Many people experience intuitive thinking without realizing. The good news is that you can harness this gift to achieve extraordinary things in your life.

Many people are not aware that they are capable of intuitive thinking. This is often because we have grown up in a rational or religious environment. We have been taught that intuition is just woo woo or even dangerous. This is a shame because listening to our intuitive insights can have a transformational effect on our lives.

If you can relate to any of these 6 experiences, you have strong intuitive thinking. You should therefore seriously consider putting it to work in your life.

1. You manifest things without even realizing it

Have you ever noticed that when you think about certain things, they actually happen? For example, you might be thinking about buying a new car or item of furniture and then the perfect one, which matches your vision totally, just shows up. Or you might be thinking you want to buy something and then receive it as a gift out of the blue.

This has happened to me many times. For example, I decided I would like to get a cat and the very next day I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while whose cat had just had kittens. She immediately asked me if I knew anyone that might want one! Experiences like this, whether big or small, show you are actually a powerful intuitive with the ability to manifest the things you want.

You have to be careful with this gift though because it can sometimes work against you. For example, have you ever imagined yourself missing a bus or train and then it happened?

You can practice honing this gift by visualizing something you really desire and then imagining yourself with it. Visualize yourself receiving what you desire and being flooded with gratitude for it.

2. Other intuitives recognize you

If your intuitive thinking is strong, you may find that any sensitives or intuitives you meet immediately start talking to you about spiritual subjects and assume that you are one of them. This is because they recognize you at an energetic level.

If you spend any time around other intuitives or spiritual people, they may tell you that you are psychic, an intuitive or a healer. Other intuitives recognize you before you recognize yourself. They will be able to read your energy and know that you have a powerful intuition or healing ability that just needs developing.

3. Your life is full of ‘coincidences’

If your intuition is unable to get your attention, it might start showing up in the outside world in the form of coincidences or synchronicity.

In a similar way to manifestation, the universe picks up on what you need to wake up and grow and smacks you with a great hulking coincidence to get your attention.

Many of us dismiss these signs, but if we follow the leads, perhaps that great coach, course, author or spiritual teacher whose name keeps cropping up in your life again and again and again, you might soon find your life changing dramatically.

4. You ‘just know’ things before they happen

Those with strong intuitive thinking often sense things before they happen. This might be as simple as thinking of someone and then receiving a call from them to more dramatic precognition. You might just know that a certain situation will turn out well, or badly.

This can sometimes be an uncomfortable gift to have, particularly when those you love won’t heed your warnings. But it is one of the most useful intuitive skills. You can think through a situation in your head and just sense the way it will work out.

It is always worth trusting your gut instincts in these situations. If you feel uneasy, or experience physical symptoms such as queasiness, the hair on the back of your neck standing up or headaches around certain people or situations then you know to be on your guard.

5. You connect with certain people at a soul level

If you are intuitive, you will almost certainly have had the experience of meeting someone and feeling like you have known them forever. You just feel comfortable around them from the get-go. They may also have many of the same interests and values as you. And you may also have had similar life experiences.

This happens when we recognize someone at a soul level. These people are connected to us in a deep way and on more than just this physical plane in this lifetime.

6. You’re suffering from a chronic illness that doctors can’t cure.

If you avoid your intuitive thinking, you may experience a chronic sickness that doctors can’t cure. It often manifests as extreme fatigue but can sometimes come in the form of anxiety or depression.

If conventional medicine isn’t helping, this may be a spiritual illness. In indigenous cultures, this is called ‘shaman sickness’ and it occurs when someone with great gifts refuses to step into his or her calling.

In our culture, accepting and using our gifts can be daunting. We are afraid that we might be ridiculed or rejected. But we can begin to use our gifts gradually, in small ways so we can build our confidence. Finding a mentor can often help at this stage.

Closing thoughts

We are all connected on an energetic level and have gifts that cannot be seen or explained by modern science. It is up to us to choose whether to step into our calling and make the most of our gifts.

If you feel that you are an intuitive healer or have some other gift that could be of benefit to yourself and the world, then explore it further.

It could change your life for the better. And the more of us who take a step towards love and harmony with each other, the sooner our world will heal.

We’d love to hear what signs you have experienced as an intuitive.


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