Some people claim that it’s possible to be an intuitive healer without being even aware of it. Read these 21 signs to find out if you relate.

We all have the ability to heal others to some extent. From the doctor that takes the extra time to find out what is really going on with his or her patient to the mother or father who kisses a child’s grazed knee.

But according to New Age beliefs, you could be a healer without even being aware of it.

We heal in many different ways, from providing a shoulder to cry on and a bucket of ice cream for a friend who is sad, to more structured forms of healing such as Shamanism or Reiki.

If you look back at your life, you can probably see signs of how you have healed others by instinctively providing the emotional, physical, and spiritual support they needed at the time.

There are many signs that show you might be an intuitive healer and the list below is simply a starting point.

If you feel you are an intuitive healer, you will feel more fulfilled if you use your gifts. Do some exploration and research and follow your intuition. The world is waiting.

New Age practitioners claim that if you relate to the signs below, you could be an intuitive healer:

  1. You have a strong desire to help others be happier and healthier
  2. People often come to you with their problems
  3. You often put others’ needs before your own
  4. Others often say that talking to you makes them feel better
  5. You are curious about how the world works and often explore subjects such as science and spirituality to find answers
  6. You are empathetic and feel others’ pain
  7. Other people say you have a calming influence
  8. You are fascinated by subjects that relate to healing such as spirituality, nutrition or exercise
  9. Often, you can sum up the root of someone else’s problem simply and bring clarity to their confusion
  10. You feel a strong desire to spend time in natural surroundings such as woods, meadows or by the sea
  11. Children and animals are drawn to you and relax in your presence
  12. You can feel the energy in a room instinctively and know when there is tension or distress.
  13. Spiritual practices, such as meditation, prayer, journaling or yoga may be very important to you
  14. You have a deep respect for nature and like to have plants and flowers around. You may also collect items such as stones, shells or feathers
  15. Time spent alone is essential for you to recharge and contemplate the things that are important to you
  16. Creating things is important to you as a way of expressing yourself
  17. You rarely visit a doctor or take conventional medication, preferring to use alternative healing methods like acupuncture, herbs, and essential oils
  18. You may be interested in esoteric arts like divination, palm reading, mediumship or channeling
  19. When you, or someone you care about, feels unwell, you instinctively know what will be healing
  20. You like to communicate with your higher self through journaling, art or divination cards
  21. You feel exhausted after spending time with people who are troubled and unhappy

What to do if you believe you are an intuitive healer

If you recognized several of these signs, New Age practitioners claim that you are an intuitive healer. They recommend tapping into your natural healing abilities.

You may like to focus on expanding your intuitive healing to help others more. In order to develop your skills, you might like to study a practice such as Reiki, Shamanism, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, or any of the many types of healing practice.

Alternatively, you may choose to take a more low-key approach and simply pay attention to your intuition to help improve your own life and the lives of those you care about.

The most important thing is to follow your purpose

Whether you believe in the reality of intuitive healing or not, the world needs more healers, even in the metaphorical sense. It desperately needs more compassionate, kind individuals willing to help others. So stop hiding your talents and step into your purpose!

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Katie

    A word of caution to anyone who fits this list but has not yet done energy work:


    The gift of energetic healing runs in my family. My grandmother died before I was born and my mother, as a conservative Christian, rejected her gifts. Energy manipulation can be very fun and rewarding; don’t get me wrong. But I never had a teacher. So, I had to learn the hard way that you can make things worse, for yourself or others, if you are not completely in balance/harmony within yourself.

    Always remember to meditate or pray before attempting to heal, and make sure that your entire body, and not just some of it, is in full alignment with healing energies.

    Best of luck to anyone else walking this path. Blessed be.

  2. Matthew

    I just listened to this article on youtube & I can relate to just about all of these signs. At the end of the article when it said “stop hiding & step into your purpose” I felt a “hug” of energy all over my body. I have come to realize that I am clairsentient, so it felt like the feeling was a sign towards my life purpose. Now to just figure out what the next step is.

    1. Mieraj

      Hello Mathew, I have just found that I am too a healer and was wondering if anyone could help guide me towards doing the next thing and help me. My email id is [email protected].
      Any help from you guys would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

  3. Gail Stout

    Wow, I always knew I had strong abilities. I fit all of them. I was always right about reading people.My family knows their pets and children stick to me like glue when I visit,much to their annoyance.

  4. Joseph

    This last year has been incredibly tough. After earning my Master’s I became an unwanted “thorn” in the rose bushes. Actions were taken against me, which ultimately forced me to leave the state for employment. Gone nearly 17 months I was able to return to my hometown only to see a negative change with the family, their behaviors, the home, etc. Coincidentally, I ran into a Shaman where one night he felt the presence that I had often seen. Long story short, the next day he performed a spiritual cleanse. In preparation I showered with oils and herbs mixed for the occasion. After I finished in the shower, the mirrors were fogged up in the restroom. I began to observe scratch marks in writing called in the Shaman and we both witnessed that something was being written on the mirrors. The negative spirit attached was “making his presence known”. The name is, Gremory, a demon and fallen Angel. After the cleanse, my family whom I felt was effected by this, fell asleep for 24 hours. Drawn to placea In the home such as the attic, I discovered a giant satellite antenna that was randomly hard-wired to work yet served no function. In my parents bedroom, I found what can be described as Voodoo Gris Gris bags left under their bed. Ultimately, a lot went down returning home. I had the house blessed. Etc. But today, I still hear my mother and father calling for help to me while they’re asleep. Cries of distress and I dont know what to do. As they sleep they appear to be in pain. My father looks like hes being attacked and my mother, ravaged unwillingly. According to several I am not a “team player” … I work in a field where questions arent meant to be asked but I ask because I do whats ethical and moral to help those in need. Now I need the help. The Shaman explained after results om a test he had done and informed me that “gang stalking” likely took place. That a large number of people want to see me fail and will do what they can to ensure that success is not possible. Done out of pure hate because I dont fit their standards. I’m a scientist in a scientific field and all this is new to me and to avoid appearing crazy which now I know I’m not. I simply need some guidance on what to do for them. Please help or point me into the right direction. I’m lost…

  5. Elbia Caballero

    I have experienced every single one of these. Im a pisces too. I known i was a healer for a long time. I prayed and my chrones healed a life long digestive disease gone! You have to believe 🙏

  6. Lindsey

    Im really needing help understanding the things that have been going on in my life since i was young. Ive seen spirits since i was a child. It wasnt until my boyfriend was murdered 4 years ago that i truly believed in them. I always thought my mind was playing tricks on me perhaps i was crazy. Since his passing ive had many odd things happen and i know i felt his presence with me. This past week has been filled with crazy things and i need someone who can help me understand it or make some kind of sense out of it…..

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