I once wrote an article regarding the golden ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence, which touched base on the recurrence of a specific pattern found all over the world which can be broken down to an equation that fits in various subjects, including DNA, floral patterns, natural evolution, and a variety of other things.

What about other, more subtle and basic, recurring numbers, though?

There has been a lot of investigation into this topic, as people throughout history have taken notice of the recurrence of specific sequences of numbers in an over-abundance.

A lot of psychologists will say that it’s simply a placebo effect, that we’re subconsciously looking for the number which we have associated with and will continue to see it because of this.

Others, specifically numerologists, say that the repetition of a number is ultimately a cosmic warning, a means of saying, “hey, pay attention.

I don’t have a firm belief in this topic, so this article, like many of my others, is purely speculative and meant to provoke thought. However, since I was infantile, the number which I have always noticed is “32”; what about you?

In researching for this article, I found some very interesting descriptions of recurring numbers in various forums and research thesis written on the topic.

The thing which stood out the most to me is the fact that there is an accepted definition of what specific numbers, when recurring, could mean from a numerologist standpoint.

The recurring numbers detailed in this were 11, 16, 22, and 33; I find this disappointing that neither 23 nor 32 were present, but, such is the consequence of mundane hope…

According to numerology.com, each of the aforementioned recurring numbers has been associated with a specific meaning. The number 11 is referred to as the master number and is theoretically the cosmos, or God’s, way of calling you to read between the lines in matters at hand, and that there’s more to your current situation than you’re accommodating for.

The number 16 is the universal number signifying danger, and seeing the repetition of 16 means to look out; this often goes in hand with relationships or work difficulties.

Seeing 22 is associated with your productive side, and the cosmos may be telling you that you’re overlooking a great opportunity for advancement in some form or another.

Similarly, seeing the number 33 everywhere is allegedly a signifier that you are a gifted individual, and are holding back from using your gift to help the world.

Now, as I mentioned, to my avail, neither 23 or 32 were mentioned in this article. Personally, I have turned the unrealistic quantity of recurring instances of two and three paired together into an inside joke with my close friends, and don’t read into it too far; anything which we don’t understand should not be considered a mandating factor in our decisions.

In trying to describe how insanely often I see this number at my office, I grabbed a random piece of half paper that came in on a shipping box and said: “I’ll bet it’s on here somewhere.”  I found 5 instances of 32 on that one scrap of random paper…interesting, to say the least.

Now I’m not saying that I feel like Truman Burbank from the Truman Show, but, there is an added significance to this number which I’ve considered interesting.

My favorite actor is Jim Carrey, who was in the Truman Show as the lead; the idea behind the movie is that he is living inside of a manufactured world in which all aspects of his life are manufactured for the real world’s entertainment.

So, when my favorite actor, who starred in a show regarding manipulation of his entire reality, came out as the lead role in a suspense thrill movie called “The Number 23”, which was specifically about the recurrence of the number 23 and the significance it holds, I was absolutely shocked and started to question the whole validity of it.

So, again, speculatively I find this concept very interesting. Aside from the previous paragraph regarding my personal experience with the number I’ve noticed everywhere my entire life, I do feel like there is something to this.

Psychologists very well may be right that we’re simply searching for the numbers we have chosen to be continually repeating, but even that might have some significance if we subconsciously memorize the theoretical meanings of the number associations.

For instance, if you read this article and notice that the number 16 starts popping up everywhere for the next 3 months, chances are, whether numerologists or psychologists are right, that you at least subconsciously acknowledge there may be a danger warning to pay attention to.

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  1. sarah smith

    I see a lot of double numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44… never really had specific ideas to relate to them. Thanks

  2. Bob

    Digital clocks and timers around the place are a factor, for good or bad. I get numbers (and words) from all over.

    When this occurrence started to happen some years ago they would be doubles, 55, 22, 20:20 etc. This progressed into things like 9:11 or 11:9. The last few months it’s been mirroring 21:12, 54:45 etc.

    One number that is cropping up everywhere at the moment is 44.

    “Psychologists very well may be right that we’re simply searching for the numbers we have chosen to be continually repeating”

    This statement is not correct imo. Numbers ‘arrive’ at your doorstep unlooked for. Concepts and word puzzles just appear out of nowhere.

