Being an empath can be tough sometimes, but there are some ways to prevent emotional draining.

Empaths are highly attuned to the emotions of others. They feel what others feel and this can sometimes be overwhelming. Empaths can bring light and love into the world with their compassion and understanding, but feeling the emotions of others can have its downside. The negative emotions of others can deplete empaths.

In addition, others may take advantage of your caring nature. To be of service to the world and to thrive in your own life, it is necessary to learn to take care of yourself and protect your own energy so that you can care for others and still reach your own potential.

Here are 6 ways to make the most of your empathic nature without becoming worn down by the emotions of others:

1. Find time to be alone

In a world where there seems to be so much stress, drama and negativity, it is vital for sensitive people to have time alone to think and to process emotions. Without time to focus on their own needs, empaths can feel overwhelmed by the needs of others.

Make finding time to be alone a priority and use the time to do the things that help you stay balanced and healthy. You might find that meditation, shamanic journeying, visualisation, walking in nature, painting or journaling can help you process thoughts and emotions.

2. Find a space to restore your energies

It can help to create a space in which to restore. You need a place that is calm and peaceful and where you will not be distracted by outside influences. For some people, creating a meditation space, either in the house or garden, can help.

For others, spending daily time in nature restores them. You can even lock yourself in the bathroom for some quiet time each day if that is the only place you will get some peace.

Make your space as beautiful as you can with candles, artwork plants or whatever else puts you in a calm state of mind. Try to make sure your space is not cluttered or untidy as a clear space will help still the mind.

You may also like to use incense or essential oils to enhance your space and some people like to use calming music or meditation apps to help them restore.

3. Protect yourself from negative energies

Being an empath, sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, can be emotionally draining. Try to protect yourself from too many negative influences where possible. Limit time spent with negative, critical or toxic people and find time to restore after you have been with them. Avoid negative media and focus on good news and positive stories.

Fill your email box or Facebook page with inspiring messages instead of allowing yourself to be pulled into the negativity or others. You can also visualize a bubble of golden light around you when you are in situations where you know you will be subjected to negative energies and emotions.

This can help you to protect yourself and allow negativity to bounce off you rather than being absorbed.

4. Release negative energies

No matter how much you protect yourself, you will sometimes pick up negative emotions from those around you. You may also become stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns of your own. Empaths are by no means upbeat and positive all the time, and grief for the world and others can often bring sensitive people into depression and sadness.

These emotions shouldn’t necessarily be considered negative. Grief and sadness are natural in an imperfect world and denying these feelings will not make them disappear. Instead, try to feel the emotions fully and then let them pass. You can use tools such as journaling, exercise or dancing to help process negativity.

5. Use your empathy for the good of the world

Empaths instinctively understand that the world’s problems will not be solved by hate and rejection but by love and understanding. Try to use this energy in a good way for the world, even if it is just in small actions such as donating to a food bank or picking up litter.

Being able to do something good for the world because of your empathetic nature will help you be positive about being an empath rather than seeing it as a burden.

6. Follow your own dreams

Because empaths are so sensitive to the needs and emotions of others they can sometimes neglect their own dreams. But remember, you are a unique spiritual being who is on this earth at this time with a purpose of your own. Don’t allow others to spend all of your energy to the point that you have nothing left to give your own dreams.

Make time in your schedule to follow your desires and make it sacred. Remember, if you don’t choose how to spend your life energy, others will spend it for you, on their dreams, rather than yours and you will miss the chance to fulfil your sacred purpose.

Being an empath is a gift, but your sensitive nature must be managed to ensure that it helps you to thrive. Taking time to support yourself is not selfish; it is vital if your gift is to be truly useful to the world.


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