There are some common traits that you can notice about empathic people.

Empathy is defined as a sign of emotional intelligence, an emotional ability that helps people understand other people’s feelings as if they were their own feelings. In other words, empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone’s shoes.

Empathic people can identify, understand, feel, and manage not only their own feelings but also the feelings of other people.

The best positive aspect of being an empath is that one becomes more flexible in relationships and can easily manage a conversation when he/she understands the emotional charge of others.

On the other hand, the worst aspect of being an empath is that other people’s feelings or experiences can become overwhelming and can lead to anxiety or to a sensation of emptiness without having a clear reason.

Even if you like to talk with somebody who truly, deeply understands your inner turmoil or whether you are an incredibly kind person who constantly has the urge to make people’s life better, you must recognize and understand the traits of an empath.

The reason why it is important to recognize if you are (around) an empathic person is because empaths tend to absorb the energy of the people and situations around, leaving them drained, tired, moody, or anxious.

In order to be less weight on an empath’s heart or if you want to know why you feel different around other people, here are few traits that will give you an insight into how an empath is:

1. Strong dislike towards crowded public areas

Empathic people are introverted individuals and they prefer small groups of people. Crowded places usually carry intense energy that can become overwhelming for empaths.

2. Hearing/Watching violence on TV, newspapers

These things can cause the sensitive empath sadness, anxiety, or make him/her cry usually because they actually put themselves in other people’s shoes. They are mentally and spiritually open which makes them prone to absorb every negative or positive vibration.

3. Need for solitude

The world has ups and downs, good and bad sides, all charged with energy. Empathic people feel a constant need to spend time on their own in order to find their inner equilibrium. Otherwise, they can become moody or angry.

4. Great listeners

Empaths do not pretend to care. They actually care about someone’s pain or joy and they want to hear what hurt you or made you happy.

5. Great intuition skills

Due to their sensitive personality, empathic individuals can easily recognize the slightest emotional or physical change in someone’s attitude, therefore they can spot a liar or an honest person.

6. Constant fatigue

Every conversation can emotionally and physically drain the empathic individuals, which is why they tend to feel tired most of the time.

7. Truth-seekers

Whether it is at work, family, or friends, empaths need to know the truth about what goes on. They do not like secrets.

8. Surrounded by honest people

Because they are truth-seekers, they prefer to be surrounded by honest, humble people. They can hardly tolerate narcissistic or selfish people. They seek essence in every aspect of their life.

9. Quality relationships

Speaking of the quality of relationships in an empath’s life, they tend to apply this concept in every area and activity: job, shopping, house, etc.

The job they do must motivate or inspire them; it must be a job that constantly puts in light an empath’s qualities. It must also be a job where ethics and values are respected and applied. Otherwise, they appear disconnected and can hardly put much effort into what they do.

10. Creative

An empath will find his/her energy in singing, painting, acting, writing. They are also souls who can appreciate the art of any kind on a deeper level than other people.

If the above-described traits sound like you, check out this article to learn if you are an energy-sensitive empath.

Share with us your experiences as/with an empath!

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Thea Dunlap

    I checked several in this list that are so me. I may not be a total empath but I kind of understand a little bit about empathic people. thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. Edward Edmund Miller

    Well, I guess I’m not an empath, I love violence on tv or movies, as long as I know it’s faked, don’t like the real stuff, though.

  3. Okenyi Precious

    wao daz totally me.

  4. John

    This is me. After 47 years I’m finally beginning to understand this. Thank you

  5. Jennifer Marah

    I have suffered from thinking something was wrong with me for much of my life.
    The empath knowledge has awakened a sense of well being and self acceptance.
    I feel happy to be me. No matter how weird it may be I operate on a different level. Now I get it & I think I have a partner that gets it as well ,whew! What relief!😌happy new beginnings!

  6. Marion

    I think I qualify for this. Article describes me to a tee.

  7. Eddie

    Great article, I thought I add a few more traits:
    *You can always recognize an empath by their face expression & body language, they always seem to be in a daze, first because they are using their intuition to figure others out, second because they are lost in a sea of impressions from different people at the same time.
    *If they were never trained to understand themselves, they tend to mirror others and their moods, happy a minute sad the next.
    *They rely too much on their intuition on deciding to trust a person or not, making them easy targets for imposters who are trained in fooling empaths!
    *Even if they were educated about themselves, they are tempted to play dare devils – knowing well that some evil people are to be avoided at any cost – instead of running, they “stare into the abyss”!
    *They might mistakenly believe that EVERYONE is an empath, and act and relate to others with that assumption and, are sadly surprised when they realize others live in a different dimension!
    *They tend to blame themselves for others’ moods – always thinking they have done wrong! (or think they are happy because of me!)
    *They have a distinct approach to “guilt” they may equate shutting off their empathy to avoid overload with cruelty and indifference.
    *They might end up with Messiah Complex” trying to fix the world while neglecting themselves.
    There are more but I think I have to go work on my empathy problems now!😁
    Thanks again Christina.

  8. Stephanie

    Eddie your reply is spot on in my opinion, I especially feel the ‘being in a daze’ part. Thankyou for adding these points. 😊

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