Finding one’s path in life is not an easy task. It takes years of trying, failing and searching.

It’s sad that most people never find the right path in life and end up spending their lives surrounded by wrong people and doing things they don’t enjoy.

In today’s society, it’s particularly easy to get confused as to what we want in life since we are constantly told by the mass media and mainstream culture what we should be like, what we should do and how we should look. Still, there are individuals who don’t conform to what the majority wants and listen to the voice of their own soul.

Are you one of those people? To help you find out, here are some signs that indicate you have found your path in life.

1. You make a living doing what you love

One of the most obvious signs that someone has found their path in life is working for a higher purpose than just making an income.

Whatever it is – your own business, a creative career of an independent artist or a “normal” job – the point is that it brings you joy and gives you a feeling of fulfilment, as well as helps you with your personal development.

You may be doing it to make the world a better place or help others, but the only thing is clear – your motives go far beyond just working for a salary to pay the bills. Your work is a vital part of your soul’s calling and is a means to serve your life purpose.

2. You strive for value-based goals and appreciate the things that matter

A true life purpose is never focused on material and ephemeral things. Thus, if you have found your path in life, your goals will probably be value-based. Everyone comes to this world to fulfil a different mission.

For some, it may be devoting themselves to their family and raising kids. Someone may be a talented artist who wants to inspire and encourage people with their artwork. Whatever you are born for, it’s focused on the eternal human values.

Modern society needs such individuals more than ever since today’s people are constantly losing the connection with their souls and forget about the things that matter for the sake of material gain and superficial aspirations.

3. You feel like everything is in its place and are content with your life

You feel like everything that has ever happened to you happened for a reason and helped bring you where you are today. Even your past disappointments and failures are now making sense.

Failed relationships, behaviors you may now be ashamed of, jobs you hated – everything contributed to making you a person you are today. You deeply realize that and feel grateful that things happened the way they did because everything is in its place now.

Even if you are not content with every single aspect of your life, you have a general feeling of fulfilment and can say that you are a happy and evolved person.

4. You are in a healthy relationship or are happy alone

A person who has found their path in life knows exactly what he or she wants. That’s why you won’t spend your time being in an abusive or unhappy relationship. You prefer to be alone rather than with a wrong person.

If you are in a relationship, then you are quite sure that you’ve found your soulmate and that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. You complement each other and your relationship is a deep connection based on similar values and life goals.

5. You have cut people out of your life

One day, you realized that some people you believed were your friends don’t really give a shit about you. Everyone has this kind of people in their life who seem to be very friendly and supportive until the moment you are in trouble and need their help. This is when you suddenly see that these alleged friends don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

You may also come to the same conclusion about some people simply because you don’t vibe with them. You no longer see the point in hanging out with them because it feels more like a social obligation than a sincere desire for communication.

Now you want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals you resonate with and let into your life only those who have a genuine interest in you and share the same values as you.

6. You have realized that other people’s opinions mean nothing

Being social creatures, we often fall into a trap of following what others expect from us and thus tend to give importance to their opinions about us and our life. Though, when you find your path in life, you realize how insignificant they actually are and how silly it is to care about what other people think.

Now you know that this is your life and you are the only one who is to decide what is better for you. Similarly, you no longer feel the need to impress people and try to prove you are better, smarter and more successful than they are.

Do you feel that you have found your path in life? If yes, do these signs ring true for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Lisa

    Isn’t number 5 – cutting people from your life because they aren’t there for you in times of trouble – suggesting that you aren’t really on your path. If you truely felt that you were on your path then wouldn’t you be able to realise that any percieved “troubles” were merely learning experiences and that you would be grateful for these as well as the good times.
    I have cut people from my life but only when I became too exhausted to continue on their merry-go-round of self percieved failure and troubles.

    1. Anna LeMind

      Hi Lisa,

      You are right, but here, it’s not about troubles but more about wrong people in one’s life. These may be fake friends or people you just don’t resonate with. The point is that you no longer feel the need to waste your time on them.

      1. Lisa

        Thank you for clarifying that for me. I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  2. Jen

    Iv just been robbed for a fortune, my family are the best ever, they have got me through the terror.