    I don’t look up meanings for any of this, although I’m not saying don’t. Your own intuition is a vital interpretational tool, and becomes honed over time.

    Words are a related/similar thing to this, eg.11:9 can be Kanine, or canine, ISIS = 11:11 or just 11. Depends on number systems being used to calculate.

    Again your own intuition is a vital interpretational tool, and becomes honed over time.

    It’s higher conciousness/mind/sacred feminine thing perhaps doing pattern recognition.

    Practise makes perfect.

    (Great example… I went to do this caption thing at the bottom and it’s y2kw44… y2k (a comet and a year 200 event)… a 44, say no more, and in the middle a 23 W, frequency, Crazy isn’t it!)

  3. Nick Harding

    “Your own intuition is a vital interpretational tool, and becomes honed over time”. Lots of respect for that statement, Bob.

  4. Bill

    912 keeps coming up. 1st off its my birthday. Second it’s was a room number at a hotel for me last week. I stayed there for my Birthday. I also choose a new online handle. I picked the hotel room number . All this in the same week?

  5. Patty

    3-4 times a day, religiously I see 22, 444 555 and 11:11 always. 333 and 666..

  6. Patty

    It’s me again 222 all the time not just 22

  7. Mary Stuart

    The numbers 120 in any order or just 2 of them – are every where – all my life. Homes in particular ie. 20, 120, 12/48 (add it up: 4+8= 12 so 12/12), breakup with ex 2012; back of credit card .21, , suburb I live in 2121 and many many more examples. Except for the suburb I live in, I see them as a bad omen.

  8. SteveRoller


  9. Nicole Brown

    For 2 yrs everyday I see 23 or 32 or 232

  10. Marjia

    I understand that seeing can be just noticing more often but in my case I get woken up at 3:33am 4:44am (once it was 4:04am). This has occurred a dozen of times across 2 years and I want to make it clear here – I do not wake up at all at any other times, I normally don’t wake up through the night and when I do it is always those times (most of the times it was 3:33am) so I can’t even put this to a cognitive bias. When I do wake up and see those numbers on my bedside phone it is also not a normal waking up, my body is still half asleep (trance of sort) so when I see those times I take screenshots as I would not be sure the next day if this actully occurred, but screenshots don’t lie. It is weird, I don’t have any consistent intuition about it or a feeling. It usually is a gentle noise of sort in the room that wakes me up and once it happened at night when somebody close to me passed (he passed during the day) and as much as I don’t believe it and never experienced anything paranormal (with an exception of few very strange ovely real dreams) I started wondering if those times are not a message but some sort of spirit passing by and waking me at those times so I think about it (like the person who died few hours earlier who was close to me). Surely, this has to be discussed in some type of research. I don’t particularly believe in any of the angel number stuff as it reminds me horoscopes. Anyone found it in any traditions, religions, cults? It cannot be just me.

  11. John

    I see the number 23 everywhere, in some form, either doubled, backwards or on its own. We Moved from number 32 to 23, my dad died on the 23/3/2003, he was 64 i was 32. There is more, it keeps showing up.

  12. John

    …and just noticed the date today… 23rd of course.. didnt realise till after i had posted.

  13. Kevin

    I too keep seeing the number “32” everywhere… sometimes, in extremely random places which makes it even more peculiar. Such as yesterday when we ordered a pizza, written on the side of the pizza box in someone’s hand writing, was the number “32” in red marker. I have been seeing this number for decades, and it is driving me mad!

  14. Thomas

    Psychologists think they know every law in the Universe, but the truth is most of them do not even believe in existence of spirit and life after death. Their knowledge is based on known mathematical laws, which come from their closed environment. Imagine, they would lose their grants if they would try to talk differently than most. You have to seek answers in ancient cultures.

  15. Eric

    I’m posting because I saw 6:23 and all day almost each hour I’ve been catching the clock at 23. I see 23 everywhere all the time and have been experiencing this for several years now. I tried to figure it out for a while. Then I tried to let it go for a while. But it happens so frequently it’s kind of humorous, and very intriguing. But, it could be that subconscious search because I’ve assigned meaning to it somehow… Anyway, I appreciated this post! Thanks

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