What is synchronicity?

The term synchronicity (syn = with, chronos = time) was chosen by the psychotherapist Jung to describe the simultaneous occurrence of events (or coincidences) which apparently have no clear cause, but are deeply meaningful.

Some would say that coincidences are random, but if we look carefully into our lives, we realize it is not so. Every word or sounds we hear and people we meet are merely a simple coincidence. They appear in our lives when we need them most as answers to our inner doubts or questions.

Moreover, synchronicities can be guides when we do not know what to choose or what to change in our lives. It is like someone from above hears our silent prayers and talks to us through other people, images or events. As a matter of fact, Einstein described coincidences as being “God’s way of remaining unknown”.

Synchronicity connects the material world to the spiritual world through symbols that are not always understood and which arise from the collective unconscious.

For example, if we’d go buy something and we encounter a neighbor we dislike, that is not a pure chance! Our spiritual guide may have wanted to tell us that our needs are not different from his own and that we should not consider ourselves better than he is.

Examples of synchronicity in your life

1)    The same numbers keep showing up over and over in your life.

2)    You have met someone out of the blue who talked about an event or said some sentences which in fact sounded like answers to that you have been asking yourself recently.

3)    Perfect timing! Things happen for you just when you need them most.

4)    Help and support appear in your life when you expect less from people you never met before.

Of course, the list of synchronicities can be endless and subjective as synchronicity is a more complex phenomenon. These are a few general examples that we all experience at a certain point in our lives. The best way to recognize your synchronicities is to “think less and feel more”, listen to your intuition. By being in tune with your inner voice, you can understand the outer signs easier.

Intuition is usually validated by an external magic event. Therefore, if you seek an answer and you randomly read a sentence in a newspaper or watch a video related to your current situation, you will feel a revelation. Then you should ask yourself if that is the answer you were waiting for.

A good representation of synchronicities can be seen in the movie Winter’s Tale. The movie beautifully illustrates the presence of positive and negative forces that can influence our decisions as well as the presence of symbols that can guide us to our destiny.

There's no such thing as coincidence, I say. It's synchronicity.

There’s no such thing as coincidence, I say. It’s synchronicity.
-Raven Kaldera

If you think you have experienced synchronicities which made a difference in our life, please share them with us and help other people recognize theirs.


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  1. Gladys

    I kept seeing the number combination 1111 recently, especially on my phone time. Every time I had an urge to look up the screen to the right, I saw the time 11:11am or 11:11pm. Sometimes its my birth time: 6:44am or 6:44pm. I even won a giveaway crystal with 1111.

  2. Gustav Prinsloo

    I told someone yesterday that for the past 2-3 weeks exactly @ 11:11 I look at my phone to check the time .Today I open Facebook and the picture in my news feed presenting this article is….. 11:11?? This is strange, or is it just synchronicity?

    Oh and now that I post this comment I check the time just to see…its.. 11:11.

    Damn it.

  3. Tara

    Two months ago I was dating someone briefly, and I had suspicions that he might actually be a psychopath (long story short). Sure enough, on a daily basis, every time I looked at the clock, I saw the repeating numbers. I started looking up synchronicity, thinking it was a sign that this guy was danger. Soon after, I stopped talking to him. The repeating numbers everytime I looked at the clock stopped occurring. Then I caved and sent one message after a few days. As soon as I pressed send, I look at the clock – it was 1:11. Without a doubt this guy was ill-intentioned after a combination of other things confirmed it. I like to believe it was my recently passed away grandfather looking out for me 🙂

  4. Steven

    I have been noticing things for years, latest was yesterday, I just left the house and I said out loud the random word wonderbar,15 minutes later I was in the superstore the radio was playing the singer was singing the word wonderbar over and over, Its good but its scary. I can have a thought of a film then the next day it will be on. It happens with TV commercials and other random stuff too. Always noticing double numbers seem to be drawn to look at them at that precise moment, Am I going insane???

