Symbols in Dreams: What Do they Reveal About Yourself?

Have you ever thought about dreaming process in a detailed manner? If not, then it is better to understand because dreams have a huge role to play in developing our minds to a certain level. This is a matter of fact that indicates every person on earth does experience a phenomenon of dreaming for 90 minutes to 2 hours in the night. Therefore, being a human being you must be aware of the importance of symbols in dreams.

Meaning of Dreams

According to the definition which was given by the father of Psychology Sigmund Freud, dreams can be easily differentiated into two main parts: one is manifest content and other is latent content.

  • Manifest Content

    After waking from a dream, the thoughts and feelings which you remember and can easily describe in your own words to others as and when required are what Freud calls manifest content. This is the content of the dream which is actually censored and as a result, the meaning of the dream is changed. During these situations, people do not disclose the actual content of their dreams in front of others.

  • Latent Content

    This kind of dream content is the actual one and it is based on reality as well. Therefore, this cannot be explained or interpreted as it will remain the same.

What is Dream Work?

Sigmund Freud further elaborated the concept of a dream that suggests dreamers take the latent content and then they try to censor it. This activity is performed in order to make it manifest content so that it becomes more acceptable and reasonable for a society in general. This complete method in which latent content is transformed into manifest content is known as dream work.

After considering the above explanation, it could be assumed that dreams are a universal phenomenon that happens with every person. In addition, most of the time dreams do not provide a simple description and this aspect should be taken into consideration that people who belong to distinct cultures do experience similar kinds of dreams.

Moreover, this is highly recommended that you learn to understand different kinds of dreams and symbols in dreams in an appropriate way.

There are 10 important symbols in dreams discussed here as follows:

1. Being Chased

In more simple words, this kind of dream is also called as chase dreams in which people feel a lot of anxiety and because of this anxiety, they remember dreams. This form of dream helps a person to focus on those attributes which require his or her attention the most.

2. Water

This is an interesting kind of dream in which emotions are represented with the help of water and at the same time, our unconscious minds can also be described by water as well. In this scenario, the quality of water can be further described into clear, cloudy, calm and turbulent are often used in order to give more awareness about how people deal with their emotions.

3. Vehicles

When you experience various forms of vehicles such as an airplane, car or ship in your dreams then this type of dream clearly portrays the direction of your life in a great way. At the same time, this attribute should be observed that how much control or command you have on your life according to your perception and imagination. Moreover, these means of transportations provide ways through which people can develop a plan in order to settle or adjust the direction of their lives in the desired manner.

4. People

At times, people also see other people in their dreams which show various aspects of their lives. Basically, these people can be correlated with various kinds of characteristics that need to be understood by the people appropriately. In addition, exact kinds of people are related to the extent of relationships and any kind of interpersonal issues that need to be resolved.

5. Classroom

In this type of dream usually, a person sees herself or himself in a classroom where he or she is taking an exam in which he or she does not have preparation at all. With the help of these symbols in dreams, people could learn those lessons which they acquired during their school time.

6. Paralysis

This is a very important form of a dream during which people anticipate a feeling of paralysis that affects their body from performing those actions which occur in dreams. These sorts of dreams also highlight this aspect that people do not have ideal command of their actual lives.

7. Death

Death is something which is always connected with negativity and in this case, this can be assumed as a kind of dream in which dramatic change is incurred for the dreamer. In other words, one thing is finished and the new thing takes place that shows people should make themselves prepared for new phases of their lives.

8. Flying

When people tend to see or observe them flying in their dreams then they should realize this fact that this sort of dream has two different explanations. One description is related to high flying and the other elaboration is related to low flying. As far as the importance of high flying dreaming is concerned, this means that person is progressing in his or her life and is confident enough to achieve the goals of life. The low flying dream predicts that a person is facing problems and because of these problems he or she is frustrated.  Therefore, this is one of the most significant types of dreams that highlight the commitment and dedication level of a person.

9. Falling

Falling dreams are also often associated with negative perceptions and results; however, this is not the case all the time. This dream does have a strong relationship with the act of serenity and sometimes it is also interlinked with the lack of control as well.

10. Food

When you are confronted with food in your dreams then this phenomenon could be related to so many different attributes such as energy level, sentiments, and spirituality of an individual. This sort of dream does have an association with the other factor like hunger which suggests you require some kind of information and new insights.

Wrapping Up

People should realize this aspect that all these kinds of dream do have strong influences on their minds to a large extent. Practically, dreams highlight various attributes that should be taken into consideration because these can provide more benefits and outcomes to many people. These symbols in dreams can change your life and at the same time, they also provide awareness regarding our different daily life actions. Therefore, the dreaming process has become crucial and more significant with the passage of time as they create impacts on our emotions, attitudes and thoughts.

They are sometimes perceived as mysterious, sometimes interesting or enjoyable so they eventually develop our personalities and portray who we are in reality.

If you think you have anticipated these kinds of above-mentioned dreams in your life then try to develop some sort of action plan through which you can make your life more productive and organized. It is never too late to work on those elements that are hindering you in achieving your goals or objectives of your life.

Sweet Dreams!

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Kate Silverton is a professional psychologist and she likes to contribute in the field of psychology through her writings and meaningful information.

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