About Life Script Doctor

Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has profound knowledge in the new spiritual science Infosomatics as well as other consciousness awakening fields. He continues his research and guides people on their road of self-discovery using Infosomatic energy-informational map of the higher levels of consciousness. Powerful self-healing visualization techniques that have been tested in practice are used to reveal causes and resolve problems with health, personal or professional life.
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How to Perform an Energy Clearing During a Lunar Eclipse to Remove Negative Vibes

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There are all kinds of energy clearing techniques out there. The key is to choose the one that resonates with you the most. Even if clearing negative energy sounds too woo-woo, the techniques do help to concentrate your attention on a certain problem so the best solution can be found. Your energy flows where your [...]

  • life path number

How Finding Your Life Path Number Can Help You Discover Your Full Potential

By |2020-06-03T20:09:50+03:00December 12th, 2017|Categories: Self-Improvement, Self-Knowledge & Personality Tests, Spirituality|Tags: , , , , |

Finding your life path number can help you decode your life purpose, unleash your inner potential and find a place where you belong in this world. There are ways to know the keys to finding your path in life and discovering the purpose which you have received when you were born. Identifying your life path number is one of [...]

  • awaken your consciousness

How to Awaken Your Consciousness Without Daily Meditation

By |2019-02-28T19:20:38+03:00April 29th, 2016|Categories: Self-Improvement, Spirituality|Tags: , , , , , |

Meditation is a great tool for spiritual growth, but it is possible to awaken your consciousness without practicing it daily. Here is how. There is no need to undermine the importance of meditation. It is one of the essential techniques to help you awaken your consciousness and find the answers you are looking for. However, [...]

  • higher self reminders

To Reach Higher Levels of Consciousness, You Will Need These 7 Things

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Have you ever experienced the higher levels of consciousness and do you know how to maintain the level you have already reached? At the end of the day, life is not about giving or taking, it is about evolving in harmony with the energy-informational field and sharing your knowledge with others. It seems that today [...]

  • new quantum reality

New Quantum Reality: How Shrinking Proton Affects Your Everyday Life

By |2019-02-28T20:45:50+03:00February 3rd, 2016|Categories: Food for thought, Physics & Natural Sciences, Spirituality|Tags: , |

The building blocks of everything around us are shrinking and we are living in the new quantum reality. At least, that is what new scientific discoveries are suggesting. The proton, which is a positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom, is now 4% smaller than before. It may sound like a small discrepancy, [...]

  • live mindfully society

How to Live Mindfully in Today’s World or the Best Meditation for the 21st Century

By |2019-02-28T20:46:37+03:00January 28th, 2016|Categories: Self-Improvement, Spirituality|Tags: , |

In order to learn how to live mindfully and meditate properly, many people jump into spiritual practices and take self-discovery journeys to the East. You can also find many alleged "gurus" who have discovered ways to adapt (in most cases simplify) spiritual teachings for the Western mind. It is wonderful that we all have an [...]

  • astrology elements meditation

How Astrology Elements Can Improve Your Meditation

By |2019-02-28T20:47:22+03:00December 16th, 2015|Categories: Self-Improvement, Spirituality|Tags: , , |

Most people see astrology as a whole along with astrology elements as something mystical that has nothing to do with real living. Meditation, on the other hand, is considered to be a vital tool for a balanced life in today’s hectic world. There is even scientific evidence that meditation helps to effectively cope with stress, [...]

  • real vampires and zombies

Everything You Need to Know about Energy Vampires and Zombies

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There is got to be a reason why vampires and zombies are so popular these days. You can see them in movies, TV shows and even commercials. In many cases, the image of vampires is glorified making us want to become one and, on the other hand, we all are often forced to feel compassion towards [...]