The Socratic Method is a useful tool when it comes to handling everyday disagreements. Let’s learn how to use it to win an argument.

We have all been in a heated argument with our loved ones. Most of the times, tempers usually flare and unnecessary things are said, but these things could possibly be avoidable. Instead of throwing your valid points into someone’s face and trying to force them to understand, how about we try to use the Socratic Method? If all else fails, at least you tried to avoid the argument, right?

What is the Socratic Method?

A little more than two thousand years ago, the great philosopher Socrates strolled around Athens questioning students. He found an approach to finding the truth that philosophers have held in high esteem ever since. He continuously used questions until he exposed a contradiction, which proved a fallacy in the beginning assumption.

So what is the Socratic Method exactly? This method consists of the use of questions to develop a latent idea from one person to another trying to establish a position. Using this method will help others see your point of view without causing extra conflict.

The Socratic Method has become a tool that is used to approach a large group of people in a discussion while using probing interrogations to get to the focal point of the subject at hand.

Let us say that I believe that it’s ok to hunt animals to eat for survival. You might say, “Hunting is cruel and why would you harm a poor helpless animal?” Rather than saying hunting animals has been a factor since the beginning of time, I would say, “You don’t believe animals were created to be hunted?”

How you express your point of view in the form of a question is less threatening than forcing your opinion down their throats. It will also allow them to see things from your perspective because it puts them in a position to have to answer your question.

In My Experience

I find this method very valuable in today’s society. Often all we care about is getting our point across and not really taking to heart what the other person is saying. Most of the time it is our significant other or a loved one who is on the receiving end of our arguments.

So it is very important that we try to save their feelings as much as possible. After all, we wouldn’t want to hurt our loved ones, right?

My significant other and I have arguments all the time. Sometimes I just wish she would understand that I know what she is saying or how she feels, but I also want her to understand my feelings as well without threatening her or making her feel unimportant.

At the end of the day, no matter how much we argue or fight, I still love her and I don’t want to hurt her in any way possible. So would I use the Socratic Method in the future? It is very likely that I will be doing so.

With that being said, wouldn’t we all like to get our point across causing little to no damage at all to our families, friends, or significant others?



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  1. Ami

    Good post. I’d say sometimes people are so stubborn that they are just not willing to take another position. And obviously resulting in an stalemate.

  2. Tony

    Without reflection, there is no interest, in speculation 🔮

  3. Ted

    A more compelling point in support of The Socratic Method as a means to establish a common understanding in lieu of a pointless argument might be that the process allows both parties to hopefully arrive at a consensus without either claiming victory.

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