If you have the mediator/idealist personality type and are searching for the best INFP careers, look no further. Let’s cater a career that will give you the most out of life!

I took the test and as I read through the pros and cons of being a mediator or an idealist, like this personality type is often referred to, it was like truly seeing myself for the first time. Then, as I read through the top options for INFP careers, I noticed one selection was becoming an author. I was stoked!

What is the ideal job for you?

So, for all you INFP personalities out there, I bet you’ve wondered where you fit in. Well, finding the best career for your personality type will completely transform the way you look at life. You will suddenly feel like you belong – you will no longer stick out like a sore thumb amidst your coworkers. The right INFP careers focus on your strengths and make dealing with your weaknesses much easier. Here are the top selections tailored to your personality type.


At the top of the list is the writer. The INFP personality type excels in journalism careers and authoring books because they never run out of ideas. It takes inspiration to write a book or poem, and the creative spark that INFP personalities have is perfect for churning up inspiration and ideas. It’s the creative element that helps this type really succeed in the world of journalism and other writing-based career opportunities.

Psychiatrists and Psychologists

A large number of mental health professionals are mediators/idealists. One reason for this interest and success in psychology is due to the intuitive talents of this personality type. The INFP uses their intuition to make most decisions and this method is used quite a bit with mental health patients to discover hidden issues.

The sensitivity of the INFP also plays a large role in the success of treating patients as well, as it helps them open up and share because of the trust they have in their doctor.


Of course, it’s a no-brainer that an INFP would at least dabble in the arts from time to time. But, the INFP also proves to be one of the best candidates for the professional art world.

The deep emotions present within this personality type is a perfect inspiration for fine arts, graphic arts, and even sculpture. There is just enough stability paired with the drive to easily find success in this area.

Although it can take some time to become an established artist, as that is where the financial success comes in, it is still one of the best career choices for the INFP.


Another great career choice for the INFP is the teacher. There are a few reasons why teaching could be a prime job interest. First of all, teachers have patience, well, at least the good ones do. Generally, the INFP is good with patience because this characteristic comes from being sympathetic. The INFP personality is also quite observative, and always hungry for knowledge.

This hunger for knowledge can translate to others in a classroom environment and prove beneficial to nurturing this same hunger in others as well. Also, the INFP is creative, as stated above, and this creative spark can help others truly appreciate all the aspects of making ideas come to life.


I guess, pretty much every creative career is a good choice for the INFP. Let’s be honest, the ability to translate feeling into sound and thoughts into lyrics takes quite a bit of feeling and patience.

One other aspect that really places emphasis on a musical career is the ability of the INFP personality to be original. These guys, myself included, try hard to stand out from the crowd, but in a natural way, not so much for attention. We want to be heard and we don’t want to blend in with others and what they want.

With music, this type of mindset can create original scores, unique lyrics, and can be the mastermind behind some of the most successful ventures in the music industry.


With their sympathy and empathetic nature, it’s no wonder that INFPs could be great animal doctors. This personality type is considered a natural healer, and all the traits seem to play into this aspect as well. The intuition is there to discover problems with the animals, and the empathy is there to feel and also think as one with the patient.

Veterinary medicine benefits greatly by employing someone who can give the best care, both physically and mentally to sick or injured pets, and the INFP is the best choice.

However, the only negative aspect of this career choice is when pets die or are dying. Sometimes this proves to be more than the INFP can take, due to their deepest feelings and sensitivities. It seems their strengths are also their weaknesses.

Occupational or Physical Therapist

This career choice works well because the INFP can sense what each individual patient needs in terms of healing. With this type of therapy, there is a need for understanding and patience. The INFP possesses both these qualities and the ability to use creative solutions as well.

Considering this occupation requires its employees to be totally invested in the recovery process of each patient, and the INFP fits perfectly because of their abilities to create solid bonds with others through sympathy.

Are you an INFP? What do you feel are the best INFP careers?

These are only a few choice career fields available and well-suited for the mediator/idealist personality type. INFP careers are expanding and creating new choices every day. If you’re struggling in your career, maybe it’s just the wrong choice.

