“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find, you get what you need”

– Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones

As the famous song by “The Rolling Stones” suggests, we can’t get all of our wishes fulfilled – we only get what we really need. So, is there a way to make what we want into something that our mind, body, and spirit need?

You can find a lot of law of attraction courses, manifestation techniques, and even wish spells that claim to make your wish come true.

However, there are essential rules that you have to follow in order to make sure that the manifestation of your wishes actually becomes a needed reality.

It is also important to understand the physics behind the transformation of information into energy and then further into the matter process, so the manifestation techniques that you have chosen to use get you the results you are looking for.

Depending on the complexity of your wish, the manifestation process is not a very complicated one. As long as you follow the 9 essential rules described below when conducting manifestation techniques (here is an article describing “How to Make a Wish Come True with a Powerful Manifestation Technique”), the chances of realizing your wishes will increase greatly.

1. Being “Here and Now” when making a wish or conducting manifestation techniques.

It is very important to be in the now when you make a wish. Your energy flows where your attention goes. In order to ensure the manifestation of your wish, you need to visualize it or, in other words, use your attention and power of your mind to create a hologram of your wish in the present moment.

When your “wish hologram” has been created in the point of “here and now,” all you need to do is direct your body towards giving that hologram a material form.

2. There is no need to tell everyone about your wish. Bragging doesn’t help the manifestation process.

You have probably heard that silence is golden. Speaking to others about your wish is a waste of the energy that you have committed or directed towards manifesting those wishes.

It is ok to discuss your action plan with people who are involved or can help you get closer to realizing your plan, however, when you brag about the wish itself, you disrupt the energy-informational field.

The Universe gets confused if you want to spend your energy on just talking about the manifestation of your wish instead of actually doing something to make it happen (with which it will always be eager to help).

3. When making a wish, make sure it is not a condition for another wish.

If you wish for a million dollars that you want to spend on buying a house, a car and to have a nice vacation, then the million dollars becomes a condition or “the middleman” in manifesting your wish. Those are three separate wishes: a house, a car, and a nice vacation.

The Universe has many ways to manifest your wishes without the involvement of a lot of money on your part. Be true to yourself, go deep, and avoid creating a “middleman”.

4. Keeping your wish ecological and in harmony with Nature.

There is no way you or anyone else can avoid the law of cause and effect. Any type of a wish that is destructive or has an intention to harm someone will eventually have negative consequences for the one who made that wish.

You create your own reality and when you use your free will to deliberately harm someone you eventually harm yourself. Nature keeps everything in balance.

5. You should direct your wishes towards yourself.

Your free will is sacred until it interferes with the free will of another person. You can’t wish for someone to do something or become someone they don’t want to be. Even though your wishes might work on your children, but after they turn 21 they are treated as adults by the Universe (see “7 Chakra Life Cycles and Crisis Years” to know more about the cycles of life). If you really want to help someone, then you should become the example.

Be a happy person who knows how to wish and uses manifestation techniques correctly to create his or her own reality. When you force your own truth upon others you are not letting them make their own choices and eventually they can become the parasites that will feed on the energy you produce by following your own truth.

Everyone is responsible for discovering their own way towards happiness and that is why your wishes should be directed towards yourself but not other people.

6. Treat time as energy when making a wish or conducting any manifestation technique.

According to some, there has to be a deadline for manifesting your wishes, other sources state that the manifestation process should not be bound by the concept of time. A simple way to resolve this dilemma is to treat time as energy.

Each one of your wishes requires a certain amount of energy (which includes energies of a different spectrum). Time is energy but with a different frequency. Complex wishes could take longer and simple wishes may get manifested just in a matter of weeks, days, or hours.

7. Make sure to follow the signs in order to manifest your wish.

One of the most crucial things in making your wish come true is the ability to see and follow the signs that the Universe will send you when you correctly conduct a manifestation of a wish technique.

There are many people who fail to see the signs and act accordingly after they make a wish. In order for a wish to come true, you have to be open to receiving it from the Universe. You have to pay attention and stop being ignorant of what is happening to you and/or around you in order to make the choices that would lead you to the wish manifestation.

8. There is no elevator to the manifestation of your wishes – you have to take the stairs.

There are many people who wish to win the lottery, but not many of them even wonder what has happened to those who got rich without effort or got an immediate fulfillment of their wildest desires (just search for “sudden wealth syndrome” in Google to learn more).

If you want your wishes to have long-lasting results, then you have to take it step by step.

The quantity of the energy you invest will eventually shift into the quality of your manifested wish. Manifestation techniques are just the tools that can help you effectively concentrate and efficiently use the power of your mind to get the results you are looking for.

9. Your wishes should be within the limits of your life’s mission.

Even though it could be news for some people, we all have our own Spirit (or Higher Self) and it has its purpose or mission. There are many different tools that can help you discover your purpose and mission in life (you can learn more by reading “How Knowing Your Cosmic Address Can Help Realize Your Potential).

If your wish is within the mission of your Higher Self, then it is manifested in a joyful and flawless way (even if bumps on the road are encountered, they are more fun than negative experiences).

However, if you are wishing for something that is outside the goals your Higher Self set for you, then manifesting the wish could be a true challenge and it might even be impossible to realize it. Just make sure that you are true to yourself and that you are following your intuition (one of the languages that Higher Self uses to communicate with you).

And one more very important thing, when using manifestation techniques (more on how to make a wish come true with advanced manifestation techniques) pays off, and the Universe grants you your wish, don’t forget to enjoy it as much as you can!

The emotional energy of gratitude that you invest in the wish that came true will become the foundation for the manifestation of your wishes on the next level of your own spiritual evolution!

Make sure to share these rules with a friend if they resonate with what you believe to be the truth or you know someone who would benefit from this knowledge!

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