Many people want answers to the question: What is a sapiosexual? because ‘sapiosexual’ isn’t an everyday word.

You’ll find out that being one’s quite desirable. This article answers the question What is a sapiosexual? and suggests how to tell if you are one. If you’re looking for a life partner, you might want to know how to date one.

What is a Sapiosexual?

Multiple dictionaries define sapiosexuals as people who consider intelligence extremely attractive. It’s a feature they look for when choosing life partners.

Sapiosexuality, or a preference for cleverness in the opposite sex, is a growing trend. It’s a neologism or new word that people don’t typically use.

Its critics have said that it’s judgemental and something that people put on their dating profiles if they are pretentious. Many people wonder if it refers to a person’s sexual orientation. Some people worry that it may turn into a negative label and state that sapiosexuals deserve respect.

You’ll probably grasp that being one isn’t bad. After all, it’s hard to say no to intelligence.

Are you a Sapiosexual?

You now have part of the answer to the question, What is a sapiosexual? But what are the characteristics of sapiosexuality?

Perhaps you’ve gotten hints that you are one. These features of sapiosexuality might confirm your suspicions.

1. Increasing attraction

First of all, you’ll find people more attractive as you get to know them. Their confidence and demeanor will become more engaging.

Sapiosexuals don’t usually sense a person’s charm at once because it’s the mind that grabs their attention. That’s not instantly understood. If you’re a sapiosexual, you’ll gravitate towards a person once you have an idea of his or her intellect.

2. You prefer conversations

A physical relationship, alone, isn’t fulfilling if you’re a sapiosexual. That doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy one. It merely means that mental engagement stimulates you.

3. Good grammar is important

Also, you’ll find yourself ignoring texts from admirers who use short forms like ‘ c u’ or ‘gr8 (great).’ You’ll want to get to know somebody who’s on the same intellectual page as yourself.

4. You value inner beauty

Furthermore, you’ll love the diamond in the rough if you’re a sapiosexual. You wouldn’t feel attracted to a person just because he or she is eye candy. It’s how he or she thinks that matters most to you.

5. Any knowledge is attractive

You may think that sapiosexuals only value book smarts. The truth is that they’re as turned on by people who can list ten ways to clean a kitchen sink as those who can recite ten poems by Sylvia Plath. Knowledge, in any form, is a bonus to you if you’re a sapiosexual.

How to Date a Sapiosexual

Perhaps your partner’s a sapiosexual, though you’re not one yourself.

Of course, dating a sapiosexual is challenging. Here’s what to do if the object of your affection is particularly attracted to intellect.

It will help, first of all, to pronounce difficult words well. For example, ‘ espresso’ isn’t ‘expresso.’ Remember that the word ‘sherbet’ doesn’t have two Rs.

Of course, you should make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct. Edit your short messages thoroughly before sending them to your sapiosexual.

Also, sapiosexuals love existentialism. The meaning of life intrigues them. Woo your sapiosexual with texts like ‘love uncovers hidden truths,’ or “life has no meaning if you lose who you are.’

Note that movie night isn’t enough to hold a sapiosexual’s attention. Take him or her to a museum or art gallery. The Smithsonian will suit a sapiosexual who’s inclined towards history or science.

Finally, a sapiosexual isn’t a snob. Feel free to confess when you don’t know much about a subject. Intelligent people aren’t afraid of revealing their lack of knowledge because there are many things they already know.

What is a sapiosexual? He or she is someone who’s intriguing, dynamic and above all, smart. Dating one is simple but requires thought.

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