    Regarding point 5, my experience with false friends is not about having trouble and looking for help. There were always some vampires around, who gladly helped, feeding with my problems or boosting their ego (“how good I am, I help other people”).

    My experience with false friends is: they couldn’t stand my happiness. This is the moment when everything comes clear – false friend will envy, false friend will udervalue, he will do everything to make you feel bad again.

    Therefore I think “a friend in need is a friend indeed” is completely wrong. It should be “the real friend is happy when you are”.

    1. Anna LeMind

      Hi Peters,

      Indeed, this is a very good reason why you may want to cut some people from your life. Energy vampires, narcissists, etc. are happy as long as you are not and will discourage you from achievements and happiness by all means.

      1. PETERS

        Hi Anna,

        I did it years ago. I have only one true friend which hapened to be my wife. Together we are self-sufficient in terms of social relations – might sound strange but we both are happy with this.

  4. Suzen

    Thanks Anna for the pragmatic post. Finding one’s mission or path in life can occur from our formative years or it may take some time. Certainly we will feel it’s resonance because there is the magnificent opportunity to get up every morning with zest and vitality in the opportunity to express our gifts. We will also feel a core calm, a state of flow. It is true the universe supports this wonderful synchronistic, serediptious occurrence, yet we will always be challenged to continue to create and develop higher and higher states of consciousness. The never ending process of enlightenment will urge us onward and onward in light and love to serve and share the unique Divine expression we are.

  5. Steve Mahlangu

    Loving and enjoying what I read. It just proves beyond reasonable doubt that there are people who are capable of thinking without finding it painfull to do so.

  6. Sula Carlton

    I truly enjoyed your post, and to #5 I find that my circle of “friends” will become smaller as I continue my personal journey. I also believe that people are only meant to be in ours for a season not forever. It takes to much negative energy trying to conform to others way. My happiness, and peace of mind depends on my continued path of my own truth.

    1. Helena Wall

      Thank you Sula.. Friends : .”ours for a season”…! I struggle at times with this one, wanting “forever friends “. Perhaps it is not really possible or practical in an evolving psyche and world. I wonder. Blessings Helena.

  7. Baby

    To think is to have a unfinished thought .A hypothesis are a synopsis of the givin situation which is called life would be more applicable to harmonious Frequencys .
    David’s thinking man I think there for iam sees limited into the collective .

    So To pen I think there for iam not.

  8. Tammy

    For the last 5-7 years now, before finding this site, I have been on the path to finding self. I got sidetracked 3 years ago by losing myself in another. A common issue I have struggled with all my life. Then, recently, I found myself alone and angry at myself for allowing another to lead me astray. I have found my path again, and I am amazed as I read these signs and others on this site. It’s like an echo that has taken 4 plus years to return. Many of the things I read here are thoughts that have been in my head for years. As I restructure my life and search for my purpose, I am inspired and motivated by what I read here. Thank you for your dedication. To see some of my thoughts here, written by others, gives me a sense that I am not alone.

  9. Abdur-rahman

    wow very deep and genuine gold words article
    i’m not sure what type of personality yours is but when i read about you. it 50% resonated with me or to my interests

  10. Black Death

    I’ve dumped everyone who means nothing to me. Its OK to have others mean nothing. We are expected to adhere to this “let’s all hold hands as one human family” crap. Its bogus hippy nonsense. Human beings can only manage so many relationships. We aren’t meant to love the world. We are meant to love ourselves as God loves us: wholly and fully with no reservations or conditions. But we f**k that up over and over and over again and just act out our fears on orn another in a never ending cycle for more money and power. What is a human being? Everything? Nothing? Divine light? Hell’s garbage? A little bit of all of it? Good Lord, I feel like I’ve said it all. I just want to go to sleep… sometimes forever. People are disappointing. They dont have values. They just want for me, me, and me. Why bother? If there’s 7.7B people and most of then live on $1 per day, what the hell are we doing? Working to fatten suburbanites while so many starve? It is so painful to watch and what’s more painful is how the majority of the world doesn’t care who lives or does as long as the train of cheap plastic products fill the void in the sad and lonely lives of the masses. Earth is a dump. We made it this way. No wonder the rich are going to colonize Mars. What here is worth saving?

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