First, take the Myers-Briggs test and see who you are on the personality spectrum. Maybe you’re an INFP as well, and you just haven’t found the career that suits your unique personality.

If you are an INFP, I hope this sheds some light on a few ideas. If you think you might fall under another personality category, then take the test and find out for sure! Let me know what you think!


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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. jake

    i am INFP but i think i have changed a bit i’m not sure. i am sure that i am INFP though. i didn’t like any of these careers. i am looking for my passion not accepting chained career, if i liked psychology as passion i would accept it because i’ll be living satisfied and purposeful. but it’s not. i like to invent or create something new in an independent free life not chained to career or job. best way to achieve that is by becoming an entrepreneur but i hardly learning or trying to become an entrepreneur . i’m only trying to become an entrepreneur because it will achieve financially free life and i will be able to study more majors, and i want to study more than one major because i always liked knowing more and more and studying life( oh wait if i lived in exchange i might live the satisfying life like always being in a college for researches and studying and teaching for exchange but then i will not be free. i won’t have much income, i love being independent) i have interest in psychology and physics but i can’t study them. i don’t like studying them. what i tried is online courses i didn’t like it so i don’t know

    1. Sherrie

      I think, first off, you should strive to quiet your mind. This is something that I have struggled with for some time and it made it much harder to see what I wanted out of life. Also, you would benefit from getting to know yourself better, separate from any outside opinions or stimuli. I have dreamed of having many different careers and even have a degree in something that I rarely even use. The majority of my work is in writing and I find fulfillment there. This is because it’s something that I just cannot stop. I am an artist as well, but have not found my place in that area yet, other than completing works for myself and family.

      So Jake, take some quiet time and see what idea keeps repeating itself. Do you like this idea? Does this idea keep you up at night and inspire happiness and fulfillment? Maybe it’s something you should keep thinking about. It’s quite alright to be interested in many different things, but you will have to focus on one or two basic areas in order to be successful. I have tried the “Jack of all trades” routine and it just spread me too thin. So, in short: meditate, love yourself, weigh your pros and cons, find what makes you happy, recognize repetitive ideas, and focus. Try this out. Let me know what happens. 🙂

  2. Lovelife

    Thanks for the article.
    I liked reading this.The Psychologist, Artist, Teacher, Musician, Veterinarian, and most recently writing/philosophy have all been interests of mine.
    I feel an INFP’s biggest weakness is getting lost in the clouds too often. We dream of a better job, a better life for ourselves and we’re never happy with the one we have no matter how great it is.
    I’d be happy with any of those jobs but… I want to be the person who has a “calling” or a destiny. I’m sure you’ve met those people who were just *meant* to do something. They get invigorated with a fiery passion…a burning desire every day they get a chance to engage in their line of work.
    I haven’t found my meaning yet…or so I think. I’m also afraid if I turn a love into a career… it will lose all it’s joy as soon as it’s a job. My first love and passion was music, but as soon as I started pursuing it as a profession, I lost some of my spirit for it.
    Sorry, just speaking my mind with anyone who is willing to listen.

    1. Sherrie

      This! What you said about losing passion when something goes from “love” to “career” connects with me. I do see this happening in many areas of my life as well. The only thing that has remained a passion for me, although it is my profession, is the written word. No matter how many articles, blog posts or short stories that I write, I always love the way the keys feel beneath my fingers, and the pen in my hand. Maybe finding that rare thing that can do this is the key.

  3. Eva

    I LOVE writing. But I don’t know how I can make a career out of it. I don’t know if I want to put that kind of pressure on my writing– it’ll stop being creative if I have to focus on earning money all the time from it. I want to do something that I’d like to write about– something I believe in where I can also be creative and independent. I kind of like the idea of psychology but I don’t know what I’d do with that. I have a political science degree but didn’t end up doing anything with it. I’m doing pet sitting but it’s not enough to live on my own– still live with my parents which I don’t want to do ASAP. I am desperate for something–but I don’t want to choose a new degree and waste that one too and waste a lot of money I’ll have to pay back. I have to start earning money without being super bored or stressed. Help!!

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