We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born

Carl Jung

Many people believe that the keys for reaching success in life are: what family you were born to, who you learn from and who you get married to.  It is true that those things are a vital part of what you become in life.

However, there is also another important aspect that is often ignored on the road of self-discovery towards success.  It is the potential that was sent to you via cosmic address.

In the hectic world of informational paradigm people usually don’t pay much attention to the point of time when their life began.

On the cosmic scale, human life starts with the first breath of the child on the date of birth. Just like any living object in space and time you are moving from point A to point B in cosmos. The date of birth identifies the coordinates of space and time in cosmos for the higher consciousness or divine to send certain talents and potential to be realized in the material world.

The day of your birth has a certain frequency, just like any other day and can be described as your cosmic address. The date of your birth is the first day when your brain begins to receive the information from cosmos.

The frequency of your date of birth has an imprint-like quality and a strong influence of what truly motivates you, what your weak and strong qualities are.

Understanding your cosmic address and the energies of your date of birth holds many keys to finding the meaning in life and helps effectively realize your full potential.

A human life is like writing a book.

A new book is born when someone connects the ink in the pen with the paper.  Ink is just like energy that is flowing through a human body. The journey begins when your higher self is guiding the pen on the surface of the paper. The Idea of the book already exists on the levels of higher consciousness.

The pen might not know what exact words will be used or how many pages it will take. Nevertheless, the time when the pen touched the paper holds the knowledge of what the book will be about and can help you effectively use the “ink of life”.

The energies that your brain can channel are determined by the frequency of the numbers and the position of the planets on the date you were born. You are also influenced by the vibrations of the surrounding environment of the place you were born and the energy structure of your family. Human life is not as predetermined as it may seem.

With birth, you also get your free will. When you know how to use your right for free will correctly you can be very effective in realizing your mission given by your higher self. When you ask yourself about your purpose and make choices that lead you toward realizing your potential you are getting closer to living in harmony with Nature.

There are several tools out there that can help you interpret the meaning and information embedded in the date you were born.  The most well known are Astrology, Numerology (learn how Numerology describes evolution of consciousness) and probably Human Design (there are also other tools out there; the key is to find the one that resonates with you).

When using those tools, it is important to know that Astrology is much more complex than your horoscope sun sign, which most people know and often abuse. Many other planets have an effect on the way you think. Astrology chart done by a professional astrologist can help you see a bigger picture.

Numerology is also not just about your name or your life path number.

So-called “Pythagoras table” or numerology birth chart can reveal many secrets of your true nature and there are many other ways it can be used in practice (e.g. Numerology chart reading together with other techniques is used in the new spiritual science Infosomatics to find true causes and offer solutions to problems with health, personal or professional life). Everyone is unique and has his or her own responsibility to discover the potential given on the date of birth.

Cosmos wants to send a certain package through space and time to be materialized on Earth. There are no countries, streets, house or apartment numbers in cosmos. The date of birth with its year and month is used as a cosmic address.

If you are brave enough to open the package and go on the road of self-discovery, you begin to live the life of purpose.

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