Meditation is a great tool for spiritual growth, but it is possible to awaken your consciousness without practicing it daily. Here is how.

There is no need to undermine the importance of meditation. It is one of the essential techniques to help you awaken your consciousness and find the answers you are looking for.

However, daily meditation is not a must when you begin to live your life in the now under the guidance of your higher self.

When your worldview includes the understanding of higher levels of consciousness and how to ecologically interact with the energy-informational field, your life turns into perpetual joyful exploration.

When your top priority is harmoniously realizing the potential giving to you by your higher self, you begin to awaken your consciousness. You begin to perceive and take good care of your aura energy as well as the emotional shell rather than just your physical form.

You recognize that life consists of little things and you begin to notice and enjoy them. Reaching happiness and sharing your state with others become your essential goals in life. You begin to see the positive side of things and take the higher moral ground. It is not about always being happy or keep smiling, it is about discovering and holding on to your inner true core.

Your life becomes like meditation when you begin to realize your creative essence and you keep your subtle bodies synchronized. It happens when your physical body is guided by your five senses and in the time of need, you can rely on your sixth sense.

Your emotional state or emotional intelligence (EQ) helps you make the right choices and withstand the stress of everyday life. Your worldview is flexible and you accept your own truth as well as the truth of others. Synchronized subtle bodies also mean that your core values are intact with the purpose given to you by your higher self.

It may sound impossible to live your life this way in our current society, but that is where meditation techniques can be of great help. It is ok to fall from synchronicity of your subtle bodies, but staying on the ground for too long will eventually have its consequences.

Instead of practicing meditation techniques daily, you can turn to them only when you lose your inner balance. That way you can build up your “consciousness immune system.”

Certain meditation methods can help you quickly synchronize bodies on the higher levels of consciousness. When you have reached the perfect state of synchronicity at least once, you know how it feels and you can always come back to it. In order to do it, you can just listen to your inner core during meditation or conduct techniques that use a visual model of the energy-informational field.

Awakening your consciousness is not something you can do once and forget about it. It is the process of making choices and gaining the experience of what higher levels of consciousness are about.

It is about finding your own unique balance of living a healthy life of purpose without abandoning life in society. Just like everyone on this planet, you have freedom of choice or free will. You can choose what to do with the potential given to you by your higher self.

However, it seems that the most effective way to exercise your free will is living your life through realizing your own unique and creative essence. When you do that, you begin your own journey of awakening your consciousness and your whole life turns into meditation process with a surplus.

Share insights with a friend and see an example of one of many Infosomatic visualization techniques below. It can help you quickly awaken your consciousness, balance your energy and get you to the point of here and now.

More details about this technique can be found here: Powerful Visualization Technique – DNA Tree of Flow.

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