    1. Lily D

      Dude that happens to me too. I promise you’re not completely insane unless we’re insane together lol

  5. Yana

    It Just happened! Lol I was on Twitter first time in years. Started remembering when dead m n down was being filmed in philadelphia. I accidentally walked onto the street set. That was my first encounter with..Colin Farrell. When i got home. I was intrigued with him. So i sat in my backyard googled him. Found out his birthday was a few days away. Sitting barefoot. I looked down and inbetween my feet..afour leaf clover! I had a heartwarming feeling to get him a birthday card..and get it to him since they were still filming near my work. Long story short. One of the workers introduced me to colins assistant because he told her ” this is the only fan who knows its colins birthday tomorrow”
    I spoke to her. Gave her card..she asked me to wait till he returns to the bus because he was in a meeting. I couldnt. Fastforward to the other day..twitter. I remembered that card. Searched for colin twitter not sure if it was him..but asked if he ot the card. No reply. Next morning i woke up and started cleaning. I opened a. Box of papers to clear out. A paper fell to my feet. I picked it up..it was a typed ersion of what i wrote on colins birthday card and of the clover i found. I had it taped o my desk at work as a good memory. Thought i threw it away until it fell to my feet day after i asked im on twitter (this appened this week btw) yesterday..i felt silly asking that on twitter. On my dresser is the book winters tale..i was tempted to read that huge book. Then i remembered..i bought the movie! Watched it yesterday.
    What moved m me to write all of this? I searched synchronicity to refresh validate the paper with words to colin..i found this explaination. Halfway through. Paused. Looked away to reflect. Went back to continue thi article..THE NEXT SENTANCE COMPARED SYNCHRONICITY TO…THE MOVIE WINTERS TALE! I am certain my answer is..yes. He got my birthday card!!!💞😃💕💌

  6. Andrea

    I have been researching cities in the state of Georgia, narrow down to the city Of Covington. google NBA player Simmons for Phila ( its the playoff,, go Rockets) there is a you tube video during the video Simmons refer to player Covington, next day watching Texans on ESPN showing the draft player Covington drafted by Texans. If I see covington again (this week ) I am moving to GA…….Synchronicity I happen there is a word to describe what I have experience for awhile coincidently all POSITIVE outcomes

  7. Jennifer

    Mine is the number 8. My houses numbers , my cellphones , my cars plate numbers , my birthday

  8. Mia

    It first started with the two red birds I would see on a daily basis. My two grandfathers passed away of different cancers, as I was diagnosed with cancer (im 22). Next was the monarch butterfly that would slowly float on by making sure I saw them. I see the 11:11 time almost daily. An angel gave me a check in my time of need moving places. I see 11:22 my birthdate, 12:34 daily. Honestly both hours of the day. I’m sensing a pattern. Im working to get in film, and survived cancer, and see things that haven’t happened. Help!!

    1. Abbi

      Are you still working to get in film?

      Been seeing A LOT of 111 and 222s in the past month. I was also diagnosed with cancer at 22. I am also trying to get in film. Felt the need to reach out.

  9. Smh

    Mine is 17

  10. Charles Fuller

    I thought of an aunt I had not thought of for years. The next day I received notice of her passing and a remarkable inheritance! Randomly looking at clocks I see 11:11 frequently!
    Thought of a grade school friend then they appeared on a social network the next day!

  11. Clive Hetherington

    Hi Mariya, In writing years ago about the extreme synchronicities and coincidences leading up to meeting my wife (plus I’ve many anomalous experiences of many different types described in realitywalker.com) then I eventually realised that we’d absolutely be presented with these ‘IF’ we are in a duplicated people simulation i.e. if we are living out someone else’s life (fairly accurately) then we’d absolutely have to be magically guided with respect to very specific life defining and important events . . . which would be particularly the case if our life partner wife/husband is actually already pre selected such that we then absolutely need to be ‘made to meet / start a relationship’ . . .

    Now in spending time thinking about the above, I eventually put together a survey asking questions about these possibilities and ‘yes’ the survey indicates that this these are very definitely happening for ‘life partners/significant relationships’ . . .

    It took me ages BUT I eventually figured out that the other ‘cannot really be avoided’ event/experience within a duplicated population is an ‘accident’ . . . and that a duplicated reality will then seemingly present either extreme bad luck for some people with respect to them being absolutely unable to avoid having an accident while others will have unbelievable good luck to ensure they avoid an accident and or avoid being significantly ‘hurt’ in one . . .

