In today’s shallow society which values appearance over substance, people who are attracted to intelligence are not so many.

However, smart guys are incredibly attractive, no matter what they look like, even if not many people actually see it this way. Attraction to intelligence rather than physical appearance actually says a lot about you as a person.

Not everyone can see past the initial nerdiness of someone who is particularly intelligent. So finding someone attractive based on their intelligence and who may not fit the social norms means that you may be a little bit different from your peers. Looks may fade, but intelligence is definitely much more permanent.

Here are eight ways sapiosexuals or people who are attracted to intelligence are different from the rest. Are you one of those people?

1. You’re less superficial

If you can see past the initial looks of a person and be attracted to their intelligence, you probably aren’t that superficial.

All too many people fall victim to the vapid athlete who doesn’t have a whole lot of substance and completely ignore the people who can really give them a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. If you’re having hang-ups over the way someone looks, you aren’t able to see who they really are.

2. You aren’t materialistic

Materialism plays into the hands of the superficial. If you are more attracted to someone who is attractive over someone who is intelligent, then you probably aren’t looking for the most fulfilling relationship.

If you’re just looking for someone who will challenge you and inspire you to learn and be better, you aren’t looking for someone to entertain you. As a sapiosexual, you’re looking for someone who will improve you.

3. You value personality

No one can help the way that they look, but they can change their personalities. Being intelligent comes from being well-read, interested in current events and actively challenging people to conversation and debate. These are the qualities that are innate in people and are garnered by the person’s own hard work.

If you prefer those who are more intelligent over those who are physically attractive, it shows that you really value who the person wants to be.

4. Mind over matter = maturity

It’s natural to compare intelligence with attractiveness, and the ideal mate probably falls somewhere in between the two.

Yet, if you are a mind over a matter type of person, this shows a much more mature approach to dating. It shows that you are looking for a partner that will keep you interested in the long run, someone who you truly want to commit to.

5. You don’t fall for traditional standards

With the likes of Facebook and Instagram, we have an immediate judgement of a person based on how they look. Everyone is looking for someone who is pretty or handsome, and the traditional social norms of attraction are a natural sway in how people choose dates and potential partners.

If you are attracted to intelligence, this makes you different from the rest. It makes you different from those who deem attractiveness as the more important value in a person. No one can help what they look like, showing that you see more than a face almost immediately makes you better than the rest.

6. You need stimulating conversation

Intelligent people are the best conversationalists, period. Looking for a partner with intelligence shows that you are looking for a partner that can really stimulate you mentally and keep you interested long term.

Relationships with people who are not mentally stimulating enough for us are doomed to fail. Looking for a relationship that gets you thinking and talking from the get-go means that you are an intelligent-looking for another intelligent.

7. You prefer experiences over attraction

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to go for someone that is attractive, but those with greater intelligence tend to be deep thinkers. They think outside the box in terms of dates, experiences and gifts, and experience is so invaluable.

The gratification of an attractive person right now is all well and good, but in the long run, it is much preferable to have wonderful and inspiring memories.

8. You’re inspired and inspiring

Intelligence can be inspiring. It can encourage you to do the things that you never thought you would, or could be able to do. It also means that you, yourself, are inspiring.

Looking for those who inspire you can make you inspiring to others. Surrounding yourself with those who fulfil you and make you happy makes you a great inspiration to others who also want to find someone who truly makes them happy.

attracted to intelligence not education

I’m attracted to intelligence, not education. You could graduate from the best, most elite college, but if you’re clueless about the world and society, you don’t know anything.
~ Unknown

There are many wonderful qualities to those who can see past how someone looks and concentrate on what is important about them. Being attracted to intelligence is something that is so uncommon and should be celebrated as much as possible.

In today’s society, looks and attractiveness take up so much time and energy that we are forgetting what is truly important. Looks mean very little when somebody is well-read and intellectual and can talk about the more important things in life.

If you are attracted to intelligence and substance over style and looks, there is a lot to feel good about. If you aren’t, then maybe you should give the smart ones a try.

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