• States of Consciousness 3D 4D 5D

The Three States of Consciousness – 3D, 4D and 5D: Which One Do You Live in?

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If I asked you to talk about the states of consciousness, how would you answer? Would you say that being awake and asleep are states of consciousness or would you have a more spiritual answer such as astral travel? Is déjà vu a form of consciousness and what about meditation? Well, you can make a [...]

  • 3d eye awakening

3rd Eye Awakening: How to Recognize If Your Sixth Chakra Is Open

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When the 3rd eye awakening happens, there are some remarkable effects on your thinking and feeling. The third eye (also known as the mind's eye situated between your eyebrows) is the sixth chakra with powerful abilities. Usually, this area or chakra becomes active when the person has reached a certain level of awareness and consciousness. [...]

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10 Warning Signs You Have Lost Touch with Your Intuition

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Being aligned with your intuition can reap benefits and guide you through life’s challenges. The ability to follow our intuition – to understand something instinctively without any reasoning – is something we are all naturally equipped with. Einstein himself defined it as ‘the only real valuable thing’. It can guide us in ways that can [...]

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To Reach Higher Levels of Consciousness, You Will Need These 7 Things

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Have you ever experienced the higher levels of consciousness and do you know how to maintain the level you have already reached? At the end of the day, life is not about giving or taking, it is about evolving in harmony with the energy-informational field and sharing your knowledge with others. It seems that today [...]

  • how to learn to perceive energy

How to Learn to Perceive Energy – Part II: Building Strength in Perception

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In Part 1 of this series, I explained some of my beliefs pertaining to the way that our world works and what I understand to be our physical perception of reality, as well as the association of this perception with our conscious minds and the convergence of this theory on how people may vary in [...]

  • astral realm learn to perceive energy

How to Learn to Perceive Energy – Part I: the Astral Realm and ESP

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If you want to learn to perceive energy, the first step is to get to know the concepts of the astral realm and ESP (extrasensory perception). Some of my earlier articles were pertaining to the ability to see people’s auras or energy that objects and lifeforms give off, how I realized that not everybody could, [...]

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Anxious People Possess a Unique Life-Saving Sixth Sense, Study Finds

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According to a new study, anxious people have a huge advantage over others as their brains have a different reaction to danger, which, in fact, could be life-saving. An anxious personality can be viewed as a negative characteristic. I know that’s what I’ve always encountered, being diagnosed, in part, with an anxious disposition. With that [...]

We Do Have a ‘Sixth Sense’ and It Resides in a Particular Brain Region

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We have a sixth sense. All of us. And it is not the ability we saw in the famous movie with the little guy telling Bruce Willis “I see dead people”. It is the ability to understand and work with numbers. Numerosity is our sixth sense and there is a specific brain region that ‘hosts’ [...]