  12. James Kotowski

    A technicality–as Jung described it, synchronicity is not CAUSED by the Divine. In other words, God or the Collective Unconscious does not make a decision to make meaningful coincidences or serendipity happen. Two synchronous events are related by meaning, but not by deliberate decision on the part of anyone, not even God. Again: God does not “send” us happy coincidences to cheer us up or advance our fortunes. They are part of the fabric of the cosmos, I guess you could say–the Collective Unconscious does not CHANGE the cosmos to make them happen. Nevertheless, synchronicities are intimately related by MEANING. I don’t know why, but this distinction, to me, makes them all the more meaningful.

  13. Paul howler

    Well I met this girl two years ago!!
    I like her, a really lot….
    Her mum & dad’s wedding anniversary is the same as my parents.
    At the end of her Facebook name the number is the same as my date year birth.
    I saw road signs at the side of the road on the reverse was her surname spray painted on them!
    One day on the tv the weather report was on and next to the information for the weather were her initials of her name.
    I turned the radio on one Saturday morning (I don’t normally listen to the radio on Saturdays)
    And she was talking on a phone in !!!
    We have posted things on Facebook at exactly the same time and this has happened twice now!!
    Yes I am freaked out by all this and it’s 100% true too.
    But what the hell does it all mean????

  14. Bibi

    I was in an abusive marriage of 6 years. I was on the verge of a heart attack due to years of stress caused by him. He wont let me go. I didnt know what else to do. Decided to succumb to my condition and lost hope. Met a guy. He helped me to find strength and proceeded with the divorce. It was a really messy divorce. My ex caused many relationships in my life to end. He spread gossip and lies about me. I have no friends left.

    I spent a lot of time with the guy that helped me through it. We have the same interest and lifestyle. Food choices. Had crazy chemistry but the crazy thing is. I found out that we had crossed path numerous times before. Since high school. We even went to the same wedding. I remember that i felt him. But i was already married at the time. I felt this pull but i didnt think anything of it at the time. We have been crossing paths countless times but we only met now.

    Sometimes i feel crazy if i think about this too deeply. He also kept a picture of a little girl years before we met. He showed me that picture. He said he always wondered how that little girl would look like when she grows up. And when i showed him a picture of me when i was small. He freaked out. The pictures was exactly like me. Even had the same hair.

    There was too much coincidences… i know about the twin flames signs etc. But what does it all really mean? Why? Why us. Why now. Why not back then of the many times we could have met. Before i got married into hell. It breaks my heart to know we were so close for all these years… every time we had crossed path. I felt a pull. But i didnt know what it meant at the time. I am still so confused…. i hope someone could enlighten me.

  15. Benj

    Finding this article to be very reassuring, as the comments demonstrate how many people experience synchronicities and find meaning or significance through them. For me, the number 11:11 has been a constant time I’ve looked at the clock for at least (ha) 11 years. When I was younger, I heard this was a lucky time to make a wish. I have known classmates and co-workers through the years who shared this belief and saw 11:11 frequently as well.
    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found many other “palindrome” numbers appear throughout the day whether I am checking the time on my phone, the display in the car, or the corner of my computer monitor (10:01, 12:21, 3:33, 5:15, and so on). Some appear more often than others, but without fail I seem to almost always check the time when one of these is showing. I also seem to catch sequential times often too (12:34, 1:23, 3:45). In the last few months I’ve paid closer attention to the times I receive texts and emails from different people who do not know of this pattern. Several times this week alone, the timestamp is one of these numbers. Walking with a co-worker to our cars last month, she saw the runic Algiz (Elhaz) symbol in a branch on the ground. This is a synchronicity of hers, seeing the ᛉ frequently in unexpected places. I checked the time when she pointed it out to me, and it was 4:44.

    I became interested in astrology and numerology while working at a library through high school and college. Reading my date’s entry in The Secret Language of Birthdays (Gary Goldschneider) provided another one. In the Major Arcana of the tarot, the Star card is VIII. My birthdate, the 17, is associated with this card by some beliefs because 1+7=8. Any time I have picked up a guide for the tarot in a bookstore, The Star is always the page that I open to without any effort. Some books place the Minor Arcana before the Major, and still The Star finds me. It also appears often in readings I do for others, and when I’ve had a reading done for myself. Even before I knew of the tarot, I’ve had an affinity for the stars and one of the first symbols/shapes I connected with was the typical five-pointed star. I had a roommate in college who would only see 9s and 5s everywhere she looked, and when she would add the individual digits of her street address, phone number, anything, it always ended up being a 9 or a 5.

