Emotions can make us do many things, and can influence our everyday lives and decisions. However, emotionally strong people tend to avoid particular behaviours and actions.

Emotionally strong people typically show certain characteristics. Here are 9 of them:

1. They don’t follow the crowd

Emotionally strong people are happy to choose their own path in life. They have the confidence to lead in life and do not feel that they have to follow others. They are not afraid to stand out and make their opinions known, even if they are not the views of those around them.

2. They don’t need validation from others

Having validation from other people is not something that emotionally strong people require. They get validation from their actions and their own self-belief. Their self-esteem is high enough that they do not need other people to tell them they are worthy. This is not to say that they are arrogant, it is just that they believe in themselves.

3. They don’t blame others for their own mistakes

If you constantly blame other people for your own mistakes you will never take control of your own life. Taking the blame and owning up, if you have done something wrong, takes guts, honesty and self-awareness. Emotionally strong people are resilient and take control over their own destination.

4. They don’t hold grudges

Keeping a grudge or staying angry at a situation or person is wasting unnecessary time and emotion. It takes up valuable effort and energy, especially if the other person has already moved on. It is better to forgive someone if they are genuine about apologising. If a person does not apologise, then simply do not have them in your life.

5. They don’t let just anyone into their life

Emotionally strong people do not suffer fools gladly and as such, do not have just anyone in their lives. They surround themselves with others who share their optimism, their goals and their aspirations. They do not let anyone into their life who might demoralise them.

6. They don’t bitch about people behind their backs

Putting somebody down actually elevates your own standing within your group. Emotionally strong people already have standing in their group and do not need to talk in a derogatory manner to raise their own profile. They are also not afraid to speak out for someone who is being bitched about. They are strong enough to stand alone.

7. They don’t forget to count their blessings

Even if they have had the worst day, they will still remember the good things that have happened. Being grateful for the small things is a wonderful way to live your life. Acknowledging that there are people much worse off than you, and recounting all the things you should be happy about makes you a much better person.

8. They have no problem saying ‘no’

If you always say yes when people ask you for something you will be seen as a pushover. Worse still, people may start to take advantage of you. Saying ‘no’ occasionally does not make you a bad person, it makes you human. It also gives you control over your own life.

Saying no from time to time makes it even more special when you do commit to saying yes. And you can always say to a friend that they can ask you for help as many times as they like, so long as they don’t mind if you occasionally say no. A true friend will know that if you can help them you will.

9. They don’t forget that they control their own moods

Crucially, emotionally strong people know that our emotions do not reflect reality, emotions are reactions to how we perceive situations. And most importantly, we can control how we process these emotions. We can choose to be happy, be changing the way our minds interpret these emotions. We can be in command of our emotions and therefore control the rest of our lives, in a more positive way.

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    Awesome article. This resonates with me big time. Thank you for sharing. If you know of any books I can read to know about this, please let me know. -Nick

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