Part of having a strong personality is knowing exactly what you want and when you want it, and that is not always a fun-filled experience.

When you are not afraid to speak your mind and you’re bold when it comes to honesty; this can scare away a lot of people.

Here are seven ways that your boldness might be having an adverse effect, on your friends, family and work colleagues.

1. You don’t suffer fools

A part of life in most environments, whether it’s your family life, amongst friends or in the office, is well-natured ribbing or joking.

However, as we all know jokes can go too far and often when this happens people shake it off and move on, not you. You will stop said joke-maker in his or her tracks and quietly explain to them that you will not take such nonsense.

You will never stand around and let someone, least of all yourself, be belittled or made fun of for no reason. Most people think this is an admirable quality, but others will run a thousand miles from your bold and honest comments.

2. You’re the last to judge

A big part of bonding with anyone is to complain about something or someone. However, because you have a strong personality and are comfortable with yourself and your surroundings, you do not see the worth in judging people; this can lead others to be wary of you.

3. You know how to listen

People with strong personalities have the unusually rare skill of being able to listen to people. You’d think that this would be a quality that would be sort after, but since being able to listen involves being quiet and paying attention people ironically think you are not listening to them!

4. You are fearless

Things that may hold back and frighten your friends and peers are a walk in a park for you; this enrages people.

The funny thing is that you are also scared of the same things that your friends and peers are scared of; you just refuse to let those things dictate how you live your life. That said, people will mistake your fearlessness for arrogance and distance themselves from you.

5. You avoid small talk

Nothing annoys and frustrates you more than small talk. The reason being that you are so secure within yourself and tend not to feel the same insecurities as others do, so small talk is a waste of your time; you want to get the interesting stuff straight away.

But since small talk is such a staple of communication, people tend to be put off by your openness.

6. You’re well-guarded

Having a strong personality means that you rarely (if ever) in need of any acceptance or validation from anyone but yourself. And while the core of any relationship isn’t necessarily constant validation, you tend to push away the people that feel the need to give you that kind of attention.

7. No excuses

Strong personalities are unable to fathom the concept of making excuses for shortcomings or mistakes.

When you have a strong personality, you have no time to listen to people explain why they can’t do something, because the only thing you can focus on is how to make something happen. This can lead people to think that you are insensitive when in actuality you just refuse to let obstacles get in your way.

You may have noticed some traits in this article similar to your own, and felt a little bad, well you shouldn’t. The truth is we are all insecure and scared in life; however, some people refuse to let that slow them down and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

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  1. Divine Spirit

    We also think faster than others…and can accomplish twice as much in half the time. So as I have told my son step into your environment gracefully so that your energy and enthusiasm does not precede you. Then when people are comfortable with you share your dynamic self. peace

  2. Thea Dunlap

    I sometimes don’t see that I have a strong personality but other people told me that I do. Well it might depends on the person in front of me. Thank you for this article.

  3. Donna

    I also get weary of being told in a disagreement, argument or confrontation with a peer, loved one that I need to tone it down, you are brusque and I say then why didn’t you bring this to my attention when you were feeling this way about when, how, why I said something or did something that bothered you. I continually ask and give others permission to pull the rug out from under me when they feel I am being insensitive and still they do not. I am not afraid of change within myself if it will make me a better person. I welcome criticism. In fact, no one really sees the sensitive me that they say is not sensitive. Well sometimes it does suck I am who and what I am and have been heart hurt by many who I loved deeply and pushed me away but I would not want to be anyone else.

  4. Leisa Goo

    We really love your blog, it has unique information, Many Thanks.

  5. Rob

    It’s not a bad articular but i need more information on how to cope with it. This has some unintended negative effects on people that makes them behave downright weird or hostile towards you.

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