cosmic Awoken

      Enjoy the rest of your 3D existence while the rest of us ascend.

  2. Oshadi Devi

    Finally, cohesive and totally understandable analysis of the possibility of alternate levels of consciousness. Surely, anything is possible, even the alternative belief that we are all simply energetic programs within a program; not unlike the film MATRIX.

    Really, wherever you are…there you are. Simply pay attention. there are gifts to be received at every foot step.

  3. jake

    yeah so so so right . spiritual and unproved dimensions can’t be proved by physical evidences. it’s our job to prove it in another way and keep on going with our spontaneous intuition. everything existed and happens for a reason. especially when there are people like you posting about it and believe in it . we should not stop in front of people judgement or small limited minds
    we = 5D people

  4. Sakib

    On what dimension are those kung fu guys that can smash a stone block with their hand? 🙂
    Also DMT.

  5. Shereen Bogosing

    I believe the reason we are not aware of anything but what we see in front of us it’s because our minds are cluttered. Leave your head and spend sometime time in your heart. You’ll see beyond the veil of your physical body.

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