Being an evolved person in our society doesn’t mean you just live according to social expectations.

Our society is diverse in its structure and large in size, but it’s a proven fact that all the crucial changes in it are driven by less than 10% of self-conscious people who are often called Great Leaders or simply leaders.

Being a leader means being a master of yourself and a highly evolved person, as well as knowing how to build healthy interactions with the world around you and its inhabitants.

If you are committed to becoming an evolved person, here are the things that characterize you’ve made substantial progress in the lifelong process of evolving your personality.

1. You Strive to Live a Life Well Lived

You concentrate less on yourself and your own microcosm, and more on your impact on the world around you. You go beyond social expectations and analyze established principles. You take action and direct all your efforts, thoughts and desires into one clear purpose.

2. You Have Value-Based Goals

You anchor your actions to achieve ambitious goals that benefit not only you, but your surroundings and society in general. All your actions are guided by a clear set of values that you strongly believe in and advocate.

3. You Are Non-Selectively Grateful

Gratitude is a skill and being a master of yourself means developing a habit to practice it daily. Besides finding things to be thankful for, like morning sun rays, the delicious smell of ripe fruits, or taste of healthy smoothies, you actively practice gratitude by openly expressing it to your friends, colleagues and strangers on the streets.

But gratitude is a two-way street. Besides being thankful for neutral or positive events, learn to be understanding and accommodating during daily irritations and adversities.

4. Your Work Is Not a Job

Working for the sake of working, or pursuing your calling, is what makes a difference between the two. You got off the social ladder and started building your life’s mission. What you are doing is important to you and you are proud of being a part of it.

5. You Mastered Your Motivation Strings

Being conscious about what and why you do in this life means that you accomplish even the dreariest and most boring things with love and appreciation because you tipped into the depth of your motivational well and know how to inspire yourself for doing what’s important to you.

6. You Are in Charge of Your Emotions

There’s a special time in your life when you realize that your body is a carriage and the horses that move this carriage are your emotions. Mastering these horses is key to an exciting life journey.

7. You Know When It’s Time to Stop and Reflect

It’s easy to get stuck on the life treadmill and keep doing what you have always done before. Knowing when to stop and reflect means being in charge of your life and mind.

8. You Know That There’s Growth in Every Failure

Adversities are inevitable, and learning to use them as bricks to lay the foundation of your happy life is crucial. If you openly welcome tough times and know how to make them work for you – then you belong to less than 15% of the population, who mastered their personality at the highest levels.

9. You Learned to Appreciate Meditation

It’s a scientific fact that meditation changes the way your brain works. Personal progress will benefit greatly when you find your inner core and learn to gain immense energy from it.

10. You Bring out the Best in Others

Apart from some healthy competition, treating everyone around you as teachers and sources of inspiration greatly improves your relationships and helps you realize that all the interactions in your life depend on you more than you thought before.

Practicing all or at least some of these techniques will put you on a completely different track in life. Can you relate to the above-described signs of being a highly evolved person? And when did you realize that you are a completely different person and will never go back to the way you lived before?

Share your experiences in the comments below.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Valerie Peterson

    I am a highly evolved person because I read and learn from everything to become the best person I can be who inspires others or brings out the best in others. Sometimes this backfires and I look at what I could do differently to improve the next time I encounter that person. I am in charge of my own happiness. Nothing gets me down except on a rare occasion.

    1. Reed

      I Just fr…… Would a highly evolved human actually say that they are a highly evolved human?

  2. Haku Sobo

    This is an interesting article, great topics to always be able to see on my email. well according to this im highly evolved person myself but there is something i must add. there is an understanding that is very deep rooted when one achieves true personal elevation. Compassion, truth, and equanimity with all situations, even with the multi faceted perceptions around us, in my experience after achieving my own hurdles, as total blessings, i saw looking back in my life that i was already “there” when i was about 17 but only thing that kept me away from living it on a daily basis was learning from each experience, each interaction, each event as it was dissembling a bomb with 5 mins on the clock, plus forgetfulness.

  3. Pinky Poinker

    I keep coming back to this post because something resonates.I think it was mainly No 4. If you don’t love your job what’s the point of life.

  4. Edwina Sabater

    I am not sure if I am highly evolved person, but I strive to be one. I feel that I was born to serve and I there is something that I can contribute to the people surrounding me. I am a good listener and I see each problem that I encounter the whole picture which I am able to simplify to the people asking for advice. I started this feeling as young as 8 years old when I observed people and sometimes I can tell or hear or felt what they are saying or not saying. As I went through life and handled the adversities I found out that they are building blocks. I welcome it as a new challenge and share it to people that comes to me. I am 71 years old now and a wide reader of books that are more illuminating or will help me in my life. I love to read the books that will open my mind for the secrets of solving problems in this life. I am more spiritual than religious, but I will say that I have a close relationship with God. He opens updoors for me to share the love and guidance that I have acquired through the actual experience that I am now sharing with the people around me.

  5. Ken Rabehl

    I am not a highly evolved being, but have been fascinated by the idea since reading book 3 of C w G.

    I am working on what is either a long story or a book about HEBs meeting humans. It is in the scfi genre, because I needed to find a way to get humans to another planet to meet HEBs. I enjoy trying to figure out how HEBs would behave and what they would say in conversations, but not being one, I am not sure in many instances what they would say and do.

    If anyone has in depth knowledge of HEBs or source I could access, the information would be very appreciated.


  6. Robin Mills

    I find the article to be a great one. I believe we should evolve til we leave. Hopefully our personal evolution will make such an impact, that others will continue to share what we’ve shared.

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