Number rules the Universe

~ Pythagoras

Are numbers really that important and can they help us explain consciousness?

Everyone has heard about a great ancient scholar Pythagoras and it is hard to deny his contribution to science. However, it is unknown to many that he was also the forefather of Numerology. Pythagoras had many pioneer ideas and he even developed his own metaphysical system that was based on his discoveries.

One of the notions that Pythagoras introduced was the harmony of spheres. According to this concept, everything in our Universe is in balance and striving for homeostasis. Everything and everyone is playing their uniquely important part in one vast vibrational chorus.

Pythagoras discovered that there is a deeper meaning to each number and his theories later became the foundation of what we know as Numerology. He was one of the first scientists who found the link between the cosmic music of vibrations and Numerology. Pythagoras studied the symbols and meaning behind Numerology numbers.

His discoveries led to the conclusion that numbers lie in the foundation of everything that exists in the Universe. Everything in our world, men and women, living and non-living follow the laws of vibrational frequency and can be explained through numerology numbers.

Here is how one of the ways to interpret the meaning behind numerology numbers describes the evolution of consciousness.

To understand the symbolism of each number, please keep in mind the following: attachment is represented by horizontal lines, curved lines stand for the energy of love and lines that cross each other signify the challenge of making a choice.

Numerology Number 1 (often just a vertical line)

Represents the beginning of everything. The vertical straight line starts from above and connects what is below. It connects the Heavens and the Earth – there is no attachment, no love and no choice. There is one higher consciousness that we are a part of.

Numerology Number 2

Symbolizes flora – the world of plants. The bottom line is horizontal and shows that plants are attached to the material plane (the Earth) and are not free to move where they please. The curved line on the top of the number shows that plants love the light and sun (Heavens).

Numerology Number 3

Characterizes fauna – the world of animals. There are two curved lines in the number. Heavens and Earth are loved by animals. They can move anywhere they please and are attached to neither. Most animals have no strict attachments. The consciousness of an animal is mainly based on instincts and is torn between fear and desire.

Numerology Number 4

Symbolizes human beings. The number 4 has two lines that cross each other in the middle. Human life is the process of challenging choices between good and evil. Number 4 represents consciousness that is standing on the crossroads and needs to make the choice.  If the choice is right, it will lead to the next level of human evolution, which is enlightenment.

Numerology Number 5

Embodies an enlightened human. The horizontal line on top symbolizes the attachment to heaven (the Spirit). The curved line on the bottom shows that the enlightened human still has love towards the Earth.

Numerology Number 6

Represents an Angel. One can see a spiraling line by looking at the number 6. This spiral is coming down from heavens towards Earth. Angels embody the energy of love. They have no material attachment to anything.

Numerology Number 7

Stands for the creative essence of the Divine. The line on the top of the number is an attachment to the heavens (the spiritual world). The other line connects heavens and Earth at a certain angle. It represents the intuitive channel that of the creative essence.

Numerology Number 8

Symbolizes Divine Power and Infinity. The never-ending curved line connects the spiritual realm with the material world. Number 8 shows that Divine Power is Infinite.

Numerology Number 9

Signifies wisdom of higher consciousness. After the experience on Earth, the curved line is spiraling towards heavens. Through wisdom, we can move to the next level of higher consciousness.

Numerology numbers can help to not only explain the evolution of consciousness, but they can also give a clearer understanding of the meaning in the mission of a human soul.

Numerology reading can help to identify weak points that should be taken into account and reveal the strong points that should be developed. It can explain why some people find it quite easy to succeed in life while others struggle a lot.

The interpretation of the numerology birth chart together with the techniques based on the new spiritual science Infosotmatics can also reveal the true causes of problems with health, personal as well as professional life. After the true cause is found Infosomatic visualization techniques can be used to synchronize the bodies of the higher consciousness, which will inevitably lead to positive results on the material plane.

One of the most important things to remember during Numerology chart reading (or any other birth date analysis: Astrology, Human Design, etc) is that we all have our own free will.

Numerology chart can only reveal the potential of the qualities that were given to you on the date of birth, however, it is your own choice what to do about it. Discovering your own true potential and realizing it in practice is what helps our consciousness to evolve and keeps the “spheres” in harmony.

You can learn more about the meaning of numerology numbers and how the author uses Numerology together with other techniques by watching the video.

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