All of us use both intuitive and analytical thinking styles at times. However, some of us rely more on the analytical mind than others.

Analytical thinkers use knowledge, facts, and information to make sure they get things right. Those with an analytical mind rarely jump to conclusions. They are knowledgeable about their subject and thorough in looking at all the facts before making a decision.

Analytical thinking can also have its downsides. Some decisions are just not suited to analytical thinking. This is especially true when emotions are involved. In addition, logical thinkers can sometimes get bogged down in the detail.

Despite these downsides, analytical thinking is a key skill that can lead to better decision making.

If you can relate to these 10 things, you probably have an analytical thinking style.

1. You question everything

Analytic thinkers start by questioning everything. They do not make assumptions about a problem but start by questioning everything that is known about the issue in hand.

2. You look for evidence

While a logical thinker might start with an intuitive idea of what might be a good answer, they examine the evidence before coming to a decision. They look carefully at the facts and data before taking action.

3. You’re an information addict

Analytical thinkers love information. If they have a decision to make, they will scour information sources to get every possible bit of data before making a decision.

4. You love an intellectual challenge

Analytical thinkers love a proper debate. They are rarely dogmatic and will encourage others to have their say. They will then add these thoughts to their own information to help them come to a decision.

5. You have strong habits

Analytical thinkers like a routine. They prefer to know what is going to happen and when. They can be spontaneous, but when it comes to day-to-day life, they stick to a routine that works for them.

6. You can be indecisive

One of the downsides of analytical thinking is that it rarely allows for making a quick decision. Because they like to have all the facts, a logical thinker can be indecisive. This is especially true in complex decision-making processes.

7. You are methodical

Analytical thinkers are very methodical and logical. They are rarely swayed by emotion and tend to stick to the facts, examine them in a linear way to come to a logical conclusion.

8. You can be insensitive

Because facts are so important to analytical thinkers, this may make them sometimes appear insensitive. So, if you ask an analytical thinker if your hair looks good or your bum looks big, don’t expect a tactful answer. They will tell you the truth!

9. You are skeptical

Analytical thinkers are rarely fooled. You can only persuade an analytical mind with cold hard facts. It’s rarely worth trying to sway analytical thinkers with emotions or persuasion. They just want to know the bottom line.

10. You are sometimes politically incorrect

Analytical thinkers can sometimes find it hard to put themselves in another’s place. This means they see everything from their own point of view. This lack of understanding means they can occasionally be guilty of political incorrectness.

Closing thoughts

While analytical thinkers can sometimes come across as tactless, they are highly logical and make good, well thought out decisions. If you have an important decision to make, there is no one better to have on your side than someone with an analytical mind.

Even better, when analytical and intuitive thinkers work together they can create amazing things and solve the knottiest of problems.



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  1. John

    I’m all of these except political correct.

  2. Malcolm

    I reject political correctness

  3. Barry

    Definitely not PC, everything else checks outi

  4. Luca

    Every one of the comments is being proud of being rude by another name. Weird.

  5. Sonya Barriffe

    I will check off the things I am not. Skeptical. When it comes to work related issues, I will go with what someone tells me and make a decision based on that. I am a direct person, but also know how to be politically correct while working. I am sensitive to others as I put myself in their position when helping others. Personally, these things may be true if you listen to my family. I separate work from home in these situations

  6. BoneThugg

    I think I’m guilty of
    All of these !!
    ( but hold on …. let me weigh it out ).

  7. Lorie

    So many of these traits for me are right on the money!! Wow! So true!!! Thanks for the great article!

  8. Samuel

    yh pretty much of me
    …..can’t bring it to an end… Cuz its fused in my within!

  9. Bananuka safinah Sherrie

    Thanks so much

  10. Suzie Que

    Some of you misread on of the traits…sometimes you are politically INCORRECT! So yes, those of us with analytical minds aren’t appeasing the PC hall monitors.

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