    Another synchronicity I’ve encountered for most of my life is having a song in my head and finding it on the radio when get in my car and start it. Or being in the grocery store and hearing a song that was on my mind earlier that day. Sometimes while reading I will hear a word stand out from a song at the same time my eyes cross it on the page. I wish I could provide significant examples of how these synchronicities have impacted my life, but mostly I just feel that I am constantly in tune with the world around me and able to navigate any obstacles I face better because I am often seeing these little reassurances from the universe.

  16. Barbarita

    I have been looking for a word to describe my experiences. Synchronicity is the word. I can bring things to me. Example: My husband was having trouble bending over to load the laundry because of health problems. I suggested we get bases for the machines which would raise the height. Several days later our neighbor set out a broken washer and dryer. They had bases that matched our machines. Bingo, This has happened to me over and over. Sometimes things show up that I didn’t realize I needed it until I saw them. Most times I just credit St. Anthony.

  17. Monte Ice

    In July, 1973 A graduate school classmate of mine was kidnapped and murdered in a totally nonsensical event when four fellows decided to use her auto in a nearby bank heist. Within a month or so, I started bumping into people who were involved in event… a young fellow who worked in the funeral home where her viewing initially took place and later two young women who were writers for the local newspaper. This was in Carbondale, Illinois. My classmate and her husband were from the Springfield, MA/Enfield,CT are. This was back when there was no internet and over the years I was curious what the whole story was. Fast forward to around 2010. I had retired from my state job and had more time to investigate this event,, plus the internet was very helpful in obtaining connections. I was able to reconnect via email to this classmate’s husband with information obtained through the college alumni office of the college in Springfield, MA where the classmate and her husband obtained their undergraduate degrees. Up until then I had no idea where her husband lived or how to contact him. I determined to visit her hometown of Enfield, CT and also through obituaries of her family obtained the name of the cemetery in Enfield where she was buried. In the meantime, I wanted to obtained information on Enfield and found a site with photos of the town which also the contributor’s name and email address. I contacted him, hoping to obtain a photo of her grave site. He emailed me back informing me that he knew her when he was growing up in Enfield and had lived within two blocks of the family’s home! I determined to visit Enfield and traveled there via AMtrak. The gentlemen I had contacted via email was able to greet me at the Springfield Amtrak station, take me to nearby Enfield and drove me by my classmate’s grave site … and the house that her family had lived in. While I was visiting Enfield for about three days, I felt that a virtual red carpet had been laid out for my visit. How is this for synchronicity? I have also followed the lives of the two brothers who were the kingpins of her murder. They were convicted in the late 1970s to federal prison. One died in 2016 at age 68 in the federal prison in Butner, NC. His brother is 72 and is at one of the supermax prisons in Florence, CO where the Uni-bomber resides.

  18. Elizabeth Valente

    I have experienced many strange happenings my adult life.
    My absolute proof was on the wedding day of Prince.Charles and
    Diana. I wad not a fan but on that day I wss watching it all day and became obsessed! I drove everyone crazy talking about it!
    I had a motel at the time, and after dinner all my guests took off and my family too! I was alone!
    A car pulled into my driveway with 3 Indian (Hindu) and asked for
    a room. I had one left. Signing in I began to chatter about the wedding, which I knew was ridiculous! They said they had just come from London. I could not believe that did not stay for the festivities, and I had watched it all day!
    One spoke to me and said to come over to the car. He opened the trunk and pulled something out. He said, “Put out your hand.”. He placed in it a commemorative silver crown, in a red case, of the wedding with Queen Elizabeth on the back. I stood there amazed and offered to pay for it. No he said, I know you want this! The next day they left, waving goodbye. This was no coincidence!


  19. Nick

    Number 12 or I guess any number divisible by 3
    I was 12 years old and I moved from my birth county and moved to India after 12 years I moved to Canada after 12 years I moved to America and after 12 years I met my wife, it’s so crazy that every 12 years huge events takes place. I was born on 21st of Jan. again 2 &1 my wife on 12th Dec. The months are far from each other yet it’s close.

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