Finding your life path number can help you decode your life purpose, unleash your inner potential and find a place where you belong in this world.

There are ways to know the keys to finding your path in life and discovering the purpose which you have received when you were born. Identifying your life path number is one of those.

From time to time, you can’t help but wonder if you are on the right path towards discovering your purpose in life. When you have a clear connection with your higher self and know how to follow your own intuition, you usually know what your next step should be that would take you closer to realizing your purpose. Most people today seem lost and only crisis situations remind them about the need of spiritual self-discovery.

Everything is energy and each day has its own energy vibration and frequency. On the date of your birth, with the first breath, you have received a certain filter or imprint on how to interact with the energy field. Your brain has made the first impression of this world based on the energy-informational environment that you were born into. It became the base defining your strong and weak qualities, what motivates you in life and how you most likely to react in a certain situation.

How your birth date determines your purpose in life

There are several ways to describe the energy vibration a given date holds. You can do it through Astrology which describes the way other planets affect the energy field of the solar system. There is also Numerology which gives you a way to discover the meaning of numbers in your date of birth and the archetypes behind them. Numerology reading is probably not as popular as Astrology reading. However, it does offer insights and can help you discover your purpose in life as well.

Most numerologists agree that Pythagoras was the forefather of Numerology. He was probably the first known spiritual scientist who was able to connect the “symphony of cosmic energy” with the numbers. There is even a way to describe the evolution of consciousness through Numerology (see How Numerology Explains the Evolution of Consciousness).

According to Pythagoras, the meaning of numbers lies in the foundation of everything in the Universe. Men and women, living and non-living, as well as all other phenomena in the world, follow the laws of the energy field which can be described by numbers.

“Number rules the universe.”

― Pythagoras

Through numerology reading and understanding what energy vibration each number represents, you can find the keys that can help you on your road of self-discovery and even tap into the higher levels of consciousness.

Your date of birth is not an accident. Your higher self has chosen that date in order to connect a certain potential with the material world. Numerology reading and knowledge about your life path number can help you decode that potential and help you establish a clearer communication channel with your higher self.

How to calculate your life path number

Your Life Path Number is one of the fundamental numbers in your numerology birth chart reading. It is also quite easy to calculate it yourself. All you have to do is add all the numbers in your birth date.

Here is how you determine a life path number based on the date of birth of Steve Jobs –  24th of February 1955. You take all the numbers in the date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy = 24/02/1955) and you add them up to get a single digit from 1 to 9. The date: 2+4=6, the month: 0+2=2, the year:  1+9+5+5=20=2+0=2. Date + month + year = 6+2+2=10=1+0= 1= life path number 1. Since zero is not really a number but a concept, it is not taken into account when calculating your life path number.

If during the calculation you get 11 or 22, you do not reduce them to a single digit since they stand for a master number. People with master life path numbers often have a special mission in this life.

The meaning behind different life path numbers

Even though the life path number is very important in your numerology reading, there are other vital numbers in your numerology chart that influence your life. All the numbers in the numerology birth chart need to be taken into account in order to see a bigger picture and find the answers you might be looking for about yourself. There is also Name Numerology which helps to understand the energy vibration of your name and describes the way you are manifested in society.

Nevertheless, there is one thing you do have to remember. Any type of reading, be it Astrology, Numerology, Human Design or other systems, is just about the potential that you start your life with. No matter how insightful a reading may be, your life is still defined by the choices you make and the way you interact with the energy-informational field on your life path of self-discovery.

Here are short descriptions of the purpose of each of the life path numbers and a video explaining a little bit more about the numerology birth chart reading. Feel free to share knowledge with a friend!

Life path number 1

The purpose is to become a pioneer, invent and motivate others with your ideas. You are capable of self-motivation and can be generally described as an idea-oriented leader. Going into details might not be your thing, but you can definitely find a solution to any challenge.

Life path number 2

The purpose of this life path is to be a diplomat, peacemaker and create win/win situations. Your sensitive perception allows you to see a bigger picture and find a solution that would benefit both sides. The key is to discover and learn how to maintain your own identity in the process.

Life path number 3

The purpose is to let your inner child guide you and become responsible for the way you spend your energy. You are very dynamic with a lot of energy to spare. You are generally direct and your desire for immediate emotional response makes others see you as an eternal child.

Life path number 4

The purpose is to bring order, hard work and learn how to deal with change. You are a great protector and a guardian of the limits as well as material aspects of life. You know how to get the job done, which makes you a very important part of any team.

Life path number 5

The purpose is to be the catalyst for change with the reasonable amount of risk. You are the adventurer who treats life as a labyrinth that is full of new experiences. Often very creative with lots of ideas, but it could be quite hard for a life path 5 to make a decision.

Life path number 6

The purpose is to overpower passive inertia and bring harmony into your life, so you can share it with others. Life path 6 is about service and keeping the balance. You have to learn not only to give but how to receive as well.

Life path number 7

The purpose is to break the shell of isolation and share your inner divine knowledge with the world. You are about analysis and going deep in your research of what life is about. You should listen to your strong intuition and make sure you don’t fall into addiction or become a fanatic.

Life path number 8

The purpose is to find your inner power in connecting spirituality with the material pleasures. Learn how to transform negative experiences into positive ones. Be careful not to get consumed by the greed for power. Use your instinct to create great teams that can accomplish pretty much anything.

Life path number 9

The purpose is to bring wisdom into the world without idealism and martyrdom. Life path 9 is about mystical knowledge and comfort of the soul. Keep your inner balance without swinging from joy to desperation and it will help you realize your full potential.

Master life path number 11

Discover your purpose by bringing enlightenment and spiritual balance. Find your own place in the material world, but make sure to keep your soul pure and evolve spiritually.

Master life path number 22

The purpose is to become the master of the form. Use your organizational skills and charisma to build systems and manage programs on the global scale. When you are constructively creative, anything is possible.

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