Anyone that is interested in finding out about their personality would have no doubt heard of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types.

This personality classification was devised by mother and daughter combination Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. The personality test itself is in-depth and involved, but at the heart, it is about preferences.

The theory Myers-Briggs personality types are based on examines four sets of factors and which one you prefer within different categories:

  1. People and things: Do you prefer to focus on people and things (Extraversion ‘E’) or ideas and information (Introversion ‘I’)?
  2. Information: Do you prefer to deal with facts and reality (Sensing ‘S’) or possibilities and potential (Intuition ‘N’)?
  3. Decisions: When making decisions, do you prefer to first look at logic and truth (Thinking ‘T’) or look at values and relationships (Feeling ‘F’)?
  4. Structure: In dealing with the outside world, do you prefer a lifestyle that is well-structured (Judging ‘J’) or one that is open-minded (Perceiving ‘P’)?

The Myers-Briggs personality types and how to find yours: Once you have decided on a preference in each category, you will have your own personality type which is characterised with a four-letter code.

Below, you will find the main traits and brief descriptions of all 16 Myers-Briggs personality types to help you find your type.

The 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types


  • Quiet
  • Serious
  • Practical
  • Realistic
  • Responsible

One of the most common Myers-Briggs personality types, this type is a matter-of-fact sort of person that is dependable and works logically and steadfastly towards their goals. They like an orderly life which is well-organised and they value loyalty and tradition.


  • Quiet
  • Friendly
  • Responsible
  • Conscientious
  • Thorough

This type is the most common of the Myers-Briggs personality types. People with this type will always meet their obligations and are painstakingly accurate in their observations and their work.

They are particularly loyal and considerate and worry about other peoples’ feelings. They prefer an orderly and harmonious environment both at work and at home.


  • Insightful
  • Conscientious
  • Committed
  • Organised
  • Decisive

INFJ is the rarest of the Myers-Briggs personality types. These types are always using ideas and relationships to find meaning and connections. They have a great interest in what motivates people and are quite good at understanding others’ motives.

People with INFJ personality type have high moral values and stick by them and often work where they can help others or serve the common good in some way.


  • Committed
  • Independent
  • Sceptical
  • Competent
  • Unique

People with this type have quite original ways of thinking and are considered unique in their ideas and how they achieve their goals. They can see patterns where others cannot and can look into the future with great perspective. Once they are committed to a task, they will give it their all with high levels of competence.


This type tends to be quiet and prefers to watch and listen until a problem occurs. Then they are fast-acting and work quickly to find a solution. The way they do this is by analysing the situation and coming up with enough information to sort out what is wrong. They are interested in cause and effect and they like efficient behaviour.


  • Quiet
  • Friendly
  • Sensitive
  • Kind
  • Loyal

These types live in the moment and like their own space, preferring to work at their own pace and alone. They are loyal to their friends and family members, do not like disagreements or conflicts and tend not to inflict their opinions on others.


  • Idealistic
  • Loyal
  • Curious
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible

People with INFP personality type live up to their values and especially to the people who are important to them. They lead their lives according to their beliefs and have a curious nature where they want to envisage new possibilities and have the ideas to implement them. They gravitate to people that can help them achieve their goals.


  • Theoretical
  • Flexible
  • Contained
  • Quiet
  • Focussed

One of the rarest Myers-Briggs personality types, this type wants an answer for every question that bothers them. People with INTP personality type are more interested in ideas than socialising and are able to concentrate solely on a single problem until they solve it. They can be critical and sceptical but are always analytical.


  • Flexible
  • Tolerant
  • Pragmatic
  • Spontaneous
  • Energetic

This type is practical and wants instant results when tackling a task. They do not engage with theories or concepts, preferring to engage with a hands-on approach to solve the problem. People with this type are energetic and spontaneous and live in the moment, enjoying being active with their friends. They like material things and learn by doing, not thinking.


  • Outgoing
  • Friendly
  • Accepting
  • Flexible
  • Spontaneous

These types of people are enthusiastic kinds that love life, people and home comforts. They are team members that work well with others to make things happen, with lots of common sense and they like to make working a fun place to be. The way they learn best is to try new skills with people as they easily adapt to new people and environments.


  • Warm
  • Enthusiastic
  • Imaginative
  • Optimistic
  • Flexible

Types with this code are very imaginative and optimistic for the future, which they see as holding lots of possibilities. They quickly see connections between information and events and use this to make decisions. People with this personality type need validation from others but give love and support to others easily. They can improvise and are verbally fluid.


  • Quick
  • Ingenious
  • Stimulating
  • Alert
  • Outspoken

People with ENTP personality type are brilliant at solving challenging problems and adept at creating theoretical possibilities and then studying them in a strategical manner. They can read people very well and get bored easily, often switching from one hobby or subject to another in quick succession.


  • Practical
  • Realistic
  • Matter-of-fact
  • Decisive
  • Organised

These types like to make quick decisions and are typically the organisers of a group. They like to get things done in a speedy manner and prefer to get things underway in an efficient way. You can leave them to get on with the minor details as they have a clear set of and logical standards which they follow systematically.


  • Warm-hearted
  • Conscientious
  • Cooperative
  • Determined
  • Team Members

One of the most common Myers-Briggs personality types, this type craves harmony in their working conditions and will strive hard to achieve it. They are good team players and will always work through until the very end, even when it concerns smaller matters. Accuracy is important, as is loyalty to friends and they are the kind that notices when a friend or colleague has a problem. They need appreciation for who they are.


  • Warm
  • Empathetic
  • Responsive
  • Responsible
  • Helpful

These types are often found helping others even to the detriment of themselves. They are instinctively attuned to others’ needs and emotions and are empathic as they try and enable others to fulfil their potential. They respond well to praise and criticism and are highly sociable beings, often the ones that get everyone else talking in groups.


  • Frank
  • Decisive
  • Leaders
  • Well-read
  • Logical

These types are natural leaders and you will often find them in some sort of managerial role or CEO of a big company. They are quick to find solutions to problems and can implement systems that are comprehensive to cope with the hardest of scenarios. They are in it for the long-term and love planning and setting goals. They are knowledgeable and well-read with a passion for learning, which they love to convey to others.

Which of the Myers-Briggs personality types better resonates with you? If you are still unsure, you can take the test.


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  1. Larry Sutherland

    If you have not taken the Myers-Brigss there is a shortened one available on line. It is insightful and fun. I have taken the long one and I am and ENFJ. This is what it says: ENFJ

    These types are often found helping others even to the detriment of themselves. They are instinctively attuned to others’ needs and emotions and are empathic as they try and enable others to fulfil their potential. They respond well to praise and criticism and are highly sociable beings, often the ones that get everyone else talking in groups.

  2. Richard Little

    INTP. Have taken the real test four times, always the same.

  3. Zina Zina

    I’m an hybrid E/INTJ based on the results from the test done at work

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