The building blocks of everything around us are shrinking and we are living in the new quantum reality.

At least, that is what new scientific discoveries are suggesting. The proton, which is a positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom, is now 4% smaller than before. It may sound like a small discrepancy, but on the level of an atom, it is a big deal.

We all know from the physics class in high school that matter consists of atoms and that it is the foundation of the physical space around us. So how can shrinking of a proton affect the material reality of your everyday life?

First, nothing is really shrinking per se, scientists have just discovered a new way of assessment (see source). However, it is possible to argue that the 2012 quantum leap of consciousness is to blame for this drastic change.

The new methods of measuring are still being tested and scientists are still trying to determine the illusive radius of a proton as well as its new speed, spin and direction. If the fact of shrinking proton is confirmed (which is a most likely scenario), our fixed matter-based 3D reality will have to be re-evaluated and there will be more evidence for the quantum leap, new dimensions and consciousness behind it.

One thing is for sure, looking at the history of science, one can claim that there will always be new ways to measure things.

Never in the history of mankind, had representatives of the old scientific paradigm willingly agreed to comply with theories from the new paradigm thinkers, even if they had provided practical evidence. In the past, people were convinced that the planet Earth was flat and many people suffered for thinking otherwise. Now, most people believe that our planet is round and that our material reality is what really matters.

If you view a proton as a fixed material particle, then it is all about the new methods of estimating its size; if you look at a proton as a set of energy-informational particles on a certain frequency governed by consciousness, then you might wonder if quantum leap was the cause of the change in its size.

It just all depends on the scale you use and on the way you perceive and apply the physics of the world.

Nonetheless, it seems that the leading role of the physical matter as the founding father of our reality will soon be replaced by the energy Field, playing the role of a nurturing Mother Nature.

Thus, we might as well embrace the fact that energy of our mind presides over matter and that in the new quantum reality, the true value is not only in what you do and say but also in how you think. The worldview that allows you to ecologically interact with the energy-informational field and higher levels of consciousness is becoming vital in the XXI century.

The old paradigm taught us how to take responsibility for our actions (we all can observe what our actions did to the planet) and the new paradigm will be teaching us how to take responsibility for the way we think.

Many of you might have also noticed that in many cases, using the law of attraction affirmations, manifestation techniques (here is an example of a very powerful manifestation technique) or any other related methods to improve your life, may not be enough. Without correctly calibrated worldview, even energy healing or similar modalities can be harmful.

The field is now open for exploration and the quantum reality is upon us.

Each one of us is testing this new paradigm by trial and error. You can do it alone or ask for a guiding hand. One thing is for sure – this change is not going anywhere. Knowledge will help you find your own way in this new reality. Just make sure that your worldview is open to it and don’t forget to share it!

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